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I hope all my loyal and dear readers had a great Feast of Christ the King yesterday. I know I did. As I was sitting at High Mass, in a chapel filled to the brim, my thoughts kept wondering over to Novus Ordo land. Actually, I was thinking about what it was like to have an entire pew to oneself. Sorry for the digression…

As for folks, or rather FrancisFolks who most likely did not have any “space issues”, but nor did they have a happy and joyous feast day, the owners and players of the National Football League would be one sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium that come to mind first. As you can probably figure out from the picture below, it was another bad weekend for the NFL.

Actually, it has become so bad in fact, that over on the American Thinker website,  James G. Robertson asks the $64,000 question: Will the NFL Be the First Legal Monopoly in US History to Fail?  Here is that lede:

Monday Night Football ratings are down.  NFL ticket sales are down.  Stadiums are half empty.  The NFL may cut 10 Thursday night broadcasts from the lineup.  NFL owners met in New York last week to deal with the kneeling crisis.  Now consider this: the NFL is a private monopoly established by an act of Congress, and it looks like it’s going down.  How is such a thing possible?

As I was reading this paragraph, I immediately thought Novus Ordo land again, this time I though of Vatican City, circa 2016. Here is that picture:

I also thought of the latest reports of what we call the Soap Bubble Papacy™ (see here)

So I figured, if I read on, maybe some similarities will appear, similarities that could provide more insight into the state of the post-conciliar church, from the current situation that is playing itself out in the NFL stadiums.

A couple of paragraphs lower, we get the following:

Subsequently, the NFL flourished, with lots of help from taxpayers.  In 2015, a report from the Taxpayers Protection Alliance said:

“Since 1995, a staggering 29 of the 31 stadiums that house NFL teams received public subsidies for construction, renovation or both.  Between 1995 and today, taxpayers have been forced to spend nearly $7 billion subsidizing NFL stadium construction and renovation projects.”

Another parallel: government money.

If 29 of the 31 stadiums that house NFL teams receive public funds, this would imply that these are “government subsidized enterprises”. On the side of the post-conciliar church, the hierarchy has tapped into the pool of government funds that promote human trafficking and the migrate trade. (see here) Actually, this stream of government funding is so large, that even the “conservative” prelates are acting “out of character”. (see here)

So then the question becomes: How in the “wide wide world of sports” could the NFL have fumbled this up? Here is that answer:

What a deal. Congress gives you a monopoly and the taxpayers build your factories.  Then all you have to do is run the factory for half of the year and play a football game once a week.  It’s a guaranteed gravy train for everyone.  The NFL could profit forever.  How could the NFL possibly foul it up?

To repeat, how is it possible to fumble a monopoly?  Answer: turn it over to the race industry.

Ok, so how would this relate to the post-conciliar church?

Well, the “race industry” can be seen as just a sub-set of the old Leftist Marxist IDEOLOGY. The equivalent in the post-conciliar church of the “race industry” would read something like this: (see here)

“The panorama of threats to their understanding of the American way of life have included modernist spirits, the black civil rights movement, the hippy movement, communism, feminist movements and so on. And now in our day there are the migrants and the Muslims. To maintain conflict levels, their biblical exegeses have evolved toward a decontextualized reading of the Old Testament texts about the conquering and defense of the “promised land,” rather than be guided by the incisive look, full of love, of Jesus in the Gospels.”

So how does this post-conciliar “race industry” operate?

Here is the outline of how these sorts of operations are executed: (with emphasis and comments added)

The shakedown scam starts with an arbitrary claim of disparity.  Anything can be interpreted as a disparity or as representing a disparity – history, symbolic statues, murder rates, income inequality, schools, police, low income housing, football players without a job – literally, anything. (Including Communion of serial adulterers and the objective approach to the ‘intrinsically disordered’ condition)

The next step is to blame the disparity on society, in particular, some intangible quality of society. (Say the “rigid” or the promoters of “doctrinal linearity”) The more vague and ineffable you assign the nature of the blame the better.  Racism is perfect.  It can be everywhere and nowhere.  It lives in the mind of someone else.  You can call it up as needed, or dismiss it as needed. (It works even better with “rigidity”, not to mention “Pharisaical”, where the FrancisDefinition has been completely inverted.)

The third step is to identify an evil doer associated with the ineffable source of the disparity.  (Neo-Promitean Palagians, anyone?) The targeted evil doer has to be a plausible representative of society, and must have the ability to pay up. With a targeted evil doer in mind, the fourth step is to mount a smear campaign against the evil doer.  Any type of smear campaign will do, as long as it’s legal, and as long as it causes social and financial harm to the evil doer.  The last step is to demand a payoff to stop the damage.

Oh my, same script, just different actors.

So how does the story end, you ask dear reader?

Here is that paragraph:

The race industry has engineered a national hysteria about racism, white supremacy, inequality, and every other disparity that it can imagine.  It believes that the shakedown scam is the best strategy for benefitting black America, and that destroying the NFL in the process will be a net plus.  Anyone have any new ideas for making black millionaires?

Concluding, the parallel situation is that the FrancisChurch has engineered within the post-conciliar church a wide mass hysteria about the “rigid” “Pharisaical” Catholics, and has tried to brow beat the Faithful into submission by throwing at them every epitaph in the book, and many that no one ever hear of before. (see here) This has been done to “white shame” the pew sitters and get them to give up more of the dosh – as the English would say. And just like the NFL, the post-conciliar church is being destroyed on the grounds that it will be “positive for society” if these institutions of “toxic masculinity” are dead and buried.

As for the question about what will replace this mechanism for making the next generation of celebrity clerics or black millionaires, this is a bit less defined, not to say thought out. Just as “not thought out” is the question of how the post-conciliar church will fund itself once all the pew sitters are gone.

Carpe diem, I reckon!

There will always be the governmental subsidies, you say?

But then again, maybe not…

What has not dawned on these FrancisFolks is that the government supports “private” enterprises who bring some added value to compensate for that malinvestment. For example, if the NFL was not attracting all those fans and viewers, those same people that the advertisers need in order to generate revenue from products sold (and resulting campaign contributions)  and those who vote for those legislatures who hand out the taxpayer funded largess, those subsidies would not be handed out to the NFL teams in the first place. So if the NFL would not have attracted those viewers, they would not have gotten the subsidies. Therefore, if those viewers leave, so will the government largess.

Actually, it could leave due to an Act of Congress.

As far as the FrancisChurch and the rest of the post-conciliar church is concerned, if the Catholics would not have been such a larger voter base in the first place, they also would not have gotten government “goodies” like tax exemptions.

But what is even more troubling at present, is that it is not the Catholic voter base that is the main reason for why the government provides hundreds of millions of tax dollars to the Church in the US and to the USCCB. It is because of one specific program that the illegal migrant human trafficking lobby is promoting.

And once the “need” for that program ceases, guess what will happen to that funding?

OK, it’s a rhetorical question.