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Today we digress…

We will do PROSELYTIZATION, but come at it from a different angle.

Over at the Zero Hedge website a post appeared titled: Nobel Laureate ‘Discovers’ Cause Of Opioid Crisis: Complete Economic Destruction Of The “White Working Class” (see here) The reason that the information in this post appears, and is appearing in many other publications presently, is due to the fact that this social/economic/ethnic group overwhelmingly abandoned the Democratic Party in the 2016 Presidential Election and voted for President Trump.

I will even go out on the limb and suggest that if it wasn’t for this change in voting patterns of this demographic, none of this information would be appearing now in the FAKENEWS MSM. But since this is the case, some interesting observations can be made about wider causes standing behind this phenomenon and its resulting effects.

In that post, information appears which lays out the relationship between what is termed as the complete economic destruction of the white working class” and drug addiction. The information explicitly suggests that it is this “destruction” that is the primary cause of the opiod crisis. This destruction has reach such a point that within this demographic:

“… the century-long decline in mortality rates that had gone on since the beginning of the 20th century had just stopped and was starting to rise.”

This is a stunning admission.

What isn’t mentioned is that part of the reason for this crisis, along with “the unprecedented economic decay courtesy of a persistent outsourcing of manufacturing jobs in the automotive and steel industries”, is the destruction of the Catholic Church by the new springtime of the spirit of VII.

Now you are probably asking yourself: ‘what does the new springtime of the spirit have to do with any of this?’

This question I will answer indirectly.

Above is a video in which Dr. Jordan Peterson explains certain biological processes that take place in a person’s brain when that person is trying to recover from an alcohol addiction. At about the 3:50 mark, Dr. Peterson explains what is the most effective treatment for the addiction:

Religious conversion, for example is a really effective treatment for alcoholism. That’s partly why Alcoholics Anonymous works for the people for whom it does work. But religious conversion, which is total personality conversion is actually one of the few things that we know of that’s an effective treatment for alcoholism. 

But what if the individual suffering from an addiction doesn’t … want to make that Kierkegaardian ‘leap of faith’?

Well, there is an interim solution, as Dr. Peterson explains:

We don’t know how to induce it, but… although that’s not exactly true either because… in the early work with LSD, LSD was quite promising as a treatment for alcohol addiction. And there is recent work with psilocybin showing that if people have a mystical experience, when you give them psilocybin, there success rate is about 80%. Which is higher than any pharmacological intervention for smoking has ever beat.  

So concluding. What we see in the information above is a pattern. This pattern has a causal component. Starting from the identification of the problem, i.e. opiad addiction, we can identify a cause, i.e. destruction of the white working class. And if we drill down to which part of the white working class is most effected, it would be the while male population between the ages of 50 -54. This destruction is so extensive, that it has caused a situation not see since the beginning of the 20th century, namely the reversal of declining mortality rates within this population.

And what else happened in the 20th Century, specifically “over the last 40 to 50 years”?

Well, “the new springtime of the spirit of Vatican II” happened at exactly this same time.


But how can these two seemingly independent events be related?

Well, this is where Dr. Peterson comes in. One way in which this information that Dr. Peterson provides can be explained is that with the loss of FAITH, brought about by the destruction of the Catholic Church, there was a simultaneous loss of EFFICACIOUS GRACE, i.e. “actual grace to which free consent is given by the will so that the grace produces its divinely intended effect”, among the newly “enlightened” lapsed Catholic population.

One logical inference that can be made by this sudden absence of Efficacious Grace from a large part of the formerly Catholic Faithful is that it deprived this large part of the Catholic Faithful the mechanism needed to combat various aspects of man’s fallen nature. In this case, substance abuse and addiction.

And how is the modern scientific community trying to deal what can be termed the “crisis of the absence Efficacious Grace”?

Well, it appears as if the modern scientific community is trying to induce Efficacious Grace pharmacologically.

Specifically, by inducing mystical experiences brought about through the use of psilocybin.

I will leave off here and hope you dear readers can connect the dots to PROSELYTIZATION and the need for the Catholic Church to return to the Great Commission given it by its Founder.

And just as gentle reminder as to what Our Lord commanded:

Going therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world.  (Matt 28:19-20)

Nobel Laureate ‘Discovers’ Cause Of Opioid Crisis: Complete Economic Destruction Of The “White Working Class”

For several decades now the American Midwest has suffered from unprecedented economic decay courtesy of a persistent outsourcing of manufacturing jobs in the automotive and steel industries, among others. As we’ve noted frequently, that economic decay has resulted in a devastating surge in opioid overdoses that claim the lives of 100s of people each year.

Of course, many attribute Trump’s staggering victories in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania to his efforts to tap into the frustration of the dispossessed Midwest masses by promising a rebirth of the manufacturing economy that once provided them a solid middle-class lifestyle.

That said, no economic crisis is truly “discovered” until an Ivy League, Nobel-prize-winning economist says it is.  As such, we present to you the intriguing findings of Nobel Laureate Angus Deaton who said he was “looking for something else” when he noticed a staggering increase in white mortality rates for people aged 50-54.  Per Market Watch:

That was the case with landmark research undertaken by Nobel Prize winning economist Angus Deaton. The Princeton economist, working with his wife Anne Case, stumbled on the fact that mortality rates were rising for working-age white Americans since 1999.

We were really looking for something else and then we discovered that, at least among people between 45-54, and even more between 50-54, a decline in mortality, particularly white mortality that had been established for about 100 years had actually stopped or even reversed itself. Whether it has reversed itself or not depends on a bit on your starting point and end point, but the century-long decline in mortality rates that had gone on since the beginning of the 20th century had just stopped and was starting to rise.

For mortality rates to rise instead of fall is extremely rare. It typically takes a war or epidemic for death rates to jump.

Of course, from there it wasn’t much of a stretch for Deaton and Case to ‘discover’ that these deaths are tied to “deaths of despair” from alcohol, suicide and opioids.

Then comes the far more difficult question of ‘why’ the mortality rates are surging for middle-aged, white men…something Deaton attributes to a bleak job market and stagnant wages…

As to the more difficult question of “why” these deaths are taking pace, Deaton hypothesized that they are tied to a destruction of a way of life for working class Americans that used to exist.

“I’ve been using the analogy of the plains Indians, they had had a life which you might have liked or might not have liked before Europeans came to America and that life was destroyed and was never put back together again. I think we’re seeing that for the American working class over the last 40 or 50 years,” he said in a recent speech.

So we trace this back sort of a long way, and if you look at birth cohorts it is like each successive birth cohort is doing worse. They are more susceptible to these deaths throughout life, and the deaths rise with age more rapidly for younger cohorts, so we’re attracted by this idea that there is a cumulative process going on which is steadily getting worse over time. And, you know, the destruction of the way of life of the white working class is maybe a good way of thinking about this.

One story is just that there has been this slow loss of the white working class life. There has been stagnation in wages for 50 years. If you don’t have a university degree, median wages for those people have actually been going down. So it is just like that model, whereby American capitalism really delivered to people who were not particularly well-educated, seems to be broken.

Of course, pretty much anyone with a grade school education who has lived in Detroit for an extended period of time could have told you everything that Deaton has apparently ‘discovered’…but it does sound very official coming from a Princeton economist.