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Today we return to our topic of FUNDING. And this means that your humble blogger will revisit the Steve Bannon Interview that appeared on the “news” magazine 60 minutes. Here is the Breitbart story and commentary.

So today, your humble blogger will focus on the “bishops”. For those who still haven’t figured out what is the underlying “faith” of our post-conciliar “bishops”, your humble blogger has been trying to shine some daylight on this matter.

As my long time readers know, when analyzing a certain OCCURRENCE or PATTERN, one can examine it on different levels. The level at which the analysis will allow one to understand the given OCCURRENCE or PATTERN best, is by analyzing it on the philosophical level. Given that the study of philosophy is the study of essences, universals and absolutes, understanding the philosophy behind any actions gives one a good handle on why that action occurred in the first place.

And obviously, “essences” is the operative word in our case here.

Or to put it another way, the reason why looking at the “essences” of a given OCCURRENCE or PATTERN is so effective, is that it can allow one to understand the INTENT behind the given OCCURRENCE or PATTERN.

So given the above, what we will do today is a practical application exercise. What I would like you dear readers to do, is read the below post written by Ann Corcoran and appeared at the Refugee Resettlement Watch blog.

Once you have read it, please think about the scale at which the US Catholic Church is being subsidized by the US Federal Government. Specifically, think about how many Pew Sitters this government funding has replaced.

Here is a simple spreadsheet:

So what the table above tells us is that if the average Pew Sitter contributes $1 per Sunday, given that he or she attends each week, the total contribution to the US Catholic Church is $52. Given that the Total Government Contract and Grants Revenue that the US Catholic Church received from just these 6 government programs was a staggering $95 256 272, this represents the equivalent of…


Pew Sitters.

So let’s do a back of the envelope calculation, shall we?

Given that there are roughly 77.4 million Catholics in the US, and that the average weekly mass attendance is roughly about 20%, this would mean that one can expect approximately 15.5 million Pew Sitters attending the “celebration” of the mass of Paul VI on any given Sunday.

Given that this is the case, and assuming that the average Pew Sitter gives $1 per Sunday, the funds obtained from the Federal Government for providing human trafficking resettlement programs in 2016 represents … ready for it… approximately…


of the total take from Sunday collections.

And this is just one set of Government programs directed at the illegal immigrants.

I will leave off here. Below is the Ann Corcoran post, original can be found here.


US Catholic Bishops rolling in federal dough according to financial statements

Yesterday I said that it is time for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops to add one important detail to every press release or news story where they lecture us (or Donald Trump) about humanitarianism, about social justice, about “welcoming the stranger.”

That important missing piece of information is how much of your money (not freely given) goes to them directly from the US Treasury.

Thanks to reader Joanne for pointing us to recent audited financial reports for the Bishops, here.  And, specifically the most recent one available.

As you look at the numbers, don’t miss the millions going to the Bishops for the Unaccompanied Alien Children!

For fun I went back to the 2010 report for comparison. Wow!

During Obama’s time in office they went from $58 million to $95 million!

You need to know too, that individual Catholic Charities (usually through the local diocese) are also getting money separately from the feds for many activities.  Use USASpending.gov to research your local “charities.”

As we have said repeatedly: refugee resettlement is a business!