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And when they had eaten, Jesus said to Simon Peter, Simon, son of John, dost thou care for me more than these others? Yes, Lord, he told him, thou knowest well that I love thee. And he said to him, Feed my lambs. And again, a second time, he asked him, Simon, son of John, dost thou care for me? Yes, Lord, he told him, thou knowest well that I love thee. He said to him, Tend my shearlings.✻ Then he asked him a third question, Simon, son of John, dost thou love me? Peter was deeply moved when he was asked a third time, Dost thou love me? and said to him, Lord, thou knowest all things; thou canst tell that I love thee. Jesus said to him, Feed my sheep.

Yesterday was the Feast of St. Pope Pius X. The Holy Gospel reading was about Jesus commanding St. Peter to feed His sheep.

Now the problem with human sheep is that they have been created in His image, i.e. having the ability to reason. Now, having the ability to reason has its good side and its not so good side.

Starting with the good side, His sheep have to ability to go to the source of His teaching and understand what “feed my sheep” entails. This source is the Universal Magisterium.

On the not so good side, not all of His sheep will go and familiarize themselves with what feeding His sheep entails. This allows them to fall prey to deceivers who produce their own interpretation of what “feeding His sheep” entails. And naturally, this leads to problems for the sheep. This used to be limited to the protestant sects, but since the advent of neo-Modernism and subsequently post-Modernism within the post-conciliar church hierarchy, the problem has spread far and wide into the Universal Church.

Now, as for the wolves. Whereas a more artful, cunning “wolf”, from time to time can get one over on the gullible, uninformed sheep, there is a point at which even those sheep realize that they are being had.

Such a point has been reached it appears, in the Holy Roman Catholic Church in the diocese of Rome. Needless to say, the bishop of Rome is one Jorge Bergoglio. And this bishop of Rome is so crude and primitive in his understanding of what the sheep will accept, that even the sheep don’t want to eat that which he is trying to feed them any longer.

The first piece of evidence supporting the above comes from an Italian website. Below is a rough translation from an article that appeared at one of the Italian websites. (I have lost the link, but as soon as I find it, I will put it up.)

Time Survey, Pope Francis no longer likes Italians

“Too much politics and too little religion,” “It is going out of the way,” “I do not agree with the Catholic Church’s guidance,” “too much invasion on the ius alone,” “Dear Daddy, you make me go away from the Church.” These are the motives that push Italian Catholics to move away from Pope Francis, according to a survey of Time that ends on August 25th. And at the moment the vast majority of those who wanted to express themselves were astonished at the last campaign of the Holy Father.

On the Time website you can answer these questions: “Do you like this Pope? Do you agree on how Bergoglio drives the Catholic Church?” The percentage of responses “No, I disagree” is about 80 to 90 percent. Ergo adherer’s to Bergoglio’s policy do not exceed 20 percent.

What readers mostly dislike is that the pope has become too political and this makes him appear far from strictly religious themes. The desire of Catholics is instead that Pope Francis should be on the side of the Italians.

Next, we go over to the Twitter feed of Catholic Sat. In this post, we read that small crowds are continuing to plague the current bishop of Rome. As my loyal reader will recall, small crowds are the rule with this bishop of Rome.

But now, even the camera angles are unable to cover up this fact. Here is the tweet for confirmation.

Further confirmation of the small crowds plaguing the bishopric of Rome comes from the Call Me Jorge blog. In a post titled Francis packs a dwindling crowd into St. Peter’s Square for his latest general audience. Here is one representative picture:

And finally, the “dwindling crowds” situation has become so bad, that Francis has been forced to cancel something called the “Day of Prayer for Care of Creation”. Here is that tweet:

Which creates a very large problem for the FrancisChurch. That problem is that the secular side of the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT has decided to ditch all references to Christianity in its official calendars and public celebrations.

For those who have not noticed, there is an attempt to replace the Feast of Easter with something called “Earth Day”. This issue first arose in 2011 when “Earth Day” fell on Good Friday. Since that time, it would appear as if Google (our proxy for the OWG) is heavily promoting this strange pagan “holiday”.

So is it any wonder that the current bishop of Rome, is attempting to introduce a similar “holiday” into the post-conciliar calendar?

Could be a coincidence.

Or it could be Francis thumbing his nose at the Faithful:


… and regardless of any intent or lack there of on the part of the post-conciliar “brain trust”, the Faithful ain’t buying it.

Not only are they not buying it, but they are boycotting this silliness.

And if that’s not positive news enough, I will leave off on on an even more positive note. I noticed this post over at Fr. Z’s blog, titled: England and Wales to celebrate Ascension THURSDAY and Twelfth Night!

England and Wales folks!

Appears as if all those oratories and FSSP/ICKSP parishes opened recently on Albion’s shores are having an impact!

Deo gratias!