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I will jump over to the Soap Bubble Papacy™ for the next series of post. The reason that I am doing this is to highlight… no… ingrain into my dear readers collective conscience, just how big of an illusion this Bergoglian EPIC FAILED NEO-MODERNIST EXPERIMENT™ IS in fact. Aside, I have put up an entire page dedicated to chronicling the “Soap Bubble-i-ness” of this entire pontificate HERE.

In the below post, I would like to draw your attention dear reader to a post that appeared, and that I have translated on the Spanish website Religión la voz libre. (see here) I am re-posting it to set up my next post. Because: CONTEXT IS KEY!

The subject matter of the below post is an overview of the meeting that was held this past Monday, the 5th of December Anno Domini 2016. The meeting was hosted by Roberto De Mattei and the guests were Cardinal Raymond Burke and the aptly named Archbishop Athanasius Schneider. Nomen omen? But I digress…

Next, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that 80+ priests and other laymen came to this function. Please also be cognizant that the Vatican clergy are living in a “reign of terror” and that these brave clerics also had to make the assumption that Francis, the bishop of Rome would have his spies in the crowd.

Another reason that I am bringing this post to your attention is to CONTRAST it with another meeting that took place in a Roman venue a couple of years earlier. This earlier meeting was hosted by one of the most  progressive Vatican correspondents of the GR1 Raffaele Luise. The guests were the likewise heretical progressive Cards Walter Kasper and Francesco Coccopalmerio. The informal group that met designated themselves with the moniker “Cenacolo degli amici di Francesco”, (“Friends of Francis”). Here is how the overview of that meeting looked: (see here)

From the blog Rossoporpora.org edited by the Vatican correspondent Joseph Ruskin, we learn of the existence of the “Cenacle of Friends of Francis”,  “Francis” being the current Pope Francis. It is a small group of journalists and intellectuals who could be described as supporters led by the Vatican correspondent of the GR1 Raffaele Luise and formed shortly after his election to the pontificate of Pope Bergoglio.

Of all the possible interpretations of the magisterium of Pope Francis, one of the Last Supper Raffaele Luise is among the most progressive. No coincidence that at the first public event three nights ago in Rome, the keynote speakers were the inevitable Cardinal Walter Kasper and Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio. Given the number of guests at the event, probablythe Last Supper” could refer to the number of participants (no more than twenty present at all).

Now just to put this meeting in a proper chronology that provides CONTEXT, it was held in mid-November of 2014. In other words, just after the first of the bi-Synods and 3 weeks before the infamous La Nacion article appeared on December 7 of 2014. We did a series of posts on just this, one of which was titled Context: The Modernist’s Magic Words. It was in this La Nacion article that we found out that Francis was going to disregard the intent of the 2014 Synod and simultaneously launch a war on the Curia. So the proper CONTEXT in which to understand the “Cenacle of Friends of Francis” is that it was held in the best of times. For Francis that is.  Or using a more contemporary expression, before the … well, feces hit the rotating device.

Here is how we summed up that meeting:

Got that? The first public event hosted by the Friends of Bill Francis or FoF’s, with the top architect and promoter of Francis’s “theology on the knees” and less than 20 people were present. And this includes the two cardinals and no doubt some FoF staff.  Also one has to ask if the restaurant staff were included in the “no more than twenty present in all”?

So there you have it. A perfect example of the “two V II councils Secret Synods” phenomenon in practice, where we see TeamFrancis with the assistance of the media creating one set of optics, but the reality on the ground being quite to the contrary.  And just as the old journalist adage states “believe nothing that you reads and only half of what you sees”, this is very wise and sound advice for anyone following church affairs these days.

So this was the state of play in the middle of November Anno Domini 2014!

Concluding, what we see is a Soap Bubble Papacy™, one that we have been observing and has been ILLUSORY since mid November 2014. The FAKE popularity was generated by what we have subsequently labeled as the PRESSTITUTES in the LEGACY MEDIA. But the OBJECTIVE REALITY all along has been that the Bergoglio Papcy is a FRAUD. Not only in terms of “theology” but in terms of popularity.

Furthermore, what is more important to understand is that there never was any sizeable number of cardinals, let alone bishops that stand behind Francis. What he has is a small group of thugs and sycophants who owe their meteoric rise to the fact that they most likely have the same kind of “issues” as does Francis. We see this in his “hostel keeper” the notorious Msgr. Ricca, in Abp. Bruno “slippery as an eel” Forte, in the piano playing Card. Baldisseri. We have also identified Abp. Paglia and Pinto as being part of what we are now calling the Coprophagians. And to finish off this thought, these Coprophagians are supported and funded by the German Bishops’ Conference and the obscene KIRCHENSTEUER. And with maybe a couple more sycophants like Frs. Spadao and Rosica, this is as far as this cabal reaches.

And one more aside: is it any wonder Francis is making cardinals exclusively out of the likes a Cupich, Tobin, Farrel and De Kesel. He needs to muster as many Coprophagian bodies as he can get since he is greatly outnumbered.

I will leave off with this thought.

I will pick up this thread in the next post.

And once again I would like to reemphasize ad nauseum that to properly understand what is transpiring behind the Sacred Vatican Walls: CONTEXT IS EVERYTHING!

Now, I am re-posting this material…


80 priests (and +) in defense of Schneider and Burke

ROME (Jeanne Smits) – While the heart of Rome vibrated Monday night, prelates and scholars gathered in a room at the foot of the Basilica of San Balbino, a few steps from the Baths of Caracalla. Convened at the invitation of the Lepanto Institute, the private meeting centered around Bishop Athanasius Schneider, who recently made headlines with his frank support for the “dubia” published in the hope of clarifying the apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia. Two of the cardinals who wrote this statement were present: Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Brandmüller; And the subject of the meeting was precisely that question. It is a theme that has agitated the Church, in which the supreme authority on earth, the Vicar of Christ, has refused to clarify crucial points about the morality of marriage, access to the Eucharist, sin and acts intrinsically Bad and the existence of an immutable truth.

The meeting was by invitation only, given the expected crowd – and the crowd that was actually present – was not clandestine. In the Catholic Church, there is no place for conspiracies; Everything is said openly, in “transparency” and loyalty, as was rightly reminded by Professor Roberto de Mattei, host of the meeting. The journalists were invited to attend and “cover” the event: in particular Sandro Magister, who brought the letter of the four cardinals to the Pope to the attention of the world.

Monsignor Schneider’s speech on fidelity to the Church’s tradition and its moral teaching was important in many ways. We will return to it in due course, but what we must say at the outset is that Monday’s event was just that: an event. What is interesting is the existence of a meeting that attracted cardinals, bishops, priests, seminarians, religious in large numbers and laymen, all anxious to defend the immutable truth of Christ, specifically his words about marriage.

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke and Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, these prelates, these princes of the Church, who do not feel authorized to retract the dangers of exposing the ambiguities of Amoris Laetitia, held the places of honor. We clearly affirm: It is impossible to deny that these ambiguities are dangerous, as evidenced by various interpretations of bishops and conferences that openly consider access to communion for divorced and remarried persons, whereas their original marriage bond is valid, not declared void and Without requiring them to live in continence.

Many priests were present: priests in cassocks, old and young, especially the young. Sixty or eighty priests came from near or far, anxious above all to find authorities who express Catholic truth, but also the certainty of not being alone. Times are “tumultuous,” as Cardinal Burke said in his remarks after Schneider’s speech. It is a time when it is good to be in a community, fortified and encouraged by the perseverance and strength of others. This was the mood, for example, of Bishop Andreas Laun of Salzburg, whom the French know well for their participation in the Parisian Marches for life.

I saw Dutch priests coming from afar in every sense of the word: from a country in religious agony, where fidelity to the Magisterium is rare and two churches close every week. “How many mosques are open?” -I asked for. “Two a week.” There was deliberate displacement. Like the Irish priest.

How did we get out of such an event? Moved, thankful, fortified. In any case, I lived it with the certainty that our Lord, beyond all vicissitudes, supports and preserves his Bride, the Church, in spite of all his tribulations. The vibrant Credo, sung by the audience to close the meeting, summed up this in a more than symbolic way.