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Over the last couple of months, several of my readers have asked me to comment on the current “recognition” situation between Francis, the bishop of Rome and the SSPX, yet I have held off.

Held off til now that is.

Recently, new information has come to light which give us a really good idea of “the FrancisPlan” going forward.

To begin, I draw your attention of a post that your humble blogger wrote in on the 1st of August 2016 titled Desperately Seeking Reconciliation. In that post, the following summary of the “reconciliation” situation, at that time, appears as follows:

Therefore, what is becoming quite clear for all observers of this situation is:

  • the SSPX will not budge.
  • Francis desperately needs a reconciliation.
  • The reason Francis desperately needs reconciliation is in order to gain some sort of control over the SSPX and ring-fence the NORMALIZATION PROCESS™ inside the Ecclesia Dei Commission. Hence Diocesan bishops must consult with the Vatican before establishing a diocesan religious order, Pope Francis ruled.
  • Francis needs to gain control over the SSPX so as to block off any escape route for the Catholics stuck in NUChurch. Hence clampdown on contemplative orders.
  • Francis is planning a repression of the larger Western Church and understands that it will not go as easily as with the suppression of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. Hence Come una madre amorevole in case of rebellion.
  • But most importantly, Francis needs to do something IMMEDIATELY since the Restoration is spreading in the Catholic Church, especially in the wealthy Western countries.
  • The neo-modernist’s who support Francis are freaking out since they see that with their demise, so will end their Novus Ordo NUChurch.
  • This will end their IDEOLOGICAL life’s work and consign them to not only the trash-heap of history, but will earn them the hatred of future generations of the Faithful.

Therefore they are leaning on the hapless Francis.

And Francis has backed himself into a corner and has only one option left, and that is the “UNILATERAL RECOGNITION” of the SSPX.

But regardless of what Francis does, he has lost already.

Just like Our Lord promised!

Today, we have more info…

What should be apparent to any reader from the above passage, is how well it fits into the most recent information that has come out of the Team Francis and FrancisChurch.

First, it would now appear that the reason Francis, the bishop of Rome was so desperately seeking “reconciliation” is that he plans to quarantine Tradition in the future SSPX Personal Prelature, as opposed to in the Ecclesia Dei Commission.

All actions up to now have been consistent with that “ring fencing” HYPOTHESIS presented in that post. This appears to be the scenario playing itself out.

Furthermore, it now appears that Francis, the bishop of Rome knows that what he is doing, will split the Church, i.e. create a schism. In a moment of weakness, he admitted as much.

Next, the changes he intends to bring about in the church, the ones that he knows will create the schism, are such, and so radical, that the Catholics cannot accept them. It is as if he is goading them to leave… (see here and here)

It also might be the case that Francis is already responsible for one casualty.

As to the FrancisSchismAgenda going forward, today we learn that this agenda has to do with introducing “wymen priestesses” and introducing the FrancisTheology of Death into the Francis”magisterium”.

First, the wymen priestesses will be done through the new committee to study the issue. Schism through feminism will also be OPTICALLY pleasing to the FakeNewsMedia. His last bastion of support…

The FrancisTheology of Death is being introduced by “Monsignor” Paglia at the Pontifical Academy for LifeDeath. We got a clue as to the intent accidentally through the situation with the infant Charlie Gard (#CharlieGard). For those unaware, little Charlie, who suffers a genetic defect that threatens his life, was sentenced to death by the European courts. In defense of the death sentence, “Monsegior” Paglia threw in his weight. (see here) After a clumsy attempt to walk back the support for the death sentence by Francis, the Pontifical Academy of Death is back to its initial position. (see here)

Aside, where is Helen Prejean when you need her?

And finally, the last piece of the puzzle to understanding the FrancisPlan is to understand the recent developments within the “Sovereign” Order of Malta. It would appear that Francis, the bishop of Rome intends to transform the Catholic Church into a secular NGO.

We now have a confirmation of just this that we can easily derive from the last meeting of the new “Sovereign” Order of Malta. Notice that all the leadership showed up in mufti. Here is that photo.

What is of importance to understand is that this is most likely a massive SIGNALING EFFECT to the international aid agencies and their donors that the NewVatican is open for business.

As to the source of the donatio…?

In the new FrancisVatican, there is no need bother about the origin and/or end use of those funds…

“Monsignor” Paglia will take care of that… (see here)

Quickly summarizing what is most likely the lay of the land on this 11th day of July Anno Domini 2017, is that we have Francis, the bishop of Rome trying to engineer a schism in the Catholic Church.

  • Actually, he is trying to formalize the already existing schism.
  • He is creating a situation within the post-conciliar church that no Faithful Catholic or cleric can accept.
  • This is intended to drive the Catholics out of the post-conciliar church, thereby leaving all the physical assets and cash for the FrancisChurch and at the FrancisChurch’s disposal.
  • As for the future funding needs, FrancisChurch will now rely on donations from international foundations and the Non Governmental Organizations. Lot of money to be had, and you don’t have to bother with the pesky “Catholic fanatics”.
  • And finally, this is how Jorge Bergoglio, the bishop of Rome intends on having his changes  make “a deep impact”. Just like his ghostwriter, one Victor “heel me with you lips” Fernandez explained a couple of years ago. (see here)

I will leave you off with this pertinent passage: (see full interview here)

No doubt, and in a deep and clear way, especially at the beginning. And yet, more recently, there’s a certain anxiety. Thing is proceeding more slowly. The reform of the curia seems to be stalled.

“The pope goes slow because he wants to be sure that the changes have a deep impact. The slow pace is necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the changes. He knows there are those hoping that the next pope will be turn everything back around. If you go slowly it’s more difficult to turn things back. He makes this clear when he says ‘time is greater than space.’”