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trump-victoriousBoy, wasn’t that fun?

And in the process, it would appear that the Republic has been saved!

For now, at least.

To my regular readers, please allow me to apologize for going “deep” into the POLITICAL sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium.

With respect to the justification, as you might have noticed, this humble blogger discerned that the 2016 US Presidential Election, like all elections, regardless of whether they are presidential or not and regardless of the country in which they are taking place, are fought on many levels. One level on which they are fought is the METAPHYSICAL.

With respect to the US Presidential Election, what makes this election unique and frankly, more important than any other election, is that the US is the dominant global superpower. Therefore, by being the dominant global superpower, the US can influence many global PROCESSES, or that which we call the ,et Invisibilium. This being the case, the US therefore can influence these global PROCESSES either positively or negatively. And to conclude this thought, over the last two decades or so, the US has exerted an OBJECTIVELY BAD influence not only on its own citizens, but likewise on the rest of the world.

Given the above, it was with great pleasure that what this humble blogger noticed in the political platform and the political message of one of the two candidates taking part in the 2016 US Presidential Election, one Mr. Donald J. Trump, was a message of OBJECTIVE GOODNESS.

What made Mr. Trump’s message OBJECTIVELY GOOD is that it appeared to be based on REASONABLE ASSUMPTIONS. And when I say REASONABLE, I mean REASONED. And why do I consider the ASSUMPTIONS REASONED? Because they appeared to conform to that which we call the ,et Invisibilium. In other words, these ASSUMPTIONS appeared to conform to NATURAL LAW and NATURAL MORAL LAW.

Given the above, it can then be inferred that the ASSUMPTIONS on which Mr. Trump made the case for his Presidency to the American electorate are OBJECTIVELY GOOD ASSUMPTIONS. And if these ASSUMPTIONS are OBJECTIVELY GOOD on a NATURAL level, then they must likewise be GOOD on a METAPHYSICAL, or super-natural level.

And the above are the reasons for why this humble blogger got involved in tracking the 2016 US Presidential Election.

But now, it is time to move on and back to more familiar territory and the core mission of this blog, i.e. chronicling the “Restoration of all thing in Christ”.

But before your humble blogger does that, some general observations of UNIVERSAL PROCESSES observed during the 2016 Presidential Election are in order. I will provide these below and explain how they are present in or directly affect the main interest of this blog, namely the ECCLESIASTICAL sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium.


If there was one overriding PROCESS that could have easily been OBSERVED during the Presidential Campaign, it had to be the creation of a VIRTUAL REALITY that was forced upon the electorate by what can be termed the LEGACY MEDIA. This VIRTUAL REALITY was TRANSRATIONAL in nature since it did not reflect OBJECTIVE REALITY.


One area where this was visible for all to see was in the political POLLING that was being conducted by supposedly IMPARTIAL and OBJECTIVE entities. Among these purported IMPARTIAL and OBJECTIVE entities were companies whose core business is providing OBJECTIVE AND IMPARTIAL information to the financial markets. Among these afore mentioned companies were Bloomberg and Reuters.

The reason that these two companies are being mentioned here is that the “information” that they provide to their paying clients is then used to make trading and investment decisions that affect those clients and customers. If the POLLING units of these purported IMPARTIAL and OBJECTIVE information providers are FALSIFYING their POLLS, which are then passed on to their clients and customers, then what we have can be considered a CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.

With respect to the rest of the POLL-STERS, as in “bank-sters”, what went “wrong” with their POLLING is summarized here and here. But one screen grab is in order, and it is this:


The BEST summary that I have seen appear on the post-mortem of the POLL-STERS, comes from Salil Mehta HERE. It is short and a must read.

Concluding this point, what is important to note, and confirmed by Mr. Mehta, is that POLL-STERS consciously skewed the results of their POLLS depending on their political leanings. For the majority of them, the 2016 US Presidential Election was just an embarrassment, with no real, tangible consequences. Except for some potential lost business.

Yet for companies like Reuters and Bloomberg, the two  purported “IMPARTIAL and OBJECTIVE” market information providers, there could be concrete and tangible consequences. By producing FRAUDULENT POLLS and disseminating the results to their customers, and by extension their customers disseminating it to their respective clients, these two companies could face legal liabilities if those downstream clients made ERRANT trading or investment decisions base on Reuter’s and Bloomberg’s FRAUDULENT POLLS. Now, this would have to be proven in a court of law, but US society, being as litigious as it is, it would not surprise me if we start hearing about class action lawsuits starting to be filed. If I was an attorney, my solicitation letters would be in the mail as I write this.


The second area in where this TRANSRATIONAL VIRTUAL REALITY was OBSERVABLE was in the LEGACY MEDIA. As a matter of fact, it was so observable that one Carl Bernstein, of Watergate fame made the following observation: (see here)

Carl Bernstein: Trump wins if ‘alternate universe’ of Drudge is right.

Here is the lede:

Legendary journalist Carl Bernstein on Tuesday called conservative website Drudge Report an “alternate universe” that helps lead “a big part of the electorate.”

Given that the purported “alternative universe” turned into OBJECTIVE REALITY on the night of 8 November 2016, it would appear that in fact, the “alternative” and FRAUDULENT “universe” that people like Mr. Bernstein have been peddling and propagating is the “alternative universe”.

What’s more, it’s downright VIRTUAL.

Now, under “the usual” circumstances, where one candidate wins in an upset victory that no one seen coming, Mr. Bernstein’s “virtual reality” can be explained away. For example, people lied to the POLL-STERS.

But in this case, where POLLING ORGANIZATIONS (IBD/TIPP and LATimes/USC) and NEWS AGGREGATORS (DRUDGE) provided CORRECT INFORMATION, information that by definition should have been OBJECTIVE, the Bernstein “alternative universe” is not defendable.

But that is not all. What else is not defendable is the complete COLLECTIVE AVOIDANCE of the OBJECTIVE INFORMATION that was being provided by the WikiLeaks disclosure. For any “journalist” who receives compensation for performing this occupation, the WikiLeaks disclosure should have been a major story. Yet this story was collectively avoided by the entire profession.

Yet there were some who addressed this “journalistic collusion” issue. One was Ken Silverstein writing at The Observer. Here is what he laid out in his piece. It is rather long, but worth the read. And here is what the LEGACY MEDIA thought were the “BURNING” issues of the day:

And these are purportedly “professional journalists” and “political pundits”. More examples here.

Folks, it really is an “alternative universe” in which these folks live.

Concluding, I could have written a book about the TRANS-RATIONAL-ITY of the 2016 Presidential Election. I am certain others will. But what is important to take away from this experience is the understanding of these PROCESSES that can be OBSERVED, and the ability to identify them in other sub-sets of human activity in the Visibilium Omnium. 

One subset of human activity where these same PROCESSES can be OBSERVED playing themselves out, is in the Ecclesiastical sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium, a sub-set that is of primary concern to this humble blogger and his humble act of charity that is the Deus Ex Machina blog.

So now this blogger will TRANSITION over to the primary mission of his most humble effort, namely to the chronicling the “Restoration of all thing in Christ” and specifically, to analyzing of the TRANSRATIONAL “alternative universe” that is the Francis Pontificate.

Yet your humble blogger and you dear readers, will be returning with information and knowledge obtained during the 2016 Presidential Election. This obtained knowledge, as to the underlying nature of the TRANSRATIONAL PROCESSES taking place in various sub-sets of the Visibilium Omnium and individuals and entities that stand behind them, will give yours truly and you dear reader, a better understanding of just what the hell is happening behind the “Sacred Vatican Walls”.

In other words, given this new information we will have a better understanding of what it is that we are observing. And what we are observing is the NORMALIZATION PROCESS™, or lack there of, in the ECCLESIASTICAL sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium that is Catholic Church.

But returning, we must also be COGNIZANT of the FACT that we are returning in a much stronger position then when we set out to analyze and chronicle the US Presidential Election back in August of this year.

With the election of President-elect Trump, the dominant global superpower has become less TRANSRATIONAL. This new RATIONAL direction that will be taken by President Trump, will no doubt have knock on effects that directly impacts the actions of that cabal, known as the  “crypto-Marxist soviet” that is holed up on the 4th floor of the Domus Sanctae Marthae.

And your humble blogger will be watching and chronicling.

But in the mean time, let us be thankful that the US Republic has been saved, if only for the mean time. And also let us pray and fast that the positive changes in the governance of the US will have a positive impact on other nations and peoples.  And let us pray that these positive changes will also come to pass in that little city-state in the city of Rome.