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Greetings in the New Year! Hope all my loyal readers had a very pleasant New Year, spent some quality time with the family and loved ones. Especially you guys, because as we all know, you can’t be a real man if you don’t spend time with your family. (see here)

Today your humble blogger sets out to document a discovery, of sorts. My regular readers already know that as the Restoration of the Catholic Church has been documented on the pages of this blog, evidence of a wider “restoration” has also appeared. This wider restoration is taking hold in society at large. One piece of supporting evidence for this supposition is the “against all odds” Trump victory in the last US Presidential Election. I have laid out some of this evidence in the 5th section of the post titled Deux Ex Machina’s Top 5 Themes of 2016.

Given all the evidence indicating to the “realness” of this secular restoration, I have been unable to identify a SOURCE from which this wider secular restoration could be emanating. That is not until now. Below I will set out a theory as to why this is happening now.

Before we get into the subject hand, in good Thomist tradition, a definition is in order. When I write “secular restoration”, what I am referring to is a situation in which segments of the general population are aligning themselves with the precepts of the LEX ARMATICUS. To be more precise, the following is the case:

Those individuals and institutions that conform to the et Invisibilium, will remain a part of the Visibisium Omnium. Those that do not, will be consigned to the trash heap of history.

Where the following definitions hold:

Visibisium Omnium – all the material “things” that we can identify with our senses (touch, sight, feel, smell, taste)

et Invisibilium – all the non-material laws and processes that regulate the visibilium omnium (e.g. the laws of physics – classical mechanics and quantum mechanics, laws of mathematics, rules of logic, etc.)

Now as to the source, over the Holiday’s, your humble blogger spent some time on the internet. And as you dear readers who follow this blog know, I have recently been introduced to… let’s call it… the world of alternative internet media.

My introduction came through the Fr. Z. blog who put up a link to Stefan Molyneux’s video dealing with the subject of Western Civilization. I in turn used this video in a post titled Secularists Debunk Francis’ JunkTheology™ – The PrimerAfter transcribing a good chunk of this 1 hour and 10 minute video, I decided to use it at the top of my page titled Why Thomism? Reason being that it is such a great introduction to Scholasticism in general and Thomism specifically, that not including it on that page would be a sin. A cardinal sin at that.

Fast forward to this Christmas and New Years Holiday season, during which I actually found some time to view some of the various videos put out by Mr. Molyneux. After watching a number of his videos, I can now honestly say that I have identified a SOURCE. Mr. Molyneux and this group of internet personalities clustered around Stefan have  become quite popular of late. What appears to be the case is that they share one very important characteristic, namely a strong quasi-Scholastic “common denominator”, for the lack of a better term. Some of these folks even admit that they are practicing Catholics.

My discovery of this group coalescing around Stefan and their listeners, explain in large part this secular quasi-Scholastic undercurrent I am observing in the information flow that has been coming through my news filters. It would appear that this group and their listeners represent a much wider phenomenon taking place in society in general.

Given the information above, I watched the Stefan Molyneux 2016 review video (at top of the page). I was quite amazed by the figures (statistics) of his viewership. And being a guy that likes numbers, I will put them in a table below:

Podcasts Youtube
Download % Change Views % Change
2014         19,000,000         23,500,000
2015         21,000,000 10.53%         29,000,000 23.40%
2016         61,000,000 190.48%         65,000,000 124.14%

Pretty impressive numbers!

With respect to the YUGE jump from 2015 to 2016, it goes without saying that this was due to two major events, namely Brexit and the US Presidential Election.

What is of significance behind these YUGE increases in viewership and downloads is that the assumption that people in the general population were seeking information about these two events. To be more precise, these people were seeking information that they were not receiving from the usual media outlets. It can also be assumed that they were seeking more detailed information about these two events and the mainstream media was not satisfying this demand.

Which raises the question, what was it about the information that Stefan was providing that was of interest (met the needs) of his new listeners? Here is how Stefan answers this question: (emphasis added)

“That’s one of the benefits that really digging into an election cycle can help give the show. It’s to expose more people to philosophy, because philosophy is embedded in everything that we do here. So if we’re doing something on current events, there is a philosophical element. I mean, that’s what we do. We always talk about doing shows, we say well what can we bring that’s different? What we bring of course is core philosophical values and a methodology and a process of reason and evidence. So everywhere that we reach, everyone we reach with whatever show that we are doing is an introduction to philosophy and draws them into the sticky web of Socratic methods.”

I will conclude here – partly due to my New Year’s resolution to keep my posts to approximately 1000 words.

What is of importance to understand in the above is that there is a YUGE demand for information and for analysis of that information. The demand appears to be for analysis that is both systematic and methodical, based on an objective process and rules of evidence.

It can also be inferred that the quality of information and analysis provided by the conventional sources, i.e. the Legacy Media, is creating a YUGE opening for the alternative media to fill this market void. From the looks of it, that segment of the alternative media that is filling this market void at present, is media that conforms to the precepts that we defined in the LEX ARMATICUS.

And this holds not only for the ecclesiastical sub-set of human activity of the Visibilium Omnium, but for the secular sub-sets as well. And if only one conclusion can be drawn from the above text, it is this:

We are looking at the future… and it’s Scholasticism!