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Over the last few days, and especially with the untimely death of Cardinal Joachim Meisner (requiescat in pace), the Bergoglian “Joy of Sex” document has been getting a lot of air time in the Catholic blogo-sphere.

Furthermore, what appears to be the case is that the “Joy of Sex” and the Catholic response to it, i.e. the Dubia of the Four Cardinals, has in fact metamorphosed into a wider examination of the Bergoglio “bishopric of Rome”, a.k.a. the Francis “papacy”.

Now, there is a lot being written presently that examines this Francis PHENOMENON from the doctrinal and moral perspective. I will also add my voice to this effort, but will however approach it from a philosophical perspective.

The reason that I am doing this is two-fold:

First I need to emphasis that what we are witnessing in the Francis “bishopric of Rome” is in fact part and parcel of a wider PROCESS. By observing and more importantly, understanding this PHENOMENON, we can place these events in a proper CONTEXT. And like it has been said ad nauseam on this blog, CONTEXT IS EVERYTHING.

Lastly, by understanding the ROOT CAUSE of this wider PHENOMENON, we are afforded the proper tools through which we can counteract the negative, dare I say lethal effects of this Bergoglian Theology of Death on us, our families and wider society in general.

So today, I will examine the larger issue, let’s call this the PHILOSOPHY OF DEATH, or the platform on which the Bergoglian Theology of Death is constructed.

And as it just so happens, your humble blogger has come across another rising internet personality (tipped off by one of our loyal readers). I would like to introduce you dear reader to RockingMrE. What is interesting about this RockingMrE is that he produces videos in what I would call a Nietzschean style, i.e. short, concise and packed with content.

One more important point needs to be noted. RockingMrE is another example of thinking people who have found themselves in what I would call a “dead end ideology”, such as libertarianism, leftism, agnosticism/”atheism”, et al. What differentiates people like RockingMrE and others, such as Stefan Molyneux, Dr. Jordan Peterson or Robyn of the Critical Condition YouTube channel, is that these folks, realizing that they have found themselves in a philosophical (spiritual, in reality) dead-end, and are using their God-given ability to reason in order to get themselves out.

Now, this is not to say that either of the above named individuals have gotten themselves out of their personal spiritual darkness fully and have come to embracing the light, i.e. Catholicism. As we know from what Mother Church teaches us, our reason can only take us so far, but eventually Faith has to take over. But what is important to note is that if these folks go the full route, they will get the point where they will have to voluntarily submit to that which Eternal Rome teaches and has always taught.

But back to the specific subject at hand.

The first video of RockingMrE that I would like to present is titled The Cultural Marxist Agenda Explained.

What is of importance in this post begins at the 2:26 minute mark. Here RMrE states the following:

The academic name for cultural Marxism is Critical Theory. And this term is key to understanding the Cultural Marxist agenda. The point of Critical Theory is to quite literally criticize society so much, that people are too demoralized to defend their culture. This Critical Theory is how Marx’s own criticisms of class, religion and the family were adapted into anything and everything that can create conflict in society by constantly pushing an atmosphere of conflict between victims and oppressors, leftist can appeal for more and more socialism from the state. No matter what the problem, the solution is always the same: government, government, government.

And what is the aim of Cultural Marxism:

Destroy Western society by attacking objective truth and morality wherever you find it. Replacing it with subjective truth and morality. This causes chaos as people are encouraged to seek refuge in groups that they can identify with in some way.

Does the Lavender-mafia ring a bell?

Thought so…

So now that you dear reader understand the above, please go to this OnePeterFive blog and see how many of the above elements you can identify in this post HERE.

And speaking of the Lavender-mafia, the next video I would like to present addresses the recent “moves” by TeamFrancis to “platform” intrinsic disorder inside the Catholic Church.

So now that you dear reader understand the above, please go and read the following two post HERE and HERE and try to identify the elements identified in the above video.

Does it not seem odd that the Intrinsically Disordered Agenda is being promoted in the secular and ecclesiastical sub-sets of the Visibilium Omnium?

Here is the explanation from RockingMrE (starts at about the 9:00 minute mark)

By promoting sexual behaviour as separate from reproduction, it allows the (social) engineers to control the birthrate in society. This also allows the state to take control of parenting by using the cover of equality. Rather than marriage and parenting being a natural right, it becomes a state sanctioned privilege once we have to be inclusive to couples who can’t conceive children naturally. The breakdown of the family then accelerates the more couples aren’t pair bonding through the act of having children together. 

People need to understand that leaving others alone has nothing to do with this agenda. Otherwise, they are going to realize that it’s all about control when it’s too late to do anything about it.

And finally, I will leave you with this video titled Destroying Christianity From Within.

As you can see dear readers, we are not alone.

Now, the people who are our natural allies might not be overt, nominal Catholics per se, but they are people who believe in the same things as we do.

Therefore, it would serve us to take onboard and become familiar with what these folks are saying, if only to use the material that they produce to pass on to others who are hopelessly lost, yet recoil when religious subjects are broached.

Therefore, what we have at hand is in fact a means by which we can…

Proselytize Through Philosophy.

And it is another self avowed “atheist” who is providing us with the material.

PS Extra Credit assignment: View this…