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Today we return to the “2+2=5” meme thread.

This meme, which came about through an initial twitter posting, striking what could be called a raw nerve on a subconscious level, has subsequently acquired a life of its own. Presently it is a common meme, circulating among the Catholic and non-Catholic blogo-sphere. This meme is actually part of a large Memetic Warfare PHENOMENON that is being fought in the social media. See a short introduction HERE.

It’s original authors, one “Father 2+2=5” Spadaro, BLTS.J., the Director of the Episcopalian-Jesuit Civiltà Cattolica FrancisPublication and the Grand Inquisitor FrancisPoliticalOfficer to the Francis court revolutionary soviet, has attained an unprecedented level of notoriety because of it.

One reason that this meme has become… well, a meme, is that it captures the “spirit”, if not the essence of the post-Modernist man, as he has evolved within the post-conciliar church. What is more important thought, is that this post-modernist man has also evolved outside the post-conciliator church. Today we see this post-modernist man in other areas of the Visibislium Omnium, as we have chronicled in previous posts.

One area where he is very easy to identify is in academia. Dr. Jordan Peterson has made quite a name for himself identifying and explaining this “spirit of post-Modernism” PHENOMENON. Here is one such video that I have been promoting to explain this PHENOMENON:

As for how to fight against this post-Modernist man, at about the 07:20 minute mark, Dr. Peterson has this to say:

With regards to the universities, I thought at one point that the best thing to do is the cut their funding by 25% and let them fight amongst themselves for the remnants. Because it would force the universities to decide exactly what’s important and what isn’t. 

So I would say the Humanities and much of the Social Sciences has turned into a post-Modernist neo-Marxist playground for radicals. The scholarship is terrible. 80% of Humanities papers are not cited once. ONCE. 

And so what that means is that they write papers for each other and they sell them to libraries. And that’s how the publishers make their money. No one reads them but the publishers can print them because the libraries have to buy them. And they are buying them with your tax money. And so all of you who are sitting here are funding a post-Modernist radical neo-Marxist agenda that has its roots in the university and your tax money is going towards that.  

And if you want proof of that, you just go online and look at the websites, especially of disciplines like women’s studies, which is pathological right to the core. But it’s not just women’s studies, it’s all the ethnic studies groups, it’ anthropology, it’s sociology, it’s social work and most of all, it’s education.

So to put Dr. Peterson’s lecture into our “2+2=5” memetic framework, the “2+2=5” post-Modernist influence extends through many disciplines outside of FrancisTheology and into what we would term: FrancisWomen’sStudies, FrancisEthnicStudies, FrancisAnthropology, FrancisSociology, FrancisSocialWork and FrancisEducation. Actually, it even goes into FrancisPhysics. If you don’t believe me, see here and here.

So the above is what could be called the lay-of-the-land in the post-Modernist part of Western Civilization. A better, more detailed explanation can be viewed in this video titled How to End Postmodernism by none other than Jordan Peterson: (PS. MUST WATCH)

And now for some good news.

Into this fray of what Dr. Peterson would call the post Hobbesian battleground of identity group warefare and the Rationalist (Thomist) reaction, stumbles the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Yesterday the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences named it’s 2017 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics. The winner is… wait for it… a University of Chicago professor by the name of Richard H. Thaler. 

But Richard Thaler is not just another University of Chicago, i.e. Chicago School professor.

What Richard Thaler is known for is the very EVIL concept of Nudge Theory. Nudge Theory, if it was to be explained in the CONTEXT of Catholic doctrine, is founded on the premise that people have a fallen nature. This fallen nature in turn does not allow people to act rationally. And naturally, since these people are not rational, they can not know what is actually good for them.  This inability to act rationally (act in their best interest) allows EVIL neo-Marxist clerics social planners, such as Mr. Thaler and his EVIL sidekick Cass Sunstein, to create social policy whose goal is to “nudge” these irrational people into collectivist schemes constructed for them by this priestly class social planners. And since these functional Marxists can read minds know what is best for people, just like Francis, they can then design all sorts of governmental programs for these laboratory rats prols, ObamaCare being one case in point.

But as we know, God is all powerful and can even use EVIL as an instrument for the betterment of His creation. And so it is the case in this above described situation.

Proof is in the following passage (see original here): (emphasis added)

This year’s Laureate Richard Thaler played a crucial role in the development of
behavioral economics over the past four decades. He provided both conceptual and empirical foundations for the field. By incorporating new insights from human psychology into economic analysis, he has provided economists with a richer set of analytical and experimental tools for understanding and predicting human behavior. This work has had a significant cumulative impact on the economics profession; it inspired a large number of researchers to develop formal theories and empirical tests, which helped turn a somewhat controversial, fringe field into a mainstream area of contemporary economic research.

Reading between the lines, what is the case is that Richard Thaler has in fact transformed the Behavioral Sciences through the use of OBJECTIVE analytical techniques.

The manner in which this relates to what Dr. Peterson stated is that through the work of people like Richard Thaler, whether knowingly or not, the Behavioral Sciences have become less post-Modenist.

Once again, please keep in mind that the post-Modernists completely reject the structure of Western Civilization. This includes all forms of OBJECTIVE, scientific investigation. So when the likes of Richard Thaler “introduced” the scientific method into the Behavioral Sciences, he is by default undermined this post-Modernist notion that human behavior cannot be studied OBJECTIVELY.

So Professor Thaler has wittingly or not, forced the Behavioral Sciences onto the road of OBJECTIVISM.  If he and his adherents allow the FACTS and EVIDENCE to guide their further research, they will end up, eventually in a place such as that ended up by someone like, well Jordan Peterson. Now even if he doesn’t end up in the Rationalist (philosophical Thomist) camp himself, the PROCESS has begun.

And if we are to believe that which is known as the Mamet Principle, which can be stated as follows:

That which is learned, cannot be un-learned…

… then what we can state for certain is that:



And we now have another University of Chicago professor who just got awarded a Nobel Prize in Economics for exactly that.