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A lot has been happening over the weekend and in very divergent parts of the Visibilium Omnium. Yet we know, thanks to the LEX ARMATICUS, that there are relationships that hold, relationships that have causal effects on these various divergent, yet VERY related parts.

But before we get to the serious stuff, a great music video just came out from our mate Laurence England from the Bones That You Have Crushed blog. It is a new take on a English tune that should quickly make it into the canon of Christmas Carols from “the new springtime of the spirit of Vatican II” collection.

It’s titled: Misanthropic Swine


And now to the serious stuff…

First we start with the ECCLESIASTICAL sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium. Over the weekend, Francis the bishop of Rome, FORMALIZED the HERESY contained in the “Joy of Sex” FrancisDocument by publishing the notorious “Letter to the Buenos Aires Bishops in the Official Acts of the Apostolic See, Acta Apostolicae Sedis (AAS).

The reaction in the Catholic REAL NEWS MEDIA has been swift. Four of the Blogs and posts covering this historically DIABOLICAL act are listed below:

  1. Rorate Caeli: Pope Francis Promulgates Buenos Aires Guidelines Allowing Communion for Some Adulterers in AAS as his “Authentic Magisterium”

2. Non Veni Pacem: Antipope Bergoglio attempts to promulgate formal heresy as official Church teaching

3. Mundabor: Officially Heretical Pope: What Now?

4. Vox Cantoris: Francis officially promulgates the heresy within Amoris Laetitia – Where are the Cardinals?

And just as a reminder, the Deus ex Machina’s position as of 5 August, 2016 is here: Ockham’s Razor Finds: Benedict Still Pope, Francis Is False Pope, Universal Church in State of Necessity since 24 April, 2005.

Nota bene: It’s the Model!

But this blog post will focus on another issue that has arisen over the weekend. We actually have some better news to report on this side of the big pond, in these here United States of America. This US news is related to the happenings behind the Sacred Vatican Walls through information we have gained from WikiLeaks. Just as a reminder, here is that infamous email from none other than John Podesta titled: “opening for a Catholic Spring? just musing…”:

So what we have above is prima facia EVIDENCE of a conspiracy (SCHEME) in the making, by a group within the US Government, a group of now former US officials “colluding” with FrancisChurch (EVIDENCE from subsequent emails), who are trying to “influence” the internal affairs of a sovereign government (Vatican City State) not to mention a major world religion (Catholic Church). 

And as it just so happens, this is the same group that tried to influence a free and democratic election in the United States this past year, according to information that is coming out  of the Department of Justice and the Office of Inspector General presently.

The YUGE news that came out this weekend, is that it now appears that there has been an Office of the Inspector General investigation for the last 11 months, which has been focusing on just this group. Here is brief introductory post from The Conservative Treehouse website titled: Attorney General Jeff Sessions, FBI Spox and Office of DOJ Inspector General Release Statements.

In turn, the Deus ex Machina blog will fill in some blanks for you dear readers today. I have re-produced a string of Tweets from the account of one Imperator_Rex, who I find to be a very credible blogger in all things relevant to this sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium.  The below is a great outline and summary of what, most likely we all are about to witness in the coming days and weeks.

The specific manner in which these events tie into the Catholic Church is through the funding mechanism. If you recall, it is  quite apparent that this criminal racketeering organization is behind a large part of the funding for FrancisChurch through the US Government “human trafficking” operations and funding. If this conspiratorial group is damasked and broken up, as it now appears to be the case, then we should see some more very positive downstream effects relating to the issue of cutting off US Government funding for FrancisChurch.

As to the present situation, we have received some spectacular information in this area over the last few days. Over at the Refugee Resettlement Watch blog, we got these posts: Wow! Trump withdraws US from UN Compact on migration/refugees and Dramatic drop in number of refugees entering the US in first 2 months of fiscal year.

So as the old Polish saying goes: God might not be swift, but He is JUST!

And now onto Imperator_Rex. The key takeaway point from this tweet string is that it can be used as a guide to how the pieces fit together in the story that will be “evolving” over the coming days and weeks.

And without further ado…

UPDATE: 04:20 4 December 2017

Came across this great thread on the Twitter timeline of TrumpSoldier (@DaveNYviii) here: https://twitter.com/DaveNYviii/status/937197398341890048

In the 14th part, there is a great insight from Mike Pompeo, the Director of the CIA. He relates how engaged President Trump is in their daily intelligence briefings. The interesting part is when Mike Pompeo says that Donald Trump has taught the Intelligence Community some things also. One thing that he has taught them is to ask “who’s got the money”.

Very insightful since this is the same question that we have been asking on this blog since its inception.