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Today your humble blogger is republishing a post that appeared at the Zero Hedge blog, written by Paul Craig Roberts. What attracted your humble bloggers attention to this post is the subject matter. And that subject matter is the human trait of COMPETENCE.

To be more specific, this COMPETENCE theme continuously appears in videos produced by people such as Stefan Molyneux and Dr. Jordan Peterson. In the videos explaining the intellectual scourge known as post-Modernism, which is presently afflicting our secular and ecclesiastical institutions, can best be understood as a WAR ON COMPETENCE.

One good example of just this WAR ON COMPETENCE can be OBSERVED without much effort, in a video that your humble blogger embedded in a post titled FrancisChurch Cognizant Of The Fact That It Has Lost With The Truth… This post should be a considered a continuation of that post.

In that video, James Damore, a just recently fired employee of Google, explains what one can term “how the sausage of the War on Competence” is made”. I suggest a careful re-watching of this video over the coming weekend, maybe with a glass of Chardonnay or a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon, whichever your taste may be.

Once you dear reader have re-familiarized yourselves with the video mentioned above, you can then go on and read the rest of his post.

With respect to the post-Modernist War on COMPETENCE in the ECCLESIASTICAL sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium, no better representation can be had than this… ahem…. self serving…. tweet that I just put up this morning:

Yes indeed!

The problem that the dissenters and the heretics have is that they are fighting with the truth. The reason that they fight with the truth could be for a number of reasons. One of those reasons could be moral failings. Yet the cardinal sin of pride doesn’t allow these folks to …. go to Confession and afterward go and sin no more.

This explanation however is a bit too easy… a bit too “linear” one can say. Usually other personal weaknesses overly personal moral failings, and influence the CHOICE of adopting a TRANSRATIONAL IDEOLOGY. 

The PATTERN that is becoming apparent, and it is becoming apparent across many sub-sets of human activity, is that this above CHOICE is being made on account of a cognitive realization that they lack the mental capacity to compete in a reason, evidence and fact based system. 

Given that these people are cognizant of their own intellectual shortcomings, yet have ambitions much higher than their corresponding intellectual wherewithal, they resort to adopting IDEOLOGIES that will allow them to overcome their shortcomings.

A good representation of just this situation can be seen in photo at the top of this page. As we see, we have a group of individuals, what a clinical psychologist would term as an INGROUP and one OUTLIER.

The more profound PHENOMENON that we can infer from the photo is that it is the OUTLIER’s COMPETENCE, that not only allows him to “stand out from the crowd”, but to have advanced to the highest levels of what a clinical psychologist would term as the Catholic Church dominance hierarchy. 

As to the above observation about the COMPETENCE trait and the POWER obtained by arguing from the position of OBJECTIVE TRUTH, the Peterson-Damore video explains that quite well.

As to this above pictured INGROUP, what can one say?

There actions condemn them.

Note bene: We are informed that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) will gather for their annual Fall General Assembly, November 13-14, 2017, in Baltimore, Maryland. While over on Zero Hedge, we get this headline: (see story here)

Folks, the Francis”2+2=5″Church memes are writing themselves. But I digress…

Back to the subject at hand…

Now back to the post below. The WAR ON COMPETENCE that is playing itself out in the Catholic Church in the US, in the wider Christendom and especially behind the Sacred Vatican Walls, is playing itself out in other sub-sets of human activity. Paul Craig Roberts makes this case very well.

Concluding, the War on COMPETENCE is a wider PHENOMENON in Western Civilization. One of the main reasons behind this PHENOMENON are that less intellectually COMPETENT individuals, have banded together and forced on the fragmented majority, an IDEOLOGY. The reason being, that they have FORCED an IDEOLOGY within which they can achieve a higher level of status, not to mention economic benefits, then they would if they functioned in a RATIONAL and COMPETENCE based system.

But the problem that these IDEOLOGUES have is that their underlying IDEOLOGY is not rational, therefore not sustainable in the long run. By promoting this TRANSRATIONAL IDEOLOGY, damage is being done to the social fabric of society itself. And undercutting the entire structure from which they currently benefit.

Paul Craig Roberts post below lays that out quite well. (see original here)

The pertinent question, with respect to the post-conciliar church, that needs to be asked is: how may of the voting Cardinals at the next Conclave will figure this out?

Have a happy weekend…


Paul Craig Roberts Laments “I Don’t Recognize My Country Today”

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

Having grown up during the second half of the 20th century, I don’t recognize my country today. I experienced life in a competent country, and now I experience life in an incompetent country.

Everything is incompetent.

The police are incompetent. They shoot children, grandmothers, cripples, and claim that they feared for their life.

Washington’s foreign policy is incompetent. Washington has alienated the world with its insane illegal attacks on other countries. Today the United States and Israel are the two most distrusted countries on earth and the two countries regarded as the greatest threat to peace.

The military/security complex is incompetent. The national security state is so incompetent that it was unable to block the most humiliating attack in history against a superpower that proved to be entirely helpless as a few people armed with box cutters and an inability to fly an airplane destroyed the World Trade Center and part of the Pentagon itself. The military industries have produced at gigantic cost the F-35 that is no match for the Russian fighters or even for the F-15s and F-16s it is supposed to replace.

The media is incompetent. I can’t think of an accurate story that has been reported in the 21st century. There must be one, but it doesn’t come to mind.

The universities are incompetent. Instead of hiring professors to teach the students, the universities hire administrators to regulate them. Instead of professors, there are presidents, vice presidents, chancellors, vice chancellors, provosts, vice provosts, assistant provosts, deans, associate deans, assistant deans. Instead of subject matter there is speech regulation and sensitivity training. Universities spend up to 75% of their budgets on administrators, many of whom have outsized incomes.

The public schools have been made incompetent by standardized national testing. The purpose of education today is to pass some test. School accreditation and teachers’ pay depend not on developing the creativity or independent thinking of those students capable of it, but on herding them through memory work for a standardized test.

One could go on endlessly.

Instead, I will relate a story of everyday incompetencies that have prevented me from writing this week and for a few more days yet.

Recently, while away from my home, a heavy equipment operator working on a nearby construction site managed to drive under power lines with the fork lift raised. Instead of breaking the wire, it snapped the pole in half that conveyed electric power to my house. The power company came out, or, as I suspect, an outsourced contractor, who reestablished power to my home but did not check that the neutral wire was still attached. Consequently for a week or so my house experienced round the clock surges of high voltage that blew out the surge protection, breaker box, and every appliance in the house. Expecting my return, the house was inspected, and the discovery was that there was no power. Back came the power company and discovered that high voltage was feeding into the house and had destroyed everything plugged in.

So. Here we have a moron operating heavy equipment who does not understand that he cannot drive under power lines with the lift raised. We have a power company or its outsourced contractor who does not understand that power cannot be reconnected without making certain that the neutral wire is still connected.

So every appliance is fried. Glass everywhere from blown out light bulbs. We are talking thousands of dollars.

This is America today.

And the incompetents ruling incompetents want war with Iran, Korea, Russia, China. Considering the extraordinary level of incompetence throughout the United States, I guarantee you that we will not win these wars.