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Today we transition over to the POLITICAL sub-set of the et Invisibilium and specifically, the situation in Italy.

But before we get to the specifics in Italy, two very important piece of information came out this weekend.

First, the “soft coup d-etat” against the 45th President of the US, The Donald, which has been in the works since the November 2016 election, has come out into the open. (see here and here)  This is something that I have been following since it appears to be a parallel process of that which has happened and is still happening in Poland after the Law and Justice Party won the presidency in May 2015 and the general election in October of 2015. The same people are behind the US coup attempt, which means that the same strategy is being used. And this is confirmed. (see here)

What make the situation in the US that much more critical is that the US is the lone super power in the world and the US Dollar is the world’s reserve currency. The operational element that is critical to understand here, is that it is the US that provides by far the most funding to the international globalist organizations – the NGO’s. In other words, to the cultural Marxists. And cultural Marxist’s programs are very expensive (see here) And it is The Donald that is starting to freeze US federal funding for these various nefarious organizations, which is the ROOT CAUSE of the actions taken by those entities that are losing the elections and organizing the soft coup.

The second and by far the most important news that came out this weekend was from Italy. This news, according to your most humble blogger, was the resignation from the leadership of the Italian Democratic Party of our boy, and the former  “young and energetic” prime minister who was supposedly needed to save the “European soul”, one Matteo Renzi. (see here)

The reason why this development was so important is that it creates havoc inside the political party that is ruling Italy. Just as a reminder, the party that wins the general election in Italy, gets added seats in the lower house that allows it to have a majority. If the present government lead by the PD collapses, new elections will need to be held.

But before we move on to the next elections, a couple of things need to be understood. First, in the current government, there are many new deputies (congressman equivalent). These first term deputies need for the government to last at least util September of this year in order to qualify for parliamentary retirement benefits.

On the opposite side of this trade-off, if the government lasts into 2018 and elections are held in 2018, the third largest party, the Forza Italia which was led by Silvio Berlusconi will be able to be led by… wait for it… Silvio Berlusconi. This is due to a tax fraud case that the judiciary launced against Silvio to try and keep him out of politics after the 2011 coup d’etat by Mario Draghi at the European Central Bank. (see here)

So that is the background. Here is how the polls look at present:

  • Grill Beppe 5 Star (Euro realists) – 30.9%
  • PD  formerly Renzi (Euro fanatics) – 30.1%
  • Forza Italia of Silvio Berlusconi (Euro realists) -13%
  • Northern League (Euro realists and anti-Immigrant) – 12.8%.

So breaking the above down, we have as follows: Euro realists – 56.7%, Euro fanatics  – 30.1%, undecided  – 13.2%.

What the above means is that the overwhelming majority of the Italian electorate is “Euro realists”. And what is meant by Euro realism is that the Euro is the WRONG currency for the Italian Economy.

Therefore, after the next general elections, what will most likely be the case is that the new Italian government will initiate the process for taking Italy out of the European Single Currency, i.e. the Euro.

The problem with this turn of events is the following: Italy has a massive trade deficit with Germany. This is called the Target 2 im-balance (see here). Once Italy leaves the Euro, it will have to devalue the new Italian Lira. This devaluation will have a direct impact on the debt owed by Italy to Germany and others. This debt level will be effectively lowered by the level of the devaluation. This will mean that the German and European entities who hold the Italian Accounts Receivable (own the debt) will have to revalue their Accounts Receivable and realize their loses.

This above describe process will through the countries who remain in the EU into a currency crisis. This currency crisis will not only lead to a recession in Germany, but will also have a direct impact on the country’s governmental expenditures. And part of those expenditures do to what is called the German “soft-power” funding. These are the funds that are used to promote institutions like the heretical part of the post-conciliar church in South America and the notorious Community of SantEgidio (see here), just to name two.

On the domestic side, a recession will create even more pressure on the local “registered” Catholic and catholic populations to withdraw from the evil KIRCHENSTEUER, thereby putting more pressure on the remaining pool participants.

And to finish the story, with the advent of the Trump administration and their defunding of the cultural Marxist International, this will leave the Germans and some of their fellow leftists in Western Europe and not only (see here), as the sole source of the governmental funding for the spread of this global evil that we have been witnessing. Yet once Italy leaves the Euro, the entire currency block will be thrown into recession, further limiting their ability to fund the global evil that is cultural Marxism.

I will stop here. In the attached link is the post from Zero Hedge which explains the situation in Italy at present. (see here)