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Quick post today. Just seen the latest post from Dr. Joseph Shaw at his LMS Chairman blog. The title of this post is The Psychology of TraditionalismThis post is the third in a series of post whose subject fits in very nicely with our COMPETENCE theme. The first two are titled: The Psychology of Military Incompetence and The psychology of Ecclesiastical Incompetence., AND ARE MUST READS. So please venture over and read these posts.

On the Deus ex Machina blog, we have been looking at COMPETENCE from the post-Modernist’s position. We have OBSERVED that in essence, post-Modernism can be described perfectly as a WAR ON COMPETENCE. Dr. Peterson does an excellent job of explaining just this above.

Furthermore, we introduced the concept of the OVERTON WINDOW. This is the “social construct” through which the post-Modernists eliminate rational, evidence based discourse, dare I say DIALOGUE. By placing certain issues and subjects outside of what “polite society” would consider proper, the post-Modernists have eliminated the need to address the ECCLESIASTICAL INCOMPETENCE issue for over 50 years.

On the 1Peter5 website, we get a post illustrating just this. The post is about a dying French missionary order and one that serves as a perfect example of the above. (MUST READ HERE) What is striking is the complete detachment from reality of this priest in the post. The following sentence sums this up presciently:

Within a five-minute span, he mentioned that, unfortunately, there were almost no Frenchmen left in his order, and also how happy he was to have enjoyed the “renewal” of his order that followed after the Council.

Diabolical disorientation masked as ECCLESIASTICAL INCOMPETENCE of the highest order!

So back to the issue of COMPETENCE. What I have been pointing out on this blog is that by not discussing the issue of COMPETENCE of the leadership of the  post-conciliar hierarchy, any attempt at reform or even triage the open bleeding sore that is FrancisChurch will not bear any fruit.

So that’s the bad news.

However, it appears as if something is finally changing. What appears to be changing is that the word COMPETENCE is beginning to appear inside the OVERTON WINDOW. The LMS Chairman posts are a good example. In these posts, the Dr. Shaw has tried to illustrate a very compelling parallel between organizational competence in the military and in the Church. These two institutions share a high degree of common characteristics and traits, as do the individuals who gravitate toward and populate  these institutions. So a study of just this aspect of the post-conciliar church with what we know about military organizations is long overdue.

And now for the better news. The word COMPETENCE has now popped up in another sector of the post-conciliar church. And at the highest levels. None other than the former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and papabile Cardinal Gerhard Muller has raised this issue to the foreground.

In an interview, excerpts of which were re-posted here, we can read the following:

But, I believe, as Melchior Cano, the 16th century theologian said, that the true friends are not those who flatter the Pope, but those who help him with the truth and with theological and human competence. In all the organizations of the world, deceivers of this type serve only themselves.”

In this passage, we clearly see a reference to COMPETENCE. In this passage, Card. Muller is implying that he is COMPETENT and that the eventual FrancisCandidate, and Francis himself are NOT COMPETENT.

To understand why this is so, i.e. the proper CONTEXT of this citation, one needs to recall the “Theological Structurer” episode after the Secret Sex Synod of 2014  which we had written up in our post titled: Theological Structuring? Francis Don’t Need No Stinking Theological Structuring!

In that post, we observed a curious situation where Cardinal Muller questioned Francis’ theological COMPETENCE and even created for himself a new, dare I say novel function, namely that of “Theological Structurer“. The “Theological Structurer” function was so expansive, that it was observed that:

In one of the numerous interviews he has given over the past few weeks focusing on the next Synod, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, spoke about a new task for his dicastery. It is a task that is never been mentioned in the documents outlining the precise competencies of the former Holy Office.

But the problem arose that:

The Pope has everything it takes to enounce the faith of the Church. The Congregation De doctrina fidei helps the Pope in the preparation and implementation phases but the “crux” consists in enouncing the faith of the Church and this is the Pope’s very own and personal ministry. By “structuring”, Cardinal Müller may have meant this, above all preparatory, work.

As we can see from the above, there appears to be a COMPETENCE issue that was at the crux of the problems in those heady days before the “Joy of Sex” FrancisDocument.

So from the above, we can also notice that the COMPETENCE theme is something that Cardinal Muller has been promulgating inside the Sacred Vatican Walls for quite some time now. No doubt he has noticed that this is the soft underbelly of the Francis bishopric of Rome, the FrancisPsychopaths and of Francis himself.

Concluding, what is major importance to understand is that the issue of COMPETENCE is now being discussed outright in Vatican circles.

It will be discussed even more in the lead-up to the next conclave.  The reason for this is that the major competitor of Card. Muller at the next conclave will be one Cardinal Pietro Parolin. Card. Parolin in turn, is positioning himself as the DavosPope as we have outlined in a previous post. The Davos appearance no doubt, was to SIGNAL to the Cardinal Electors that Card. Parolin, if he will be made the DavosPope, can bring in the “dosh”. In other words, that he is also COMPETENT.

So all in all, we are witnessing battle-lines being drawn at present by the new entrant, Cardinal Muller. What’s significant is that they are being drawn along reasonable, dare I say RATIONAL and above all, MASCULINE considerations as to the human personality traits and attributes.

The PERSONALITY TRAIT that is being highlighted, i.e. COMPETENCE is a derivative of the primary male characteristic of CONSCIENTIOUSNESS.  Here is where CONSCIENTIOUSNESS fits into the big five personality traits:

So to see that the two front-runners for the Throne of Peter are staking out their campaigns on the issue of COMPETENCE, must be seen as the best SIGNAL coming out of the Cardinal Muller interview. And this by far is the best news that the Catholic Church has had in quite a long time.

Think about it folks, the two front runners to replace Francis are exhibiting signs of MASCULINITY.

PS. The next part of the above video: