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For those who have been following my blog, you will have noticed recurring themes. Among these recurring themes are: NUChurch – in Liquidation and the FrancisChurch NGO. The manner in which these two theme converge is: due to the EPIC FAIL of the post-conciliar NUChurch, the dwindling number of pew sitters that are the source of funding of the contributions made pursuant to Canon 1271 of the Code of Canon Law and the IDEOLOGICAL RIGIDITY of the bishop of Rome, Francis has decided to transform the Bride of Christ into a functionally secular NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION. Today we have more evidence (DATA POINTS) supporting correctness of the above supposition.

What’s more, we introduce a new element: Historiological and Cultural FrancisCleansing. 

The Cultural FrancisCleansing can be observed from such occurrences as the completely irrational FrancisWar on Tradition. This FrancisWar appears to be an emotional exercise on Francis’ part since it is being waged regardless of either economic or operational consequences. (see here and more recently here)

With respect to the Historiological FrancisCleansing, what is meant by this is term is purging of any previous historical structures that have been put in place within the Institutional Church by Francis’ predecessors. All 265 of them, including the 36 or 42 false ones! We got an preview of just this FrancisStrategy in the interview given byArchbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez to the Corriere della Sera on the 10th of May 2015. (see here)

Today, we add to our knowledge.

Our jump-off point is our post titled The Bishops Really Need To Start Speaking Out About This…

In that post, we laid out in some detail how Francis is attempting to transform the very nature of the Catholic Church. What is in fact happening is that Francis is trying to get rid of the supernatural nature of the Catholic Faith and TRANSFORM post-conciliar NUChurch into FrancisChurch, a completely worldly institution. And if we are to believer Archbishop Victor Fernandez, Francis wants to make these changes permanent.

This FrancisStrategy is in turn due to the catastrophic state of Vatican finances, as we have pointed out many times (latest see here). The post-conciliar church, by driving the Faithful away has created a huge funding gap. Since they have not replaced the old funding model with a new one, post-conciliar church is at the mercy of special interests for a big part of their funding.  Cough, cough… KIRCHENSTEUER. These special interests in turn have their own agendas, agendas which are contradictory to the Church’s stated mission, i.e. the salvation of souls.

This is where we pick up the story today.

I found two post today relating to the upcoming election of the Grand Master of the “FrancisSovereign” Order of Malta. (see here and here)  In these posts, the careful observer can identify the above themes playing themselves out in real-time.

Carefully watching what is transpiring “behind” the scenes, we first notice that Francis has taken an extraordinarily unusual interest in the upcoming election. An election of the government of a previously SOVEREIGN state.

The interest in the election and the new order in the Maltese Order, on a operational level, can be viewed as transformational in its own right.  To explain, Giuseppe Nardi on the Eponymous Flower blog writes the following:

The latter regulation [limiting the eligible candidates] to assures the Order its elitist character, but on the whole, the limitation of the candidates for the Grand Master office to the first class ensures, above all, its spiritual character. 

So what are the limitations on the eligibility to become the next Grand Master?

The Grand Master must be a professed knight, for only these, among all knights, undertake the solemn vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. These are currently among the world’s 13,000 knights less than 60. (…) The Maltese are similar and yet different. The Second and the Third Estate, together with the First Estate, elect the Grand Master, but must choose him from the small circle of the “Monks’ Knights”. This is reduced to currently 12 candidates because, according to old custom, all four grandparents of the Grand Master must be of noble descent.

And the reason behind these statutory restrictions is:

This has been and still is to prevent the ancient order from becoming a mere humanitarian NGO among others. 

So it appears that Francis has problems with the 12 potential candidates that could be elected under the current Order’s statutes. The reason he would have a problem with these individuals is that they most likely do not want to take the Order in a new direction. A “German tendency“.

On the other hand, Team Francis would like a new and transformational direction very much, a “German tendency”. Giuseppe explains what this “German tendency” entails:

The “German tendency” in the Order has for some years been said to make the Maltese Order such an NGO, which would surely be efficient, thoroughly organized with German efficiency and superior to all comparable NGOs because of the diplomatic immunity of the Order. They see the framework within the Order to build up therein the perfect humanitarian, international player and contact for governments and international institutions. 

The critics of this “German tendency“, i.e. the 12 potential candidates under the current statutory regime however, are of the following mindset:

Critics, on the other hand, argue that this is possible only at an unacceptable price: the loss of its identity as a Catholic order, if not the loss of its Christian identity. The main distinction between other humanitarian NGOs would no longer be the charism of the Knights ‘and Hospitaler’ Order, which in Jerusalem protected the pilgrims on their way to the holy places, who for centuries defended Christianity militarily and who always performed works of active charity with the works of the spiritual Charity.

And what is the primary motivation for introducing these transformational FrancisChanges into the FrancisSovereign Order of Malta?

The answer comes via Edward Pentin and the OnePeterFive blog. Here is that text:

The anonymously written paper also claims that the Vatican is supportive of Boeselager (the “German tendency”) and the order’s wealthy German members partly because it is cash poor and relying on outside financial help.

“The German bishops practically control the Vatican because they are so rich and the Vatican so poor,” the author stated. “Indeed, the Vatican is constantly in danger of becoming insolvent and is easily manipulated by the German bishops.”

This is said to explain why the Vatican did not want Boeselager dismissed, formed a commission of investigation into his dismissal largely made up of people connected with a $118 million bequest to the order based in Switzerland, and had him swiftly reinstated.

So what can be inferred from the information above?


What we are witnessing is TRANSFORMATIONAL FrancisChange being forced onto the Order of Malta. What in fact is happening is that The Francis is using the artificially created leadership crisis that he brought about, to bring new management into the Order, management that will change the Order from a Catholic organization into a secular Non Governmental Organization.

What is in fact also happening, is that Francis is using the Order as an experimental Petri dish to see how far he can go in introducing this sort of TRANSFORMATIONAL FrancisChange into the wider Universal Church.

If it goes smoothly, and Francis sees that there is little or no opposition, we can expect that the FrancisChange will go full speed ahead in the Universal Church

If he is stopped or even faces stiff opposition, he will adjust his scheming and skullduggery and try to figure out something else.

Remember, his ghost writer Victor “heal me with your kiss” Fernandez said so.

But whatever the outcome of this little situation, the FrancisWreckingBall is in full swing, taking down any and all opposition to Francis’ plan for creating a ONE WORLD RELIGION with Francis sitting on the top of the heap.

He is doing to the Order of Malta that which the Taliban did to the Buddhas of Bamiyan

Welcome to reality folks!