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In yesterday’s post, your humble blogger laid out some thoughts about how to go about implementing the Benedict Option. As we all know, this strategy is built on the idea that small groups of Faithful will band together and form pockets in which the Catholic Faith and wider Western Civilization can survive. One of my suggestions was that these Benedict Option communities should be organized around the Mass of All Ages, i.e. the Latin Mass according to the 1962 Missale Romanum, or as we call it here on this blog: The Mass.

Today we check into one community that can be seen as a case study for the implementation of a Benedicts Option community. This community is based in the city of Utrecht in The Netherlands. The background is that the faithful have been using a beautify church that they have been renting from the Utrecht City Council. Last year, they made an offer to purchase the church and have been waiting for a final decision. The last that I published on this matter can be found here.

Today, I am republishing a post from Dome Nico’s Face Book page. Dome Nico is the organist at St Willibrords Church in Utrecht and brings us up to date on the latest purchase news: (emphasis added)


As you all might know, the Society of St. Pius X offered a decent amount for this abandoned church (in the City of Utrecht, the Netherlands) in November 2016. We have been celebrating Latin Masses since 2015 with a visible growth of literally 300% of the faithful last week. All coming from the neighboring Novus Ordo parishes. The municipal delegation has signed a principal agreement last month. All we need is the green light from the city council, which will be given End of June 2017. Deo Gratias.

But like always, the devil wants to sabotage things. There is a cultural group, who wants to keep the church away from the Society to organize musical concerts, plays and operas, right in front of the high Altar! They started an online-petition and a nasty media smear campaign to provoke and to create a turmoil amongst the citzens. Calling us bigots, antisemites, intollerant sect (we all know the drill) etc.

I would kindly like to ask you to storm the Heavens with your prayers. It really can’t hurt to offer up a whole decade of Avés for this cause. Save this building from turning into a concert hall. We pray to St. Joseph, the heavenly Protector of Holy Mother Church, St. Willibrord, the name giver of the church (an English monk who brought Christiany to Holland) and ofcourse to St. Pius X, our glorious patron saint.

In Christo regis,

SSPX Utrecht

So there you have it. Faithful Catholic would like to purchase a property but diabolical elements would rather keep the status quo. Notice the similarities in interests and tactics between this “Hochkulturen” Dutch group (musical concerts, plays and operas) and the local Niedrigkultur provincial groups (guitar jam sessions, women’s poetry readings and various meet and greet socials) who are thwarting the efforts of communities of the Faithful from having access to the Sacred Mass?

We are dealing with ideologues here, sports fans!

Therefore, what I would ask you dear reader, is to offer a decade of Aves for the Utrecht Catholics so that their purchase of St. Willibrord Church is successful. And just to remind you dear reader of how beautiful this church is, I will provide some eye-candy below.

And if any of you are on FaceBook, Dome Nico’s page can be found at Dome Nico and on the SSPX Faithful page likewise.