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Today we pick up with the “2+2=5” meme theme one more time.

Your humble blogger is beating this dead horse because it’s… well… a very, Very, VERY, VERY important meme, since at its root, is in fact an explicit indictment of the entire FrancisBishopricofRome.

More over, what the “2+2=5” meme does is that it implicitly captures the ESSENCE of the entire Vatican II post-conciliar church.

Now seeing as how we mentioned the “E” word, and given that ESSENCES are one of the three elements that are at the root of the study by philosophy, i.e. the study of how knowledge is acquired, the other two being ABSOLUTES and UNIVERSALS, what we are dealing with is an issue at its philosophical level.

Or to put it in post-Modernist jargon, what we are dealing with is the meme “2+2=5” as a “philosophical” construct.

Aside, notice the quotation marks around the word philosophical?

And just to finish this introduction, the reason why the philosophical dimension… bah, PLATFORM is so important is that if the philosophy of this (FrancisChurch) or any endeavor is not  veracious, i.e. objectively true, then the endeavor is doomed to fail. The reason being that this questionable endeavor will not have universal properties, i.e. will not be applicable always, everywhere and to everyone. 

What’s more, if any endeavor does not possess universal properties, then it does not serve everyone equally. What it does, is it favors some at the expense of others. (see section titled PERIPHERIES below.) Therefore the endeavor is not equitable. Or as we Catholics would say, it is not JUST.

Yet we know that an UNJUST system can exist and for a limited time even be sustained. Think Soviet Union… The manner in which it is sustained is not through a natural equilibrium (One that exists in nature in and of itself), but rather through the WILL of individuals which that system favors.

In other words, we are dealing with a post-Modernist, cum neo-Marixst POWER construct.

And to finish off with an example, the Holy Roman Catholic Church, an institution that has maintained what could be described as “business continuity” since its founding in Anno Domini 33, has been able to maintain it’s “business continuity” because it has at its base,PHILOSOPHICAL PLATFORM based on OBJECTIVE TRUTH. The PRECEPTS of this PLATFORM exist in nature.

Or as we say here on this blog, exists in His creation.

And on this PLATFORM, 2+2 must equal 4, always, everywhere and to everyone.

So what can be inferred from the above is that the reason that the Catholic Church has maintained its business continuity is through a JUST system.

Which begs the question, how can one establish that a SYSTEM is  JUST?

And the answer,  that is commonly provided, is that a JUST system is one where all the participants perceive that their interests are overseen in a manner which does not favor any one individual participant.

To drill down into this thought, your humble blogger favors the NATURAL LAW explanation since your humble blogger sees NATURAL LAW as being that part of the SYSTEM that God created to govern His creation. Here is the Wikipedia definition: (see here) (emphasis and comment added)

For advocates of the theory that justice is part of natural law (e.g., John Locke), it involves the system of consequences that naturally derives from any action or choice. In this, it is similar to the laws of physics: in the same way as the Third of Newton’s laws of Motion requires that for every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction, justice requires according individuals or groups what they actually deserve, merit, or are entitled to.[citation needed] Justice, on this account, is a universal and absolute concept: laws, principles, religions, (Ed. note: there can be only one “religion” in this case) etc., are merely attempts to codify that concept, sometimes with results that entirely contradict the true nature of justice.

With respect to the latter, here we are speaking about the sects.

So now that we have a good grasp of what characteristics a SYSTEM, any SYSTEM needs to possess in order for that SYSTEM to be sustainable, I will post some screen shots, sort of as a weekend meditation exercise. They all originated on the Gloria.TV website and appeared within the last few weeks.

I hope my readers read through and REFLECT on them, and then ask themselves one question:

Is anyone driving this post-conciliar FrancisMercy”2+2=5″Bus?