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Today we stay off topic again, and return our attention to the 2016 US Presidential Election. As you dear reader will recall, one glaring anomaly that your humble blogger reported on quite regularly is what we called the FAKE POLLS. (see here and here and here just to mention 3)

What interested us back then was not the FAKE POLLS in and of themselves, but the fact that everybody knew that they were FAKE POLLS. Or at least should have known… Or maybe I should say that any rational individual with a modicum of intelligence and an iota of intellectual honesty should have known that these POLLS were FAKE. And if the above mentioned intellectually honest individual didn’t know before the Podesta emails (see here) came to light, they should have known afterward.

So why am I bringing this to your attention?

Well, we had another occurence of FAKE POLLS appear in the Georgia 6th Congressional District special election that was held this past Tuesday. The re-post from the Zero Hedge website below sets out the fact. (see original here) And it would appear as if these folks have learned nothing, as evidenced below.

The reason that this is important for us as Catholics is due to the proximity of… lets call them the main actors, in the WikiLeaks Podesta emails relating to FAKE POLLS and these same actor’s proximity to the “Catholic Spring” (see here) emails also released by WikiLeaks.

For those who are not familiar with the “Catholic Spring” issue, the background is that Mr. Postesta and his friends created front groups of purported “catholics” in order to create an uprising within the US Catholic Church in order to “re-order” its political priorities. You know, like the Catholic “obsession” with abortion. But I digress… More detail can be found here.

So to tie this information above and below into one tidy package, in January of this year, Pew came out with their survey data pertaining to the popularity of Francis, the bishop of Rome. What is important to note is that in one of the headlines, we can read that: Pope Francis’ popularity extends beyond Catholics. (see here) And there is evidence to support just this (check out the Unaffiliated column):

That is, provided that these polls are not FAKE POLLS.

And this is where the problems begin.

This past Sunday, Francis held the Corpus Domini (Corpus Christi) procession in Rome. He moved the Feast Day from its standard Thursday observance to Sunday in order to  “allow more people to participate in the traditional procession through Rome”.

And needless to say, it did not work as can be seen from the picture above.

What’s worse is that Francis didn’t even show up to the procession. (see here)

PS. The empty space in the middle is where the popes kneel during the procession.

Like here:

And everyone in Rome is talking about it!

But back to the subject at hand, i.e. the “popularity of Francis”. In the Pew Research post that asserted that Francis popularity extends beyond Catholics, which is an objective correct claim, we can read about how popular Francis is.

Yet in a New York Times (yes, that New York Times) piece, written a couple of months earlier, we can read the following: (see here)

But are Catholics actually coming back? In the United States, at least, it hasn’t happened. New survey findings from Georgetown’s Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate suggest that there has been no Francis effect — at least, no positive one. In 2008, 23 percent of American Catholics attended Mass each week. Eight years later, weekly Mass attendance has held steady or marginally declined, at 22 percent.

So what accounts for this “Francis popularity” that Pew Research is picking up, but is not translating into increased church attendance, not to mention the horrible Corpus Domini mass and procession attendance that we have witnessed this past Sunday?

Here is that explanation, once again as opined by the New York Times:

Francis has built his popularity at the expense of the church he leads. Those who wish to see a stronger church may have to wait for a different kind of pope. Instead of trying to soften the church’s teaching, such a man would need to speak of the way hard disciplines can lead to freedom. Confronting a hostile age with the strange claims of Catholic faith may not be popular, but over time it may prove more effective. Even Christ was met with the jeers of the crowd.

Oh my!

And finally, about the FAKE POLLS. There is an old saying about believing nothing that you read and only half of what you see, I think it would be a good piece of advice to use as guidance when reading about how popular Francis is.

When reading something like this here.

Besides, the missing crowds give the game away.


Democrats, Stop With The Poll Rigging…It’s Getting Embarrassing

Last fall, in the months/weeks leading up to the presidential election, we spent a fair amount time talking about how Democratic pollsters were setting themselves up for a massive embarrassment on election day with their obviously rigged polling data that consistently suggested Hillary had a commanding lead.  In fact, just weeks before the election, the Washington Post published a poll showing that Hillary was well on her way to a ‘blowout’ 12-point victory (we wrote about it here:  This Is How WaPo’s Latest Poll Gave Hillary A 12 Point Advantage Over Trump).  Needless to say, that never happened and those pollsters suffered the humiliating consequences of their biased ‘math.’

Unfortunately, as last night’s special election in Georgia makes all too clear, no one on the left seems to have learned any lessons from their presidential poll rigging debacle last November.

In fact, one prominent pollster even declared just 6 days before the election that if Ossoff failed to win it would mean that “MATH IS DEAD AND DATA IS BROKEN.”

Of course, the problem isn’t that “math is dead” or “data is broken”…the problem is that rather than using data to arrive at a solution pollsters have resorted to starting out with a solution and then solving for the data.

Which is exactly what appears to have happened in Georgia.  As the following chart points out, with just 9 days left until election day, pollsters were predicting a fairly easy win for Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s 6th district runoff…shocking, we know.  But, just over a week later, the Republican candidate ended up easily walking away with the win, and served up another embarrassment for pollsters in the process as actual results swung 8.6 points from predictions peddled to the public just a week earlier.

So how does this keep happening?  Well, it’s not that surprising in light of the fact that Democrats literally wrote a playbook on how to rig polling data through “oversamples.”  As we noted last October in a post entitled “New Podesta Email Exposes Playbook For Rigging Polls Through ‘Oversamples’“, it all apparently has a lot to do with “oversampling” various minority groups.

The email even includes a handy, 37-page guide with the following poll-rigging recommendations.  In Arizona, over sampling of Hispanics and Native Americans is highly recommended:

Research, microtargeting & polling projects
–  Over-sample Hispanics
–  Use Spanish language interviewing. (Monolingual Spanish-speaking voters are among the lowest turnout Democratic targets)
–  Over-sample the Native American population

For Florida, the report recommends “consistently monitoring” samples to makes sure they’re “not too old” and “has enough African American and Hispanic voters.”  Meanwhile, “independent” voters in Tampa and Orlando are apparently more dem friendly so the report suggests filling up independent quotas in those cities first.

–  Consistently monitor the sample to ensure it is not too old, and that it has enough African American and Hispanic voters to reflect the state.
–  On Independents: Tampa and Orlando are better persuasion targets than north or south Florida (check your polls before concluding this). If there are budget questions or oversamples, make sure that Tampa and Orlando are included first.

Of course, the intent of publishing these ridiculous polls is presumably to ‘chill’ the Republican vote…afterall, why go through the hassle of long lines at a polling station if your candidate has no shot at winning?

That said, the strategy only worked BEFORE the media and pollsters lost all credibility…so, why bother keeping up the charade?  As we mentioned above, it’s just getting embarrassing at this point.