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Given that the situation with Francis and his refusal to clarify how to interpret his document most recently labeled “The Joy Of Adultery”, your humble blogger has OBSERVED that there is a wider PHENOMENON being played out here.

This PHENOMENON is what is called FAKE NEWS in most corners of the English speaking world, yet in the post-conciliar NUChurch, it goes by another term, i.e. Coprophagia. And even though this is a novel definition for that term, as most things in the post-conciliar NUChurch are, yet Francis, the bishop of Rome appears to have appropriated this term against its OBJECTIVE DEFINITION AND COMMON USAGE. Here is how the bishop of Rome defines said term: (see here)

The Argentine-born pontiff excused himself for using such terms in order to get his point across while answering a question about the correct use of the media.

“I think the media have to be very clear, very transparent, and not fall into – no offence intended – the sickness of coprophilia, that is, always wanting to cover scandals, covering nasty things, even if they are true,” he said.

And since people have a tendency towards the sickness of coprophagia, a lot of damage can be done.”

So what we are seeing in the post-conciliar NUChurch definition of this term is that it pertains to “news” that is NOT in and of itself FALSE, but that it is NEGATIVE.

As to what constitutes FAKE NEWS, here is how this term is defined by the Urban Dictionary (see here):

Parody of network television newscasts that exploits the absurd in current events for humorous intent rather than being concerned with providing complete and well-balanced information. Somewhat of a misnomer, fake news often covers actual public figures when they are caught making comments that reveal their utter stupidity and/or hypocrisy.

As we can discern from the above, given OBJECTIVE MEANING OF WORDS AND THEIR COMMON USAGE, it would appear that FAKE NEWS and FrancisCoprophagia are very similar, dare I say the same.

Therefore we can define this relationship (in mathematical notation):

FAKE NEWS   ≅  FrancisCoprophagia

So now that we established that we are speaking about the same PHENOMENON, I would just like to draw your attention to all the stories about FAKE NEWS/FrancisCoprophagia that have appearing lately. Among the STARS of the FAKE NEWS set, i.e. leading the charge against FAKE NEWS/FrancisCoprophagia is none other than …. (see here)


Folks, you can’t make this stuff up!

But there is good news, especially for us Catholics. It would appear that the answer to combat FAKE NEWS/FrancisCoprophagia is…


Yes indeed!

It would appear that the antidotum to  FAKE NEWS/FrancisCoprophagia is the age old remedy that goes by the name of LOGIC. And simple LOGIC at that.

I will leave off here for today. Below I provide EVIDENCE that the FAKE NEWS/FrancisCoprophagia, or to be more precise the WAR on FAKE NEWS/FrancisCoprophagia, being waged by LEGACY MEDIA outfits who themselves are purveyors of FAKE NEWS/FrancisCoprophagia has become a GLOBAL PHENOMENON. 


Below, an example from Germany (see original here)

Now German Politicians Worried About “Striking Increase” In Russian Propaganda And Fake News

Either Russian intelligence officials have suddenly become extremely efficient at disrupting national elections in the world’s largest democracies or the establishment leaders of those democracies have intentionally launched a coordinated, baseless witch hunt as a way to distract voters from their failed policies. We have our suspicions on which is more likely closer to the truth…

Either way, per Reuters, Germany’s domestic intelligence agency is reporting a “striking increase” in Russian propaganda and disinformation campaigns aimed at destabilizing German society, and targeted cyber attacks against political parties.

“We see aggressive and increased cyber spying and cyber operations that could potentially endanger German government officials, members of parliament and employees of democratic parties,” Hans-Georg Maassen, head of the BfV spy agency, said in statement.

Maassen, who raised similar concerns about Russian efforts to interfere in German elections last month, cited what he called increasing evidence about such efforts and said further cyber attacks were expected.

The agency said it had seen a wide variety of Russian propaganda tools and “enormous use of financial resources” to carry out“disinformation” campaigns aimed at the Russian-speaking community in Germany, political movements, parties and other decision makers.

The goal was to spread uncertainty, strengthen extremist groups and parties, complicate the work of the federal government and “weaken or destabilise the Federal Republic of Germany”.

Like accusations made by Hillary and Obama in the U.S., German politicians, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, have asserted that Russian intelligence agents and media outlets have attempted to spread “fake news” in an effort to “fan popular angst over issues like the migrant crisis.”  Of course, it can’t simply be that voters disagree with Merkel’s “open border” policies which have resulted in a massive influx of migrants that have been linked to increasing crime, terrorist attacks and sexual assaults on German citizens…that would just be silly and racist and xenophobic.

 German officials have accused Moscow of trying to manipulate German media to fan popular angst over issues like the migrant crisis, weaken voter trust and breed dissent within the European Union so that it drops sanctions against Moscow.

But intelligence officials have stepped up their warnings in recent weeks, alarmed about the number of attacks.

Last month, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she could not rule out Russia interfering in Germany’s 2017 election through Internet attacks and misinformation campaigns.

Estonian Foreign Minister Sven Mikser on Thursday said he expected Russia to continue a campaign of “psychological warfare” and spreading false information after the cyber attacks launched during the U.S. election.

“It’s a pretty safe bet that they will try to do it again,” he told Reuters in Hamburg at a meeting of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe. “They will try to surprise us. That’s something that we should be very careful to look at and try to protect ourselves from.”

While we have absolutely no doubt in Merkel and Obama’s assertions that Russia has been able to successfully sabotage national elections, it is curious that, in the U.S., Russian efforts were only successful in certain states where voters had been disproportionately hurt by past Clinton policies (e.g. WI, MI, PA, OH) but not in other swing states like Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado.