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I know, I’m supposed to be on vacation, but…

Anyways, more great news on the Restoration front is coming in every day.

Today however, before we get to the good news, we start on a tangent, i.e. HH Pope Benedict’s resignation. Over at Louie Verrecchio’s blog, and subsequently picked up on the ABYSSUS ABYSSUM INVOCT blog, we get more fog lifting. It would appear that the facts point to a situation whereby HH Pope Benedict is being kept a “prisoner of Francis”. (see here) I have run this HYPOTHESIS through the Deus Ex Machina proprietary Peirce/Ockham Methodology and it appears to be an OBJECTIVELY CORRECT conclusion.

Besides, it’s not me, but the model.

Next tangential issue, over at the Eponymous Flower blog, more confirmation that the late Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini S.J. did not want Bergoglio to be elevated to the See of St. Peter at the 2005 Conclave. The post is titled Tossati Correspondent: “Martini Did Not Want Bergoglio”, and comes via the Vaticanista Marco Tossati. (see here

And now to the Restoration news. Over at the Ars Celebrandi Facebook page, we find out that an EXTRAORDINARY number of clergy, from a VERY WIDE cross-section of religious communities will be taking part in this years Ars Celebrandi workshops in Lichen Poland.

Just a reminder, the Ars Celebrandi workshops are the largest gathering of Catholics focused on the restoration of the Mass of Gregory the Great (Missale Romanum 1962) in the world. What is also significant is that they take place in a country that has the largest percentage of its population that attends weekly Mass (41%).

A big Deo gratias!

NB: After a recent extended trip to Poland by His Eminence Cardinal Raymond Burke a couple of months ago, His Eminence Cardinal Robert Sarah is in Poland presently. So it appears that there is something afoot…

“Time is greater than space…” I reckon.

Next great news comes from the City of Brotherly Love, i.e. Philadelphia PA. Over at the Rorate Caeli blog, a post appeared under the title: Carmelites get FSSP chaplain in Philadelphia.

Dear Friends, I’m sharing some joyful news. Today, our Archdiocese welcomed six nuns from the Carmelite Monastery of Valparaiso, Nebraska, and four nuns from the Carmelite Monastery of Elysburg, Pennsylvania. They are transferring to the Carmelite Monastery of Saint Joseph and Saint Anne here in Philadelphia (The Discalced Carmelite Nuns of Philadelphia).As a result of these transfers, there is now a community of twelve nuns in the Philadelphia Carmel, which was founded in 1902. Since that time it has been home to generations of Discalced Carmelite nuns who have dedicated themselves to a cloistered life of contemplation and prayer for the good of us all. The Carmel is also welcoming a new chaplain, Father William Allen, FSSP.

What is significant about this development is first, it comes on the back of steady gains in vocations at the Philadelphia seminary. Now Archbishop Chaput is giving a formerly “NUChurch” religious order into the hands of the Ecclesia Dei’s Society of St. Peter, a break-off community of the SSPX and one that uses the Missale Romanum of 1962 exclusively. Furthermore, it would also appear as it Archbishop Chaput is organizing, or rather re-organizing (in essence) a NUChurch community into a Traditional branch of the Discalced Carmelite nuns in Philadelphia.

And just to provide CONTEXT as to why this “re-organization” is happening, it most likely is the result of the Francis decision that diocesan bishops must consult with the Vatican before establishing a diocesan religious order, Pope Francis ruled. In a decision with a publication date of May 20, 2016 (Decision on 4th of April), Francis, the bishop of Rome mandated the following:

 Diocesan bishops must consult with the Vatican before establishing a diocesan religious order, Pope Francis ruled. (see here)

The consultation “is to be understood as necessary for the validity of the erection of a diocesan institute of consecrated life,” said the rescript or ruling approved by Pope Francis April 4 and published by the Vatican May 20. (see here)

Reading deeper into this decision, we can see that Archbishop Chaput is “throwing caution” to the wind again, in terms of his “career prospects”. Under the FrancisDictatorship that is…

So what is he hearing through his “Vatican grapevine” that is emboldening him to take these very Catholic and Restorationist actions in what has become a series of Catholic and Restorationist actions? (see here and here)

Stay tuned sports fans, but in the mean time a big Deo gratias(!) is in order for the good Archbishop. 

One more thing is for certain from the above and that is: vagueness, confusion and chaos has its postive side.

And finally, a dispatch from the Eastern Front. It would appear that the heretical state church, operated by the German “Bishops'” Conference, that subsists in the German government budget lands has lost approximately 400,000 members in the past year.

Over at the Catholic Herald, we get this headline: 160,000 German Catholics left the Church last year. Furthermore, we get this “pleasant” text:

About 160,000 Catholics left the Church in Germany last year, new figures show.

The number represents an improvement on 2015, when 180,000 faithful left the Church – or opted out of paying a church tax compulsory for members. Nearly a third, or 23 million, people in Germany are Catholic.


They’ve turned the corner…

The new springtime is finally here…

Or so it would appear until we read this FaceBook entry from Regina Magazine:


And if we go into the Catholic Culture article, we find out that in the last 20 years, the Catholic membership paying the KIRCHENSTEUER (since that is what it’s all about) has dropped from 27,533,000 (in 1996) to 23,582,000 presently. And if we use the racist homophobic xenophobic transphobic discipline of mathematics, we get the following equation:

1996             27,533,000
2016             23,582,000
Gain (Loss)                3,951,000
Loss per annum                   197,550

So what the above is indicating is that we have a 400,000 church membership loss in 2016 (waiting for final figures in August) while on average, the German church has been bleeding at a rate of 197,550 member per annum over the last 20 years.


Appears to be a case of dropping German KIRCHENSTEUER membership at an increasing rate…

Oh well, so much for the KIRCHENSpirit...

And just as a reminder where this trend ends see here.

PS As my loyal reader know, your humble blogger has been following the career of one Dr. Jordan Peterson. Over the last few weeks, Dr. Peterson has embarked on a series of lectures pertaining to the Bible. As to the popularity of this undertaking, we have this Tweet last evening:

The trend is your friend…

Update: 10:30 26th of July 2017.

Oh and speaking of Jordan Peterson:

Jordan Peterson goes after “post-modernist” cults,… by name.