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never-trump-iToday we continue our Soap Bubble Papacy™ thread. Over the weekend, there have been some… let’s call them tangential developments in the Soap Bubble Papacy– The End Game. These developments bear a striking similarity to other developments that were OBSERVED just before the US Presidential Elections, an election where the underdog, Donald J. Trump literally destroyed his opponent Sick, Unelectable Hillary Clinton, winning 306 Electoral Votes.

And just as a reminder, Donald J. Trump, the guy who had “NO” chance of beating the “best prepared woman for the job… EVAH”, BEAT, and quite handily the “best prepared woman for the job… EVAH”. The Trump victory came as a shock to everyone, except those clear and rational thinking individuals who were using their God given ability, i.e. “natural light of human reason from the things that are made”.

So in today’s post, your humble blogger will set out the FACTS regarding the SIMILARITY between these respective OCCURENCES, i.e. the Soap Bubble Papacy™ and the US Presidential Election. These SIMILARITIES fall into the category that we have termed:

The Battle For Your Mind.

So we will pick up today’s post where we left of in our post titled  The Battle For Your Mind: The Rise Of The “Despair Trolls” (Update). If you dear reader recall, in that post, from the 28th of October 2016, or just 11 days before the presidential election, we highlighted a PHENOMENON in which supposed “Trump voters” were posting comments which indicated that they were giving up in despair, since everyone KNEW that Trump was going to lose. Here is how Stefan Molyneux explained this PHENOMENON:

Stefan Molyneux:

Underneath the videos, and this has really started to crop up over the last week. I don’t know if you noticed this, but there are a lot of despair trolls out there, who suddenly just seem to be emerging. And what they are doing is saying something like this:

‘ well you know, I do like Trump and it be great if he got in but, frankly there’s no way he can, it’s mathematically impossible. He’s done, it’s a shame, I really wanted him to get in but it looks like we are going to have to settle for Hillary’

… like that kind of stuff.

And it’s actually quite effective. You know, it sounds like their positive but they’ve recognized reality.    

So how is that you and I stay positive?

Well, by a little tactic we call: LOOKING. AT. THE. FACTS.

The takeaway from the above passage is that by LOOKING. AT. THE. FACTS., we can discern what information is FACTUALLY TRUE and what is … FAKE NEWS.

Which brings us to today’s subject matter. On one of the #NeverTrump websites, a website that is also “catholic”, we get this headline:


When I first saw this headline, I asked myself: what have I missed?

Following the links and drilling down to the source article, one comes to a Vatican Insider (La Stampa) story about the dismissal of a ‘senior figure” in the Order of Malta. Here are the FACTS (DATA POINTS): (see source story HERE)

(1) A “top official” of the Order of Malta has been sacked.

(2) The sacked official claims that his sacking was in “violation” of the organizations constitution.

(3) The OofM’s head (Grand Master) rejects claims.

(4) Informs that matter is presently being handled by the Holy See.

(5) The leftist UK Tablet is involved, posting a letter from a “Grand Priory of Bohemia”. Not sure how this figures, other than an opinion piece.

(6) As to the sacked “official”, he is claiming that he was sacked for being a “liberal Catholic unwilling to accept the teaching of the Church”.

and finally…

(7) the only reference to Cardinal Burke in this story is as follows: 

The order’s liaison with the Vatican is Cardinal Raymond Burke, a conservative and outspoken critic of Pope Francis.

So those are the FACTS.

Now a rational, critically thinking person would naturally ask the following question:

From the FACTS presented in this obviously biased post (Card. Burke is not an outspoken critic of Francis), how does Card. Burke figure in this “INCIDENT”?

To that question, the answer is:

The article does not provide any information that Cardinal Burke figures in this INCIDENT.

Therefore, we are dealing with a logical fallacy and the logical fallacy that we are dealing with here is “guilt by association”.

What is of further relevance is that the function of the “patron of the Order of Malta” , i.e. Cardinal Burke’s position is described as follows: (see here)

 The patron, who is always a cardinal, promotes the spiritual interests of the Order and its members, and its relations with the Holy See.

From the above, it is quite clear that the PATRON of the Order is not involved in the governance of the Order itself. The Order in reality is managed by its Grand Master. The full organizational structure can be found HERE.

So given that we have no information in the source post, nor does the organizational structure provide the missing link that would link Card. Burke to the Order of Malta’s management sacking of said “top official” , we CANNOT establish what role Card. Burke played in the sacking, if any.

Therefore the headline information CANNOT be considered to be anything other than FAKE NEWS.

What is of further importance is the impression left by the FAKE NEWS HEADLINE about Card. Burke, i.e. incompetence, typical incompetence, another example of incompetence, etc.

Now maybe I don’t have enough information to make this assessment, but I have never before come across any information that would support the contention of Card. Burke being incompetent.

Having said the above, I will admit that to claim that someone isn’t incompetent, cannot be proved. The reason being that one cannot prove a negative proposition. I.e. one  is able to prove that Card. Burke had been incompetent in a certain instance, if there is MATERIAL SUBSTANTIATION.  But to prove that Card. Burke isn’t incompetent, a person would have to know of everything that Card. Burke has ever done and every decision that Card. Burke has ever made. A virtual (practical) impossibility.

Here is the general principle for what is know as “proving non-existence”: (see here)

Description: Demanding that one proves the non-existence of something in place for providing adequate evidence for the existence of that something.  Although it may be possible to prove non-existence in special situations, such as showing that a container does not contain certain items, one cannot prove universal or absolute non-existence.  The proof of existence must come from those who make the claims.

Therefore, what the above is telling us is that the proof of the existence of Card. Burke’s incompetence must be proved by the author of said headline.

This he DOES. NOT. DO.

Concluding, what we are witnessing is a defense of a certain position without any material evidence or rational argumentation being provided by the accuser(s).

This is in line with the other Coprophagians who have come out in defense of Francis’ “Joy of Adultery” document. Everyone, to a man has used ad hominin attacks against Card. Burke and the other three cardinals, without presenting any material evidence or even argumentation regarding the purported correctness of Francis and his position.

To end, I will refer to another great post that appeared on the Mahound’s Paradise blog. Here is how its author summed up the present situation of the Coprophagians: (see here)

Everyone knows this is how the Pope desires and intends Amoris Laetitia to be interpreted:

Divorced and remarried Catholics may be admitted to communion even if they fully intend to continue (in every way) their “marital” relationship.

 This is what the Pope desires and intends. And it is clear as a bell. But he cannot himself say it clearly and “officially” (by among other things, giving answers to the dubia).

 That’s because it is heretical.

 Or not. But if not, then those who defend Amoris Laetitia or this Pope should explain why the Pope doesn’t simply answer the dubia and thus clear things up once and for all.

 Instead of asking old men who owe him favors to do it for him.


And now back to our subject at hand. If the author of the above headline is part of this effort to browbeat the Catholic cardinals because they are asking the Roman Pontiff to clarify his heretical position, it would appear that the #NeverTrumpers have just morphed into the #NeverBurkers.

So at the end of the day, what is important to understand is this: the battle for the Catholic Church, just like the battle for the US Presidency, is being fought IN YOUR MIND. 

And how can we know this?

By their faulty logic, you will know them.