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01:45: Sick,Crooked, Unelectable Hillary conceded by phone.


00:40 Bloomberg “News” Called PA. First of Presstitutes to Call Race.

00:46: ZeroHedge Calls PA and Presidential Race (see here)

00:50: Podesta Speaks – Waiting for all STATES to be counted. See you tomorrow!



So far, so good…

SickHillary VT (3) / Trump ID (11) , KY (8)


18:20 Drudge – Early, but NH, VA looks good.  FL – Not to worry as we know SickHillary is running way below Obama in2012.

trump-000-viiiVA now = 52/42 Trump… ;0

18:25: Trump wins West Virginia (5)


18:45 FoxBus: Dem Strategist: Trump can change ELECTORAL MAP with PA and MI…. Hmmm.


Yes, this looks real good. But it’s still early. NB: Remember that Trump is outperforming projections on his won STATES. 

Stock market is selling off. Also sign that markets not as certain as 1 hour earlier.

18:50 Trump wins South Carolina (9)

19:00 Trump picks up Tennessee (11), Missouri (10), Oklahoma (7) / Clinton picks up Rhode Island (4), Delaware (3), Maryland (10), Illinois (20) 

19:10 SickHillary picks up New Jersey (14)

19:30 Trump picks up Alabama (9)


19:35: FoxBus: Cavuto: “Trump winning in Virginia”

19:50: Trump up in FL by 111k with 75% in. NYTimes is projecting Trump to win FL.


More… Trump leading in both VA and PE. 

20:00: Wyoming, Texas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska (at least 4/5) all for Trump.


Trump still leading in VA and supposedly in PA. Trump just pulled ahead in OH.

20:05: OH Trump just pulled up 4% (50%/46%)

20:06: FL – Trump up by 143K now (+33K since last report). Looks like he is pulling away.

Aside: the USD v. Mexican Peso is at 2 day highs. This is a bellwether since if Trump wins, the Mexican Peso loses.

20:15 Here’s an update: US Dollar strengthening to Mexican Peso. Dow down 400 pts. Markets are waking up.


Waiting for FL to be called for Trump. 50% of votes in Broward County still not in. And Panhandle votes not it… so looks safe… relatively.

FoxBus: Texas called for Trump.

20:25: Latest Drudge. OH, NC and FL solid…


FoxBus: Virginia is in play. Trump still leading. Rural VOTE still coming in. 

20:30 Drudge call Florida for Trump.

20:35: Trump leading in Minnesota.

20:36: Trump leading in Michgan by 4.

20:37: Trump back in lead in New Hampshire.

20:39: Louisiana called for Trump.

And then there is this…


I kind’a like the idea…

20:42: Drudge calls OHIO for Trump.

20:46: Trump pulling away in NC. VA is close but Trump is holding on. 

Here’s the load down:


OHIO is a blow out for Trump. Difference is 10 points now. This EFFECT is being picked up in MI and MN. Wisconsin could be in play…

20:59: FoxBus calling VA for SickHillary. Way too soon if you ask me. Drudge is holding back. Drudge in turn is calling CO for SickHillary, way too soon if you ask me.

Montana called for Trump.

21:05 Michigan looks very good. Trump still ahead in NH. Wisconsin is in play and so is Minnesota.

Now given that Trump is going to pick up all the Romney STATES and the three critical one, i.e. NC, FL and OH, if he takes any one of these, he goes over 270.

So here is what we watch.

(1) We wait for NC to be called for Trump.

(2) Next, we watch NH, MI, MN, WI and PA (which is a toss-up)

(3) Any one of these called for Trump, given NC, FL, OH called for Trump, we can say POTUS Trump.

21:10: HUGE NEWS Coattails for Trump. NC REPUBLICANS defended a SENATE seat that appeared to be lost. Trump is pulling the ticket!

21:15: Drudge just called North Carolina for Trump.

21:30 So here is how the ELECTORAL MAP looks. The Donald is officially the favorite to win.


And Drudge shows this:


So here is a most likely scenario for the TRUMP victory.


So the Known KNOWN’s are as follows:


Called STATES for TRUMP – NH, WV, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS, LA, TX, OK, KS, NE, SD, ND, WY, MT, ID, UT, AZ

The above STATES are all SOLID or CALLED for TRUMP. The one exception is MICHIGAN.

If MICHIGAN is called for TRUMP, Trump gets 270 ELECTORAL VOTES.

And this is without the need to capture IA, NM, PA, MN and WI. All these states are still in play.

22:05: Here is how the New York Times sees it:


Yes, you read that correctly. NYTimes gives The Donald a greater than 95% change to win the Presidential Election.

22:15: Drudge Report Front Page


22:30 TRUMP assured of VICTORY! Wins WISCONSIN


So as I see it, The Donald got to 270 with Wisconsin. Since then, he picked up IOWA. And MI, PA, and MN are are still up for grabs. 

But all in all, the FAT LADY has already SANG!


23:10: TRUMP TAKES PENNSYLVANIA So here’s that map…


And more can flip once all the late VOTES are counted.