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Hope all my readers had a peaceful and reflective Passion Week and Palm Sunday.

But if your week wasn’t peaceful and reflective, I will not blame you. A lot is going on, especially in the POLITICAL subset of the Visibilium Omnium. One aspect that I have picked up on, and note here is that among the rational, logic and evidence based electorate, dialogue has broken out.


Just as a quick reminder. The “dialogue” word has been dramatically devalued over the last 50 or so years. The ROOT CAUSE of the devaluation has been the post-modernist movement. Just as a quick reminder, post-modernism is anti-dialogue. Here is Dr. Jordan Peterson to explain (with emphasis):

The post-Modernists don’t believe in coherency, and I’m not making this up. This is part of their philosophy. They don’t believe in logic. You know, Derrida says straight out that Western is fallo- logo centric, by which he means male centered and privileging the idea of logic. Well, he doesn’t buy any of that.  He doesn’t think that there is a truth that is out there. He doesn’t believe that individuals can reach any sort of truth by thinking. He certainly doesn’t believe that we can move towards truth in dialogue. Because that’s “dia-logic”. Right? There’s none of that. 

And to connect the above observation to Francis, an example that we can all understand.

If Francis believed in dialogue, would he continuously berate and abuse the Faithful Catholics, bishops and cardinals?

The obvious answer is N.O.

So where can the Faithful Catholic find this real dialogue?

Well, it turns out that it has appeared on the media sites of the Trump electorate.

Just a primer to what you will read in the linked sites. Over the last week, there was an incident in Syria. It would appear that chemical gas was deployed by one of the side of the conflict. Needless to say, the Trump administration has found itself in the middle of this incident. The reaction of The POTUS has been quite unexpected. This unexpected nature of The President’s response has created a difference of opinions among the Trump electorate.

And voila, REAL DIALOGUE has broken out. So for your information dear readers, here are the two sites that best present the two sides of this dialogue. On the one side is the Conservative Tree House (see here). They are pro-airstrikes. Opposed to them is the group led by Mike Cernovich. He and his group are against the airstrikes (see here).

On an aside, I would highly recommend following Mr. Cernovich. Mr. Cernovich has obtained the “The Peirce/Ockham Pragmatic Methodology” Seal of Approval. (see here)

Ending this quick thread, I will not take a position presently in this debate. But all I will say is that one should go and read and/or listen to both sides of the argument.

Oh,and enjoy the dialogue.

And please, please pray for President Trump. He really needs you prayers right about now.

As to the main subject matter of this post, one that is more centered on the Francis bishopric of Rome, today I bring you two pieces of good news.

As we know from multiple post on this humble effort that goes under the title of the Deus Ex Machina blog, the key to understanding Francis and the neo-Modernists post-Modernists is M.O.N.E.Y.

The M.O.N.E.Y. angle came to the forefront due to one primary consideration: post-conciliar NUChurch is going bankrupt.

So the theory of this humble blog is that Francis is looking at a new funding model. And that funding model is based on financial support from the United Nations and other governmental and internationalist organization. This is behind the Agenda 21 and ONE WORLD RELIGION machinations.

So naturally, the FrancisChurch will be a natural ally of the the internationalists, which brings Francis and TeamFrancis into conflict with the rational nationalists in the Trump administration.

Now on to the good news. One of the internationalist’s major projects is what is called the European Project (EU). The EU in turn is a major source of funds for FrancisChurch. Think German financial support via the Kirchensteuer. So any information about any “adverse financial event” that provides objective information about the viability of this major internationalist experiment, is of direct interest to us.

So on to the specifics. Over the weekend, a Party Summit was held by the 5-Star Movement. The 5-Star Movement is a political organization that presently leads in the Italian poll. On the negative side of the 5SM is that they are transrational in terms of social policy. Yet their main campaign party plank is to give the Italians a referendum on whether they should remain in the single currency, i.e. the Euro.

Furthermore, of the 4 Italian parties that have the largest support, 3 of them are for either Euro Referendum or outright leaving the Euro. These 3 parties presently represent 60+ % of the electorate. But I digress…

The relevance of this proposed referendum is that the Italians will most likely vote to leave the Euro currency. The primary reason why the Italians would want to leave is that in inflation adjusted terms, the Italian economy is smaller (worse off) then when it was on the day that the Italians joined the Euro on that fateful day in January of 1999.

The knock-on effect of a #Italeave vote would be for a breakup of the EU as a federalist experiment. In other words, Europe would be forced to return to a continent of nation states. And this means borders. And if the Europeans reinstate boarders, well…. FrancisChurch, the EU, the UN and the rest of the internationalists (I hate the term globalists) lose.

Now if the Italians decide to leave the Euro currency, and return to a new Italian Lira, that New Lira will be devalued immediately to bring it in line with the objective ECONOMIC reality between the two countries.

This new situation in turn will automatically translate into what is known as the Italian Target 2 Balances (payables), which will be re-nominated into New Lira. This in turn will mean that all the German institutions (and not only) who hold Italian debt (or receivables in the case of the banks), will have to revalue their Italian holdings. In other words, realize the losses on their balance sheets for the new situation.

In other words, the German banks, think Deutsche Bank go: B.O.O.M.

NB: To understand the Target2 Balances, one needs to think of a huge credit card. Think about Italy having a huge credit card that it uses to purchase German products. This credit card balance is the largest ever recorded at present. And one day, those balances that are denominated in Euro presently, will on that fateful Italeave Day be renominated into New Lira. An analogous situation would be for an American who has a credit card debt of say 100 US Dollars, to wake up and have that credit card balance of 100 Mexican Pesos. Yes?

To the creditor – Happy Days.

To the bank who issued the credit – not so!

So who else would lose?

See here!

And just to explain in more detail how the internationalists, especially those that are the German government, would lose, I provide a post above from our friends at Zero Hedge. We continuously monitor what is known as the Target 2 Balances and stock price of Deutsche Bank.

Notice how the dots all get connected.

So without going too much further into the long grass, I bring you a post from Breitbart. The significance of this post is that it shows that the Italian ruling elites are beginning to plan for a 5-Star led government. This should be of interest for us all.

And on an aside, for all my European readers, what I would suggest is that those not living in Germany, I strongly suggest you open a bank account with a German bank. Your deposits will be guaranteed (up to a certain level) and you will still have a very strong Euro (or Deutsche Mark) in your bank account after this all goes down. For those who will exceed the deposit guarantee, buy US Dollars, is my suggestion. Excuse the digression…

And now, on to the Breitbart post (see original here)…


Italy’s Populist 5-Star Party Prepares For Power, Holds Technology Summit

ROME (AP) — Italy’s anti-establishment 5-Star Movement is broadening its reach as it eyes national office, inviting some very establishment figures to a daylong summit Saturday on technology, science, jobs and the future.

The summit, which was intentionally low on political diatribe, marked a new phase for the grassroots protest movement that has upended the Italian political scene and now leads the polls as Italy prepares for a general election later this year or next.

And it provided strong evidence that the 5-Stars are attracting more than just the working-class backers typical of Europe’s anti-establishment parties. The head of Google Italy, university professors and prominent journalists took part, though there were notable absences, including among 5-Star lawmakers and Italy’s leading astronaut, who bailed at the last minute.

5-Star founder Beppe Grillo sat in the front row of the converted Olivetti typewriter factory in Ivrea, near Turin in northern Italy, watching as a next generation of 5-Star sympathizers outlined how Italy might emerge from years of economic stagnation and rising unemployment.

Recent polls have put the 5-Stars ahead of the ruling Democrats with some 32 percent of the vote. The movement blends an ideology-defying anti-bank, pro-green agenda with a social-media friendly “direct democracy” ethos, where members pick candidates and platforms online.

It has ruled out forming a coalition government and is hoping to reach the 40 percent of the vote threshold that would give it bonus seats in parliament. The party, though, has been divided of late by scandals engulfing its Rome mayor and Grillo himself, after he voided the candidate for mayor of Genoa who was chosen online and picked someone else instead.

Saturday’s summit was preceded by the debut of a key behind-the-scenes player of the 5-Star Movement, Davide Casaleggio. He is the son of Gianroberto Casaleggio, who co-founded the movement with Grillo and was its political guru until his death last year.

Davide Casaleggio made his first prime-time TV appearance this week and was the brainchild behind Saturday’s summit, which was billed as a memorial to his father on the anniversary of his death.