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Today your humble blogger will step back and do a big picture post. This post is a continuation of the Normalization Process   thread.

But before we start, I would like to draw your attention to some information of note:

Over at the RadTrad Thomist blog, an initiative is being undertaken to verify the identity of Sister Lucia of Fatima fame. (see here)

Briefly, it appears that there could in fact be two Sister Lucia’s and Dr. Chojnowski is trying to gauge whether there is enough interest to hire a forensic expert to investigate the true nature of what can be called the “spirit of VaticanII” Sister Lucia. The amount needed to be raised is approximately $25,000. FYI, your humble blogger, being one who happens to like the scientific approach, will be participating (and generously) in this noble effort. Remember, only the Truth can set one free.

Next issue of note is that the part of the Filial Correction that is getting the most play at present is the one your humble blogger mentioned in the Monday post, namely the reference to the FrancisConclave and “not being questioned by the FC authors”. In today’s Catholic blogo-sphere publications, two interesting post appeared to which I would like to draw your attention. One is at the NON VENI PACE blog HERE and the other is at the OnePeterFive blog HERE. I would also like to mention that the definitive chronology of the FrancisConclave of 2013 is at the From Rome blog HERE.

And since we are on the topic, one final word here on the validity of the FrancisConclave, as it appeared on the AKA Catholic blog. Louie Verrecchio defines the problem very well when he writes: (emphasis added)

IMPORTANT: The Correction contains a truly curious comment relative to the doubts being cast upon the Petrine Office in our day:

“Others again of the faithful are led to put in doubt the validity of the renunciation of the papacy by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.”

I, for one, find it rather intriguing that the controversy surrounding Benedict’s resignation is given mention in this text.

Clearly, whether Benedict validly resigned or not has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the objective sense of the text of Amoris Laetitia.

So, why is it mentioned?


And as one of the readers, Zach reminded us all in the comment box:

I, too, was shocked by the language about Benedict’s resignation, but even more shocked that the dubia cardinals referenced the same topic in their latest letter to Francis:

“We do not share in the slightest the position of those who consider the See of Peter vacant, nor of those who want to attribute to others the indivisible responsibility of the Petrine munus.”

Yes, they’re protesting against that position, but it’s the kind of denial that makes one think they doth protest too much.

I will add my 2 cents here by mentioning that, as Ian Fleming observed: Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.

And now to the subject at hand.

As all my loyal and faithful readers are aware, FrancisChurch is just one part of what has come to be known as the ONE WORLD RELIGION of the ONE WORLD ORDER

Note bene: For those who are still in the “conspiracy theory” section on the “conspiracy continuum” (the other end being “conspiracy fact”), assume that this is our starting supposition.

As we know, Francis the current bishop of Rome has become… what could be called the “titular head” of the Internationalist Left. This title was bestowed upon him by no less than the Internationalist Wall Street Journal. So as they say, it takes one Internationalist to know one Internationalist.

Given the above, we have also been able to observe how the Fake News Media, the propaganda arm of the Internationalist Left has coordinated with the FrancisVatican various NARRATIVES that the Left wants promoted. For those who still don’t believe, here is a passage from the Eponymous Flower blog that sets out the mechanism: (see here)

A concerted action seems to be taking place against Cardinal Raymond Burke. After the attacks of New York Times, Washington Post and La Nacion, yesterday followed the attack of the Portuguese daily, Publico.

There is hardly any chance of coincidence, especially since the tone and direction of leading media are the same in different countries.

So as we can read, not only are the Internationalist coordinating the message, but “tone policing” as well.

Yet in recent months, and especially after BREXIT and the US Presidential Election of 2016, the International Left’s might has started to wane. This no doubt has been due to the catastrophic effects of lost elections. As of this past Sunday, those losses have gotten worse.

Two elections were held this past Sunday that can be seen as very telling about the future’s “arc of progress history”. The one that was held in Germany was widely reported and in the public eye.

In that election, the German general election, the German equivalent of the UniParty took a drubbing. The CDU/CSU (purported “Christian” Democrats) had their worst result since 1949, and their Uni-Party comrades at the SPD (Socialists)  had their worst result since 1945. Aside, this UNI-Party actually governed in a grand coalition for the last 4 years. The same is the case in Austria. You can’t make this stuff up, folks. But I digress…

Here is the ZeroHedge post detailing just this situation:

The first sellside comments on today’s German elections – which as a reminder was a disaster for the German establishment, following the worst showing for the CDU/CSU since 1949 and the worst result for the SPD since 1945 with support for both parties tumbling since the 2013 elections

… have started to trickle, in and according to SEB, the result is ‘less market-friendly’ than expected.

Quoted by Bloomberg, SEB cross-asset strategist Thomas Thygesen said that the result is a victory for Angela Merkel as expected, but her mandate going into negotiations about deeper euro integration does not look quite as strong.

“It looks like marginally less market-friendly than expected,” Thygesen said adding that “I’d say this is in line with our expectation that the euro would pause around $1.20 vs dollar and then maybe retrace a couple of percent over the autumn.”

“The AFD above 10% suggests that even here the stakes are high: if the European project doesn’t fly this time in a way that voters like, Germany could look less politically stable in a few years.”

A note from Pantheon’s Claus Vistesen is similarly concerned about the election outcome and the viability of the upcoming coalition:

At a first glance, it seems that building a coalition government will be a little trickier than markets had expected. If the exit polls prove accurate, the major parties—CDU and SPD—have suffered a drastic setback compared to the elections in 2013. CDU is projected to come out top with 32.5, of the votes, but this is far-, from the 42% in 2013. Similarly, the social democratic SPD have been pegged back to 20%, compared to just under 309, in 2013. The voter-flight from the two main parties appears to have gone in two opposite directions. The populist—and nominally EU sceptic—AFD is set to become the third-biggest party in the Bundestag with 13.5% of the votes, significantly better than the polls were predicting heading into today’s vote. But the liberal FDP also is expected to have had a good day, securing 10.5% of the votes.

Assuming the exit polls are accurate, Angela Merkel—who almost surely will remain as chancellor—has two options, assuming that a government with AFD is out of the question. She can form a two-party grand coalition with SPD or she can go for a coalition with the greens—set to gain 9.4%—and FDP. Our bet is on the latter—we doubt the SPD will go into a grand coalition given its after all scathing defeat—but this will be a slender coalition. Mrs. Merkel is a battle-hardened builder of coalitions, but she will need to draw on all her experience to form one, which can actually get things done.

On balance then, we see the exit polls are slightly negative from the point of view of risk assets in the Eurozone and the euro exchange rate.

The result also increases the risk of re-elections, but we would put the probability of this at under 15%.

* * *

Finally, in yet another shock for Germany’s establishment, according to Europe Elects, the nationalist AfD was the second strongest party in former East Germany, the more economically backward segment of Germany.

And before I leave off the German election, just a reminder about those Target2 Balances.

Remember those?

For the new readers: The Target2 Balance represent the debt owed by respective Euroland member states to each other. The largest exposure of the unpaid Euroland debt is to the German State. And to Deutsche Bank to be specific. And if one of the debtor states defaults by say… renominating their Euro’s to Lira… hint, hint, the German treasury goes BOOM!. And if the German Treasury goes BOOM, the knock on effect will be Deutsche Bank going BOOM, and then the German economy and the tax funded KIRCHENSTEUER will go BOOM.

Here is the latest:

Oh, and Spain…

Hold that thought.


The second election that took place, but this one not too many people were talking about was the Senate Election that took place in France. In that election, the party of the new “savior of Euroland” one Emmanuel Macron took a drubbing. If you recall dear readers, in the Parliamentary election that took place this past June, Macron’s new 14-month old party cannibalized the French UniParty’s Left and took the majority of the seats, winning 308 of 577. Fast forward to September 24, Macron’s party came in 4th, while the Republicans added between 4 and 14 seats to their already existing majority of 142. (see here)

How does one say “the bloom is off the Globalist’s rose” in French?


NB: But after reading the linked post, and in case you dear reader are confused about who actually won the Senate election, please remember that those same Republicans instructed their voters to vote for Macron in the Presidential Election. And a whopping 62% of “Catholics” actually voted for that empty suit.

Moving on…

And now for some good news.

Remember at the beginning of this post when I mentioned the Fake News Media, promoting the FrancisChurch, which is just a part of the wider NEW WORLD ORDER?

Yea. Well, something might be changing.

Over at the LMSChairman blog, Dr. Joseph Shaw, a signatory and point-man for information regarding the Filial Correction has this to say: (see here)

I agreed to be spokesman or media contact for the Correctio Filialis I didn’t realise quite was I was letting myself in for. I’ve now lost count of the number of telephone and email mini-interviews I’ve done, and I don’t have time to keep track on the number of reports online which have resulted from these.

This could have been a nightmare, but it’s not at all. The journalists have been polite and professional. (Associated Press was a teeny bit naughty breaking the media embargo, but it was only by an hour or two.) And all things considered, we are getting amazingly favourable coverage in Catholic and non-Catholic sources.


That’s odd.

But that’s not all. Take a look at this:

So now we have a story from CNN which is really very balanced, even favourable to us.


CNN, the epitome of FakeNews did a very balanced, even favourable story on the Filial Correction.

I’ll see your Wow and raise it by a  “who would have thunk”?

And finally, Spain.

If you didn’t know dear readers, on October 1 the Catalonians are holding their Independence Referendum.  One aspect of society that has up to now held Spain together has been the shared Catholic Faith… or maybe “identity” would be a better term. Now that the post-conciliar church has disintegrated in Spain, there is only one option left for the Spanish government:

A fitting post-modernist solution, if I do say so myself…

UPDATE: 02:40 27 September 2017

Oh, oh, oh,… and then there is this: (see here)

Solid Full House!