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Today I start with some good news. Personal good news at that. The Deus Ex Machina blog, or rather information presented on this blog is having an impact! A direct impact.

Specifically, I have a couple members of the distant family with which my immediate family is rather close. Both of these individuals are females in their early 20’s. Both are well raised (the Germans would say “well bred”) ladies, college educated and at an age when they need to start thinking about their respective future plans. They are both in the dating phase, unfortunately Novus Ordo types so the quality of men that they are meeting is.. shall we say… rather lacking. But then again, as the good uncle that I am, I would say that, wouldn’t I? But I digress… So that is the background.

This situation led your humble blogger and good uncle, to take a pro-active posture and decided to perform an experiment.

A couple months ago, I sent both of them the youtube link to a Stefan Molyneux video about the dangers of feminism. What made an impact on both girls was the question of one of the call-in guests who called in and asked Stefan for advise about how to find a quality man. This one here.

This video made such an impression that both started to search out and watch more Stefan Molyneux “feminism” videos. The one video that made the biggest impact and put them over the top, so to say, was a video where a lady in her ’40 talked about how unfair life is. Specifically, she lives in Thailand, has a “partner” who also has “friendships” with local ladies. The issue is that these local ladies are in their 20’s. That video is here.

Sad, as The Donald would say. But I digress…

So that was the story until 2 weeks ago.

A couple of weeks ago, they both were over at the house and telling me about the latest Stefan videos that they found (focusing on relationships and feminism) when an interesting subject arose. They mentioned that they have become more selective as to who they decide to go out with (both are in dating phase with very high “sexual market value”). But now that they are more focused on their “enhanced life goals”, they were wondering how they could discern the authenticity of the information they were and would be receiving during the “interview” , i.e. the date.

Now they both recalled that I mentioned  hidden information/hidden agendas (principle/agent problem) in an earlier conversation, so they asked me if I could give them any advise in this respect.

And as it just so happened, at this time I was working my way through the r/K Selection Theory of Stefan’s. So I mentioned it to them and sent them to the source videos.

This was two weeks ago.

Yesterday, they both came over and we had a very lovely conversation. What made the conversation “lovely” was that both went through the 5+ hours of video about r/K Theory. Once they finished with these videos, they went on and found the Dr. Jim Penman video. So seeing as how I have not seen it yet, we sat around the kitchen table and watched it yesterday.

So why am I telling you this?

It turns out that the girls discovered that the outlines of the r/K Theory that Stefan put up in his third video (see here), provided them with an “ready made” schema for engaging in conversations with dates. To be specific, what they came up with is a set of “topics” in bullet point format, to which they would attempt to obtain answers over dinner and drinks… in limited quantity, of course. The bullet points are as follows and should be very familiar to those who read the Lex Armaticus, r/K Theory And The Rabbit Papacy… post:

  • competitiveness/aggressiveness/protectiveness,
  • mate monopolization/monogamy,
  • high-investment two-parent child-rearing,
  • later age of sexualization of young,
  • high loyalty to in-group,
  • and attitude toward stay at home moms.

So their game plan is that during their date conversation, they will attempt to discern the gentleman’s attitudes and “inclinations” towards the above issues. How the gentlemen addresses the above issues will determine if they will proceed with a follow up date.

A scientific approach to dating!

And one more thing. Both noticed and were intrigued by Dr. Penman’s comment at the end of his video. The intriguing comment came at about the 1 hour 04 minute mark and was as follows:


This horrible trifecta of we want more stuff, we don’t want to pay more taxes and we’re not having children. I mean… there is no way to square the circle of that in terms of sustainability. It’s completely impossible.

 Dr. Penman:

The only hope (to avoid a societal collapse) is if we can do the science to try and figure out to stop this thing happening, at least in interested individuals. And then you might be able to save a remnant and have some sort of survival. The great thing about it is that we can do what the Romans couldn’t do. The emperor Augustus understood what was going on in Rome. And he could see the decay, he could see people not wanting to have kids and being lazy and selfish and so forth. He knew and he tried to stop it by law, but governments can’t do that. Only individuals can change that. We need to have change at the individual level and we need to understand the science and the resources to do it. As much as anything else with this book, what I am trying to do is to get people interested to do the science.

Every chapter in my book there is an experiment that you could use to test my theory. Bio-history is the first theory of society ever, or history ever that you can test in the laboratory, that you can make non-obvious hypotheses and you can test them. What were saying to people is: look, you may think I’m crazy but do the tests, do the science. Find out if I’m right or not. There are a multitude of different things that you can do to see whether my theory is correct or not. And we’ve been doing them for the past 7 years.


and then there is this at the 1 hour, 7 minute, 30 second mark:

Dr. Penman

And I see that it is possible (using science to avert a societal catastrophe). And the two major keys, as disciplined behavior as I would personally… I think religion has got to come into it, traditional religion is part of it. And the other part is science. These two can be working together to reinforce and help each other. Then we can do something about this.

I will end here since I could not have summed up this subject matter better then this!

As the the “traditional” religion part, we will see if they act on this part of Dr. Penman’s guidelines.

We will see…

But anyways, so spread the word!