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gorvachevI hope all my loyal readers had a pleasant weekend. And if last weekend was good, then next weekend will be YUUUUGE. As all of you are no doubt aware, January 20th is this coming Friday, which means that as of Friday p.m., the United States of America will have a new president, Mr. Donald J. Trump.

Yet there has been another event that transpired this past Friday that did not grab any headlines, nor was news of it widely disseminated by the FAKE NEWS LEGACY MEDIA. Yet this event is a direct result of the The Donald’s victory last November, just as the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe was a direct result of the Reagan victory in 1980.

The event that I am referring to is the announcement that Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany has finally decided to travel to Poland – after a year of delaying, to meet with the leader of the Polish Law and Justice Party, Mr. Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

To understand the significance of this historic event, one needs to understand the nature of the positions that these two protagonists represent. Frau Merkel is the effective leader of the Cultural Marxists, the remnant movement and a worthy successor  to the economic Marxists pictured in the above photo.  Mr. Jaroslaw Kaczynski in turn, is the effective leader of Catholic Europe. And it is this aspect of the meeting that has been noticed by the post-Communist press in Poland and has been noted. But more about this later…

So today, your humble blogger will go VERY HIGH LEVEL and speak about a sub-set of the Visibislium Omnium that effects each and everyone of us, yet this aspect of our existence is not that apparent in our daily lives, namely PHILOSOPHY. It will be through a philosophical framework that we will examine the cultural war raging in Western Civilization and provide the proper context for the upcoming Merkel-Kaczynski meeting.

What your humble blogger will examine in today’s post is the CULTURAL WAR that is raging around us. This cultural war can quickly be described as the conflict between the latest iteration of the Marxist heresy (Cultural Marxism, or Critical Theory if one prefers) and Western Civilization, i.e. Catholicism. In other words, this conflict is of a philosophical nature.

Our jump off point today will be a tweet from Hilary White. In this tweet, Hilary provides her followers with the ROOT CAUSE that is at the heart of the Cultural War that we are presently living through inside the Catholic Church and in the wider Western Civilization. Here is that tweet:


The above is an objectively correct statement.

Yet from reading the post at Hilary’s website, one can easily trace this war over philosophy even further back, i.e. to the 2nd century B.C. and Greece. It was at that point in time that TWO collectively exhaustive philosophical schools were formed. These schools were the Platonic Academy, which eventually produced the Catholic Mystics and the Aristotelians (Lyceum) which in turn produced the Catholic Rationalists. In the Catholic Church, the former group is presently known as the neo-Modernists while this later group is known as the Thomists.

And as it just so happens, there is a great video that recently appeared, produced by non other than Stefan Molyneux that explains just this. Here is that video:

Before we move on, a couple of words about the material above, both Hilary’s and Stefan’s. First, please don’t get too hung up about the nominal designations of the respective schools of thought and movements. A good example of this is as follows: an Economic positivist is exactly the opposite of a Ecclesiastical positivist (an Economic Normativist in this example). Therefore, one needs to understand what the position of a “Rationalist” is in any particular passage as opposed to just assuming that a “Rationalist” means the same across all academic and theological disciplines. In other words it gets tricky, but is well worth the effort for those that persevere.

Aside, notice the reference to Ockham’s Razor (Occam’s Razor) in the second (1Peter5) link. Yes, Yes, Yes. But I digress…

With this in mind, please also understand that Catholicism is in essence a synthesis between the Platonic mystics and the Aristotelian rationalists. Catholicism (Thomism) uses empirical methodology to understand divine Revelation. A great example of just this phenomenon can be seen in our definition of organic growth. Here is that definition:

Organic Growth: reconciliation of reason with revelation, of science with faith and of philosophy with theology, SUBJECT TO: that source of our Faith that comes from divine Revelation.

As you see in the above definition dear reader, it is the mystics position that are reconciled to reason and not the other way around. In other words, it is the rationalists (empiricists) that are the measure against which the mystics are gauged. The reason being that the second source of our Faith, i.e. that which is known through “divine revelation”, i.e. comes from a PURELY RATIONAL SOURCE, i.e. Scripture.

I will ask you here to take my word on this last observation for the time being. But for those of the doubting Thomas variety, please see here. Best apologetics video E.V.A.H. and proof for our Rational God Hypothesis that we defined in our post titled Discernment Guide for Dummies. But I digress…

Fast forward to Anno Domini 2017, what we are witnessing in the larger cultural war CONTEXT taking place, is noting more than a battle between the mystics and the rationalists. To be more precise, we are witnessing a battle between the TRANSRATIONAL mystics and individuals from various strains of the rationalist tradition.

The TRANSRATIONAL mystics have had an upper hand in the cultural war since the end of the First World War. What we have seen is IDEOLOGIES that arose on the basis of wishful thinking. To be more precise, these IDEOLOGIES arose on what is known as MAGICAL THINKING as we have explained in our post titled Fr. Spadoro’s Junk Theology “Amp Settings” Go To 11!These ideologies were responsible for the murder of more or less 200 million people in the 20th Century alone.

The ideology that was mostly responsible for this holocaust was Marxism. To be more precise, it was economic materialism or classical Marxism. Now as we know, economic Marxism ended as a political system with the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989, yet its cultural element, namely Cultural Marxism was never eradicated and has subsequently emerged as THE ideological threat to Catholic Western Civilization.

Cultural Marxism in turn was a product of the Soviet Union’s psychological war that it fought with the West. It was allowed to gain a strong foothold through the post-WWII German school of thought known as the Frankfurt School. NB: An offshot of the Frankfurt School is the German Theological School of Rahner et al. But I digress…  We dealt with this phenomenon last in our post titled Of Snakes, Stupidity and Critical TheoryIt is Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School that serves as the “philosophical” basis for that which is called “liberal democracy” presently.

Which brings me to the issue of “liberal democracy”. In what I consider a historic event, almost as historic as the events that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall, there appeared a communiqué in one of the post-Communist (Soros owned) “newspapers” in Poland this past Friday with the following text:

Gazeta Wyborcza (Soros owned post-communist cultural Marxist flagship Polish daily) “learned that the German Chancellor in February will come to Warsaw. Angela Merkel wants to talk with the president of the Law and Justice (Party – PiS). (see here– in Polish)

Angela Merkel’s visit to our country is planned for Feb. 7. The meeting will take place at the invitation of Prime Minister Beata Szydlo.

German Chancellor is expected to meet with President Andrzej Duda, but also with the president of PiS – Jaroslaw Kaczynski. Their last meeting took place in March 2007.

According to the daily, Angela Merkel will arrive in Polish, not only as Chancellor of our western neighbor, but also as a representative of the “liberal world.”

What we are witnessing, and what the Cultural Marxists are also picking up, is in fact the beginning of a process very similar in nature to that known as Perestroika, a process that Mikhail Gorbachev began in the Soviet Union in 1985, which eventually led to the collapse of the Berlin Wall 4 years later.

What we will be witnessing on February 7th (date unconfirmed yet) will be the effective “First Secretary” of the International Cultural Marxist Politburo- Frau Merkel, meeting with the leader of the European Catholic Forces- Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

This meeting is nothing short of the opening round of a “Cultural Perestroika” process that will end in the complete collapse of the Cultural Marxist basis for the societies of Western Europe and their cultural satellite states.

Aside, one example of this cultural Marxist colonialism is South America and the destruction of the Catholic Church funded by the German Church tax, the KIRCHENSTEUER. But I digress…

Concluding, if read through the paradigm that we set out in the above text, on a philosophical level, what we are witnessing is the beginning of a process in which the next in line iteration of the Platonic Mystics, in this case the TRANSRATIONAL Cultural Marxists is beginning the surrender process to the current generation of Aristotelian Rationalists, in this case the Realist European Catholics.

And the reason for this “surprising” turn of events is the Donald J. Trump victory in the 2016 Presidential Election.

I will have more to say about this in tomorrow’s post.

So don’t turn that Bat Dial!