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I have been traveling lately, so today will be a quick one.. But an interesting one…

But that is for you dear reader to decide.

Today we talk about MONEY. And POWER. 

To be more specific, today start off by talking about MONEY at the “intersectionality” of neo-Modernism and post-Modernism.

We begin with our very own Cardinal Timothy Dolan. In a homily he gave recently at the USCCB in Baltimore, Cardinal Dolan made a defense of the Papal Encyclical Humanae Vitae (HV) and he stated the following: (see here) (emphasis added)

There’s “no question” that the late pope’s (Pope Paul VI) prediction that “a widespread contraceptive mentality would lead to ‘marital infidelity and a general lowering of moral standards’” has come true, said Dolan. 

Little did our Cardinal know, or maybe not…, that right after his defense of HV, we would get this information from the bowels of the Ricca Hostel, i.e. the Casa Sanctae Marthae: (see here)

Pope Francis’ emphasis on “mercy” over “law” allows him to view a “second marriage” after a first valid marriage in such a way that it is not “characterized continuously as adultery,” suggested a Catholic priest and seminary professor in an article recently published in the Vatican’s official newspaper L’Osservatore Romano.

So what we are witnessing here dear reader, is that if you don’t like what the law says, change the meaning of the words.

A very “fluid” approach, if I do say so myself.

And yes, we are OBSERVING post-Modernism in its ESSENCE. Words have no objective meanings, so change the words and 2+2 can equal 5. Or whatever you want them to mean.

Next, given that 2+2 can equal 5, we get the following:

Pope Francis on Thursday rebuked those who deny the science behind global warming and urged negotiators at climate talks in Germany to avoid falling prey to such “perverse attitudes” and instead accelerate efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions. (see here)

So what we see here is that objectively real scientific dialogue is “perverse”. Which would infer that those who do not share ScientistBergoglio’s ClimateTheology are “perverts”. As Tantumblogo correctly observes. So we see that the current bishop of Rome just redefined this term likewise.

Using this line of reasoning, a “pervert” can be identified as… wait for it… “having children”.

Don’t believe me?

Over on the Life Site News blog, we get this beaut..:

Having many children is “wrong, or at least morally suspect,” an ethicist wrote in an article for NBC about the impact of family size on the environment. (see here)

So your asking yourself dear reader, especially if you are new to this blog, what does NBC have to do with the Holy See? Here is that link:

This became patently clear at a Pontifical Academy for Sciences seminar last week when a key speaker said “it’s a little ambitious” to think we can cut the population in half by 2050, but it is “smarter” to cull the number of people first, thereby making the move to renewable energy easier. (see here)

See how the circle closes?

We are seeing a call for the “culling” of human beings here folks. That word IS NOT being arbitrarily used.

Understanding the above, one can then “discern” the proper CONTEXT of the USCCB’s vote in the election to name the new head of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities.

Furthermore, this vote was taken in the presence of a Vatican dignitary (see here)

One can even go as far as saying a “campaigning Vatican dignitary”.

But back to Baltimore…

In that vote on the head of the Pro-Life Committee, the USCCB … whacked Francis upside his head.

What the USCCB did is put the kabash on the entire TeamFrancis AGENDA. It gave Francis a massive black eye, and they did it in the presence of the Papabile who is considered to be in pole position at the next conclave.

He is another poignant observation:

“Not to put too fine a point on it, but this amounted to the bishops giving the middle finger to Pope Francis.” (see here)

What is interesting to note is that this is a fight within our neo-Modernist/post-Modernist framework.

We see the neo-Modernist Card. Dolan and the majority of the USCCB up against the post-Modernist Francis cabal, as represented by the FrancisCardinal Blase “Francis pulls a rabbit out of his hat” Cupich.

Behind Cupich is the FrancisVatican, which is in ESSENCE a front for the German governmental soft power as projected through the KIRCHENSTEUR -> German Bishops’ Conference on the one side., while on the other side is the German government soft power through the NGO’s -> George Soros fronts -> UN organizations.

And at the end of both these channels of German soft power is GELD.

Or to you and me: MONEY.

And that money is needed to keep the FrancisChurch living in the lap of luxury as we can see here. 

Nota bene: Whatever did happen to that dossier?

In the case of the USCCB, what we have is no such steady source of funding as in the case of the German Bishops’ Conference and their proxy FrancisChurch/FrancisVatican. The USCCB are cleaning up presently through their “human trafficking” activities, but as we see, the Trump Administration is working the cut off those funds. (see here)

Cardinal Dolan and a number of the other US ordinaries, realize that much of his funding also comes via their cozy relationship with the homosexualists. (see here) This is the reason that these ordinaries tolerate this state of affairs. Yet they also realize that each party is using each other like the proverbial cheap condom. Once either of the two parties gets what they are after, the “partner” will be disposed of.

And to be honest, these ordinaries really have no choice. With their dwindling numbers of pew sitters, who are either dying off or are withholding their support, since they see where the sectarian, humanist, anthropocentric neo-Modernism has led. And from what I hear, there are a lot of these folks.

So the Catholic Bishops in these here United States have come to the realization that they are in a catch 22 situation. They are trying to hold onto the human trafficking funding, quietly appease the homosexualists, while at the same time trying to stop the atrophying of their conservative and neo-conservative funding source.

And it is this latter source of funding that is represented by the Catholic Pro-Life Movement.

Let that sink in for a second or two…

Concluding, this is the primary reason behind the election of Archbishop Naumann of Kansas City as the head of the Pro-Life Committee and the defense of the neo-Modernist Humanae Vitae “document”.

Your humble blogger suspects that the USCCB has come to realize that it is not through the culling of His creationg, but rather through the culling of the FrancisBishops, from the various leadership positions at the USCCB, as was done at the conference in Baltimore, that the Bishops could keep the USS Barque of St. Peter financially afloat and hold out for better times.

If my hunch is correct, for the PRO-LIFE Movement, they have received a massive SIGNAL as to how strong they in fact really are within the US Institutional Church. To be more precise, how important the US Bishops see them being. The USCCB showed their hand, and their hand reads as follows:

Pro-Life Movement > FrancisChurch.

If the Pro-Life Movement leaders were smart, they should act on this immediately, and leverage this strength into positions of authority not only at the USCCB level, but also in the diocesan chancelleries and parish administrations.

It appears as if their time has come…

And the Restoration is right behind them. (see here and here and here and here … o heck, the entire New Liturgical Movement is for all intents and purposes should change its name to the  Restoration Movement– see here.)

Nota bene: Wonder what the DavosPope thought when he was witnessing all this?

Would have loved to be the fly on that wall…