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It’s turning out to be a busy day.

More good news. Today we learned that Krakow got a new archbishop. He is Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski. And just to give you a flavor of the new archbishop’s style and form, I have translated a post from a Polish website, that contain some of the Archbishop’s classic thoughts.

The other significant aspect of this appointment is that the new archbishop replaces Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz. (see here) This is also good news for the Polish Episcopate who has been fighting off infiltration into its ranks from the … let’s call it the Coprophagians.

The original post comes via the Telewizja Republica website. (see here)


Archbishop Jędraszewski, a nightmare for leftists and liberals! Here are the strongest statements of the Archbishop of …


The new Archbishop of Krakow, Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski  is really a tough competitor. He exposed himself to the attacks from all of the mainstream media. It is worth remembering this fact. Here are portal malydziennik.pl 5’s list of the strongest expression of the new Archbishop of Krakow!

In defense of civilization

“I can easily imagine that in a few years, I hope that I do not live to see this, in say 2050, a few whites will be shown to other human races – here in Europe – just as the Indians are now displayed in the United States on their reservations. There once were such people, who lived here, but they ceased to exist at there own request, because they could recognize who they are from a biological perspective. “

About Magdalena Sroda (An ex-communist radical feminist)

“I cannot appreciate the genius professor Sroda, who claims that Jesus was the first advocate of gender. But this is perhaps a special interpretation of this phenomenon (…) Can someone please explain to me, because maybe I’m too stupid to understand it – knowing the Gospel – the extent to which Christ is the first creator and supporter of gender? I cannot do it, but maybe I am limited.”

About homosexuality

“The Church does not condemn and does not hate gay people. The Church teaches and identifies certain things that are bad. There should be a differentiation between the two concepts: gay and homosexual. There are many people who exhibit homosexual tendencies, who know about their disorder and are struggling with it, they do not flaunt it. Something totally different is the gay environment that tries to impose on all, their own way of thinking about sex. Gay communities often use manipulative techniques and certain discourse methods about gayness. They are introducing informational chaos, preventive censorship – eliminating those who call evil, evil. These people are called fascists, devotees, the use of pejorative labels to identify people who have the courage to express the objective truth. By the introduction of acceptance , it is then assumed that this is normal. The gay organizations then also introduce sanctioning, and thus seek to legalize some of their behavior and their acceptance in the majesty of the law. Often they use repression – forcibly removing from the public debate those who call evil, evil “

On Adam Michnik (ex communist, turned opposition to communist rule, then turned ex-communists protector, now Soros back newspaper editor)

“This man continuously afraid of the moral foundation, which are the 10 commandments, by this falling into a form of moral relativism, a fact that anyone can have his own truth and live by it and impose it to others. At the end of the process,  in his fearing nationalism, he hits out at the citizen in what is the most important aspects of our entire great tradition – in patriotism. This man did not want our lives after ’89 to be formed according to these three words, which makes up our one big program for Poland – God, Honor, Country. The correct order of the state must be built on God, who is love, and only then is it possible for full freedom and on which you can build a true democracy and be confident of the future “

The red disease

“In light of these Pope’s statements, there is no doubt: the Warsaw uprising insurgents did not give up the truth about their humanity and did not want to build the future of Poland on false imperatives. Referring therefore to the speech John Paul II pertaining to the said laws, we must recognize them as one big lie about a person, as a serious anthropological mistake, due to the rejection of the classical truth about man, which is today’s extreme leftist ideology. Referring to the verse of Joseph Andrew Szczepanski titled Red disease, which is in itself one of the large indictment of red Bolshevism, we must state clearly: now comes to us the leftist plague. Therefore, in all seriousness, we must ask ourselves a series of questions, inspired by the heroic song “Ziutka” How many of us see this plague as salvation for themselves, and how many “welcome her with disgust”? How many of us know that it “will again be terribly afterwards and tell themselves that again the ridicule us”? How many of us are aware of how terrifying the consequences are of his intention, “we are all lying here in a row?” How many really believe that the “new victorious Polish [nevertheless] will be born?” Looking at the media violence against us and the universal voice of the so-called “authorities”, you can sometimes doubt in the good future of our nation. We are left, however, the ultimate foundation – faith in God, who is the Lord of historical feats and of history itself “