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HINT: Francis is NOT the TRAIN!

Today I will jump across to the ECCLESIASTICAL sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium. The reason that I am “going there” is that I track the “information flow” that is emanating from the seminaries and Modernist Rome’s responses. From where I sit, this situation is very analogous to that of one Wile E. Coyote (in this case Francis and his hippie sect) and the TRAIN (SSPX/Summorum Pontificum  and the trend in the Universal Church). And as you may have noticed, I see this relationship analogous to Wile E. Coyote meets TRAIN. ‘

Just to demonstrate that the above is a CORRECT and TRUE representation of OBJECTIVE REALITY, we start at the Rorate Caeli blog. In a post titled  For the record – In latest interview, Pope attacks “rigidity” in seminaries and in priestly formation. Are seminaries soon to be targeted for “reform” by Francis?, we find out that Francis is escalating his WAR ON CATHOLIC SEMINARIES.

Regular readers of this blog will recall that this “low intensity war” has been waged by Francis from the earliest days of his pontificate. Here is a short recap of the escalation of this war:

  1. It started with Francis suppressing the leader ship of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate and closing their Italian seminary.
  2. Next came the degradation of Bishop Oliveri and the destruction of his seminary.
  3. Then came the suppression of Bishop Livieres (Requiescat in pace) and his 250 man strong seminary in Ciudad del Este in Paraguay.
  4. Next, Francis called a first of its kind meeting of Vocations Directors in Rome and instructing the vocations directors not to “go Catholic”.

Here are some helpful links to posts that I have published over the last two years: HERE, AND HERE AND HERE AND HERE. For more info on this subject, please type “priesthood” into the search function on the Deus Ex Machina site and enjoy!

Of noted interest, I recommend my readers to go to this link HERE, which provides a good idea of how Francis sees the Sacred Priesthood. Hint: Francis sees the Sacred Priesthood as being neither Sacred nor a Priesthood as Our Lord instituted it.

But back to the subject at hand. The Rorate Caeli post, when read in CONTEXT of the information in the post itself and that which I have linked above, gives the reader the STRONG impression that Francis is fighting what is called a “rear guard” action. A “rear-guard” action is defined as follows: (emphasis added) (see here)

Definition of rearguard action

1: a defensive or delaying fight engaged in by a rear guard (as in covering the retreat of an army or the evacuation of a besieged garrison)

2:  an effort put forth by means of preventive or delaying measures or tactics and usually against great odds in defense of a threatened existing order or situation or in opposition to a proposed new departurerearguard action, if you will, on inflationary trends — D. V. Brown>rearguard actions designed to prevent particular regulatory measures — H. R. Bowen>

So what PROOF do we have that SUPPORTS the above OBSERVATION?

First we go over to the Pertinacious Papist blog and find out the following information:

One of the most significant events in the history of the Traditional Latin Mass after Vatican II took place on Monday, November 14. As reported in the November 6 edition of this column, the first Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form at New York’s St. Patrick Cathedral to held in 20 years took place that evening. Despite only two weeks’ advance notice for the event and a very limited amount of advance publicity, approximately 1,000 faithful were in attendance. The recently renovated and restored building was ideally suited for the Traditional Mass. Fr. Leonard Villa was the celebrant, a large professional-grade choir assembled for the event sang Orlando di Lassus’ Missa Bell’ Amfitrit’ altera, and many familiar faces from Manhattan’s Holy Innocents Parish served the Mass.

What we have provided for us above is a confirmation that the Proper Catholic Mass is advancing into the Cathedrals. This is a major event in that as go the Cathedrals, so go the ORDINARIES that occupy those CATHEDRALS. And as go those ORDINARIES, so goes the UNIVERSAL CHURCH.

Not to mention the contributions made pursuant to Canon 1271 of the Code of Canon Law. (see here)

Just to give you dear reader an indication of the behind the scenes manipulations trying to stop the Proper Catholic Mass from gaining a foothold in the cathedrals, here are links about a recent situation at the Los Angeles Cathedral here and here. There is more to this story and I will update it when I find the link.

But back to the matter at hand. Going back overseas, we see a very UNIQUE situation taking place in one specific country. If you recall, yesterday your most humble blogger posted information from the POLITICAL sub-set of the Visibulium Omnium. In that post, we learned that the upcoming Presidential Election in France will be playing itself out between two candidates who are “not ashamed of being on the right, and even less of being Catholic.” 

The reason why this is significant is that in France, we are observing a PHENOMENON of EPIC proportions. What in fact we are seeing is the “EXPONENTIAL EXPLOSION” of the RESTORATION that is making inroads into the general population. Especially among the young.

PROOF of just this PHENOMENON can be “discerned” from the advance that just the SSPX has made in establishing “Mass centers” in France proper. Below is a screen grab of ONLY SSPX “mass locations” in Francis:


If you focus on the upper left hand corner, what you will see is that the SSPX has a total of 235 “mass locations” in France at present. And since CONTEXT is everything, here is a table of how the SSPX numbers look with respect to some other large Western Churches:


And here is how the SSPX numbers for France look with respect to the UNIVERSAL CHURCH:


Concluding, as we see, “something” is happening in France. This “something” has broken out of the phase where it could be considered a “statistical error”. It is very quickly breaking out of the phase where it entails “a remnant”.

The TANGIBLE EVIDENCE for this “something” can been easily identified in the above tables. Further SUPPORTING EVIDENCE comes via other sources. Some of just the most recent of these “somethings” that we chronicled on this blog, come from 2015 and 2016 and can be found here and here and here.

But back to the Rorate Caeli post. When reading it, one is struck by the divergence between the EXPLODING numbers of vocations in the Catholic seminaries as opposed to the steady decline in those that are operated by Modernists. Here is the Rorate Caeli rundown:

The current pontificate has coincided with a worldwide decline in major seminary enrollments. After many years of small but steady annual increases in the number of major seminarians during the reigns of John Paul II and Benedict XVI, the numbers slightly dipped in 2012 then went down more steeply in 2013 and 2014. To be more precise: at the end of 2011 there were 120,616 major seminarians. This went down to 120,051 by end of 2012, 118,251 by end of 2013, and 116,319 by end of 2014 (the latest for which statistics are available). If the experience of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires is any indication, and if Francis manages to impose something of his vision on the actual process of priestly formation all over the world, we are convinced that we will see a collapse in vocations far greater than that which has already transpired in the first years of his pontificate.

So what INFERENCES can be drawn from the above?

One of the easy ones is that in the steadily declining population of seminarians, the Catholic seminarians (whose numbers are exploding) are becoming a larger and larger proportion of the aggregate.

We need to go no further than this obvious OBSERVATION to understand Francis’ war on Catholic vocations, which is in essence a war against the priesthood as Our Lord founded it.

Ending this post, I would just like to refresh your memory and take you back to a post titled Raging, Raging Against The Coming Of The Light (see here). We concluded that post with the following summation:

Furthermore, is it any wonder that the Catholic Church, who is managed by people such as Francis and Card. Braz de Aviz is going the way of the “c”atholic dying religious orders such as the Society of Jesus? And is it any wonder that theecclesiastical structures that fall into their grip eventually die away – a process now visible all over the world”.

Summing up the above, Mr Randall Smith, the author of the post titled A Modest Proposal for Dying Religious Communities, makes a brilliant observation, namely:

In Melville’s Moby Dick, Ahab (Francis et al.), caught up in the ropes of the harpoon he himself has thrown, cries out as he is dying to the silent implacable foe he has spent his life obsessively trying to exterminate from the earth: “to the last I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee.” Dylan Thomas begged his dying father to “Rage, rage, against the dying of the light.” These orders are determined to rage, rage, against the coming of the light.

Yes, what we are observing is Francis, his Revolutionary soviet and all the post-conciliar dying religious orders and structures raging, raging against the coming of the light.

But at least in Anno Domini 2016, ALL the respective parties, whether they are in a state of denial or not, at least see “the light”.

So by the looks of things, Francis is still RAGING!

And we need to go no further than a Roadrunner, Wile E. Coyote cartoon to know how this story will end!

UPDATE 04:30 29 November, 2016 A.D.

Just received this report from Toronto from David Domet of the Vox Cantoris blog. Enjoy…

In the Archdiocese of Toronto, there are four diocesan traditional Masses every Sunday not including the SSPX, which has two “Mass centres” with the one in Toronto having recently added a third Sunday Mass. Every First Class Feast now is covered, often in two with Sung or Solemn and two years ago, there were SIX on Immaculate Conception. On the Feast of Christ the King, the Cardinal presided from the Throne in a Solemn Mass at St. Michael’s Cathedral the first time there since the council. It was the second time for him, having presided in 2014 at the 75th anniversary of Toronto priest at another parish. Every Seminarian is interested in the traditional Mass and of those ordained in the last few years, half can Offer the Holy Sacrifice.

Francis cannot stop this.

No he cannot.

And since you dear reader have gotten this far, here is a comment that I received over the weekend from a FB friend who happens to be a priest. I am keeping his identity and religious order undisclosed, but I think this type of situation will be/is very widespread in jurisdictions that are unfriendly to the Proper Mass:

I was so fortunate that, when I entered my Province of *******, there were a goodly number of priests still offering the Traditional Mass. And they taught me. Quietly. Surreptitiously. In regular, quietly whispered morning Masses. And they over saw, Quietly, Surreptitiously, In regular, quiet whispers, my theological formation. So, when I was ordained — even though some were shocked — I offered my first Mass according to the Traditional Rite. (This was well before Summorum Pontificum). ANd I know many other priests with similar experiences. In fact, through the years I have taught several priests the Traditional Mass, Sacraments and Breviary — and still do. Remember that the Traditional Roman Mass is THE MASS WHICH WILL NOT DIE!!!!! (Deo Gratias!)

Yes it will not, because is comes directly from GOD!