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Today’s year end Restoration Round-up brings GOOD NEWS.

Anno Domini 2017 was a breakthrough year for the Restoration for all things in Christ.

So how good was it, you dear readers are asking yourself?

Well, when the history of the Catholic Church is written in 50 or 100 years time, 2017 will be the year that the Restoration has passed its point of no return. And it’s not me, but the Deus ex Machina blog’s Peirce/Ockham pragmatic methodology (POPM) model that is making this claim.

According to the POPM model, 2017 will be remembered as the year when the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith went Lefebvrian. 

2017 will also the year when the Restoration of the Sacred Liturgy and the Immemorial Mass of all Time became irreversible in the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

The reason for these two above assertions can be best recognized through a PROCESS outlined in… well… the greatest quote that Mahatma Gandhi never made. The implicit rule of thumb in said quote serves as quite an effective general principle. This rule of thumb defines a four stage PROCESS:

  1. First they ignore you.
  2. Then they laugh at you.
  3. Then they attack you.
  4. Then you win.

As of this writing, both the Restoration of the Sacred Liturgy and the conversion of the CDF have left the 3rd Phase and have firmly established themselves in a position for the big win.

With respect to the Restoration of the Sacred Liturgy, the latest piece of EVIDENCE comes from the Vatican Nuncio to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Archbishop Thomas Gullickson. In a gloria.tv post, the good Archbishop provides us with the following observation: (see here)

 “The Old Latin Mass is the future of the Church”

Let that sink in…

At the end of this post I will provide more supporting examples of why this is the case.

While that’s sinking in, let’s move on to the CDF.

Now for the most important development in terms of immediate impact is the one which is taking place within the CDF. This situation first came across the POPM filters in mid 2016. At a conference lecture given by Bishop Bernard Fellay, the Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X  on the 24th of August of that year, Bishop Fellay provided his listeners with the following information:

We’ve been told that at the last meeting of the Congregation of the Faith, where they all meet together, all the cardinals and bishops which are members, we call that a plenaria, this is the full meeting, (held sometime before May of 2016) there was only one cardinal who said, ‘no, no. no, the Society must absolutely accept the whole council’. And other voices who said ‘these people do only one thing, (that is) to repeat what the Church has always taught’. So you see, there is something on the move…                       

Yes there is.

As support for the veracity of the above information, it is worthwhile to remind you dear readers that it was at this same conference where Bishop Fellay first mentioned (and the first time this information appeared in the public domain) the following:

“We have counted that there are between 26 and 30 cardinals who have openly attacked these (Francis’) modern positions.”

The next reference to “the 30” was sighted on the 1Peter5 and the Eponymous Flower blogs in mid 2017. The latest tally is that up to 70 Cardinals are now opposing Francis’ neo-Modernist post-Modernist IDEOLOGY.

If one then puts the above incident on a timeline, one can discern the proper CONTEXT for the subsequent actions that Francis took against the religious institutions that promote the Restoration of the Sacred Liturgy and the dicastry charged with “overseeing” the Restoration, i.e. the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. (see here)

Here is how this timeline would look:

On May 20, 2016 (decision on 4th of April) new guidelines were published requiring “Diocesan bishops must consult with the Vatican before establishing a diocesan religious order, Pope Francis ruled”. (see here)

On June 4, 2016, information appeared that a moto proprio was issued titledCome una madre amorevole (“As a loving mother”), Pope Francis established a new procedure for handling cases of diocesan bishops who are negligent in their “exercise of office,” particularly in relation to the sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable adults. (see hereThe significance of this moto proprio was that it allowed Francis to remove any “wayward” ordinary on Francis’ whim.

On June 30, 2016 the Vatican published Pope Francis’ new apostolic constitution on women’s contemplative life, Vultum Dei quaerere (Seeking the Face of God). Francis ends the document by establishing a new set of rules for contemplative women. Here is how Hilary White commented this FrancisDocument:

“…it has set off every one of my alarms, long, loud and terrifying as an air raid siren. It is possibly one of the most sinister things I’ve seen coming from Bergoglio thus far, but I think few people will understand how serious it is or could be.”

And then on the 24th of August, 2016 we get the Bishop Fellay information about “the last” Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith plenaria, (as cited above) which indicates that it must have also taken place on or about this time. (see transcript here)

Moving into 2017, on the 2nd of January, (first reported on 26 December) we first get information of the summary firing of three high ranking CDF clerics. Here is how 1Peter5 reported this incident:

“Marco Tosatti, the well-informed and well-respected Italian Vatican specialist, has just revealed another quite troubling development in Rome. On 26 December, Tosatti reports on his own website Stilum Curiae that Pope Francis had just ordered the Prefect of one Vatican dicastery to dismiss three of his priests from their duties in their congregation.”

Next, on 7 March 2017, we get a report from the SSPX (via Life Site News website here) that:

Bishop [Bernard] Fellay [reported] the comments of Cardinal (Gerhard) Muller asking the SSPX to join his fight against the modernists,” according to the SSPX’s USA District.

So this offer to “join the fight against the modernists” must have come during a meeting that took place around the middle of 2016. (Maybe around the 4th of April meeting with Francis.)

Which brings us to May of 2017. It was at this time that we learned that Cardinal Muller sabotaged the FrancisPlan to ensnare the SSPX in a Personal Prelature. (see here)

We learned on the 28th of May, 2017 that: (see here)

According to Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, an agreement between the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X and the Vatican is not yet within reach.“This takes time,” said the Prefect of the Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, according to Catholic broadcaster EWTN. What is needed is a “deeper reconciliation, not just the signing of a document.” Those who wish to be Catholic must accept, among other things, the councils and other ecclesiastical doctrine as well as the “hierarchical communion with the local bishop, the communion of all bishops and the Holy Father”.

And here is the comment from the author, Tancred:

Apparently, they (SSPX) will be expected to check their reason. Really, considering that most of the world’s bishops don’t respect the Councils, how can they expect that level of obedience to the SSPX?

Well, the answer is they can’t.

Given the above information and the timeline, the explanation given by Card. Muller can only be understood as a FALSE PRETEXT.

Here is how Bishop Fellay describes his interaction with the then Prefect of the CDF (in August of 2016):

“It means that there are now in the Church, so serious problems, so threatening problems for the existence of the Church, that the Congregation for the Faith is forced to revise their position with us.

And to consider that, even if we say these problems (SSPX status in wider Doctrinal context) are major, for them, they look minor, in comparison with the denying of the obligation of the morals.

You say that you can give communion to divorced, so called remarried people, that’s a very, very serious thing that is opposed directly to Our Lord’s words. Our Lord’s words in the Holy Scripture. It’s a heresy.

It is really hitting to the ground the Catholic doctrine. The Congregation for the Faith has to deal with these problems and they give the impression to put aside our problem. When in fact, already three years ago, Cardinal Muller told us in a meeting ‘ Your are occupying the Congregation of the Faith, you are obliging us to dedicate (?) to you such precious time while there are enormous problems in the Church’ So he was very unhappy to be dealing with us while there were enormous problems in the Church.

At the time, I was not very happy about these things but with the time, with reflecting, yes they are facing enormous problems and suddenly what appeared to be the problem that is us, maybe it looks like a solution (return to Tradition).

And here you have to understand something, which is very, very interesting. The excesses of the present pope have caused a startled reaction. It’s open now. It’s no longer hidden, or let’s say for people like were hiding themselves, no you have cardinals, you have bishops who have openly contradicted these new tendency, this new tendency of hitting the morals and even the doctrine.

And it is after this passage that Bishop Fellay informs the listeners about the last CDF plenaria and the near unanimous support for the SSPX within the CDF Plenaria.

So what we can now clearly see is that Cardinal Muller, for all intents and purposes, sabotaged the FrancisChurch-SSPX “reconciliation” talks with his statement that was reported on the 28th of May 2017 on the Eponymous Flower blog.

On the 30th of June, 2017 Corrispondenza Romana reported the following:

“His Eminence, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Muller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith since July 2, 2012, has been dismissed by Pope Francis exactly 5 years after expiration of his term of office.”

Please recall that Card. Muller’s direct subordinate, Archbishop Pozzo made statements pertaining to the “doctrinal requirements for recognition or the lack there of” that directly contradicted Card. Muller’s position on at least 4 occasions before the May 28th information. And also recall that Card. Muller was Archbishop Pozzo’s direct superior and one step from Francis. Therefore, Archbishop Pozzo must have had permission to REPEATEDLY make those statements from a higher authority than Card. Muller. And there was only one higher authority, i.e. the bishop of Rome.

And to add the proverbial coal to any conspiracy theorist’s fire, the replacement that Francis appointed for Card. Muller, Archbishop Luis Ladaria Ferrer, had this in this C.V.:

He (+Ladaria) was named a member of the Holy See’s team charged with the dialogue with the Society of St. Pius X that began on 26 October 2009.[6]

And finally, on the 14th of September, 2017 the former Prefect of the CDF Cardinal Muller, the “bane” of Traditionalists and promoter of the Second Vatican Council attends an events marking the 10th anniversary of the promulgation of the Summorum Pontificum.(see here)

Concluding, what we are seeing in the above timeline is a FrancisFatwah on the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Please keep in mind that it was the CDF (Archbishop Pozzo and the Ecclesia Dei Commission) that was the dicastry spearheading Francis’ attempt to gain leverage over the SSPX, and by extension over the entire Restoration movement.

The reason that Francis needed to take out the leadership of the CDF in mid 2017 was that it had experienced a “Lefebvrist drift”.

Numquam ponenda est pluralitas sine necessitate!

To be more specific, sometime in or before May of 2016, the CDF Plenaria, and according to Bp. Fellay, the Prefect of the CDF himself, realized that “what appeared to be the problem that is us (SSPX), maybe it looks like a solution (return to Tradition)” for the CDF’s problem with Modernism.

Actually, sometime around May of 2016, the CDF most likely flipped to Tradition.

The former Prefect appearance at the 10th anniversary of Summorum Pontificum was in fact a SIGNAL to that effect.

And after Francis’ removal of Card. Muller, he might have just removed the sole “Cardinal” at the CDF who appeared to be “adamant” about the SSPX accepting ALL the VII docs. Even if it was just for appearance purposes.

Which implies that presently, the CDF is run by the former Secretary who most likely sided with the SSPX at that HISTORIC 2016 plenaria and against the “spirit of the new springtime of VII”.

Now how is that for GOOD NEWS?

As to the Sacred Liturgy, I have listed SIGNIFICANT FIRSTS that have been observed this past year below. They support the the Swiss Nuncio’s contention that the future of the Catholic Church is indeed the Traditional Latin Mass. Will have more to say on this in a future post.

  1. The first sighting of Cardinal Muller, the former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, at a Summorum Pontificum function. (see here)
  2. TLM establishing itself in the most hostile environment to Tradition, on the Island of Malta at St. Paul’s in Birkirkara. It has taken 10 year from the promulgation of the Moto Proprio Summorum Pontificum, but it has finally happened. VERY SIGNIFICANT FIRST (see here)
  3. Another Maltese first: Malta (Pro Tradentina) discovers Fr. Z. (see here)
  4. TLM re-emerging in a historic Chicago parish (St. Stan’s) where the pastor is trying to convert the N.O. mass goers to the TLM. VERY SIGNIFICANT FIRST (see here)
  5. A new “Prime Time regular TLM in the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia was established. Any new TLM around Washington D.C. is newsworthy, given the proximity to power. This is the only ‘prime time’ Sunday TLM inside the Beltway in Northern Virginia. (see here)
  6. In the country of Poland, 2017 saw the TLM being offered in ALL dioceses. The first time this has been the case since 1970. 40 parishes where daily Mass offered. 119 venues where Mass offered regularly. (see here – in Polish)
  7. In the country of Holland, another hostile environment for Catholicism in general, we witnessed the SSPX being able to acquire the St. Willibrord Church against a backlash of hostile secular anti-Catholic forces. (see here)
  8. TLM re-emerges in Gary Indiana. First time in 50+years that TLM will be offered at Holy Angles Cathedral. (see here)
  9. After a 50 year absence the Traditional Latin Mass returned to the oldest cathedral seat of the oldest city in Ireland. (see here)
  10. First TLM at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Philadelphia in nearly 50 years. (see here)
  11. The world’s northern-most Latin Mass offered in Finland. (see here)
  12. First time a sung Mass in the old form has been celebrated in Devon (UK) in 46 years, according to the Latin Mass Society. Bishop establishes centre for the traditional Latin Mass in Devon. (see here)
  13. In June 2016, TLM Our Lady of Lourdes Church (Missionaries of St. John the Baptist) moved in unnoticed. In 2017 anti-Catholic locals fret “Will a Traditional Catholic church change this small town?” So much for diversity! (see here)
  14. First reports of TLM thriving in fastest growing dioceses in Catholicism, i.e. Nigeria. NYTime informs us: The Latin Mass, Thriving in Southeastern Nigeria (see here)
  15. Bishop offers first TLM “in years”, joining “growing ranks of those who celebrate Mass in the Extraordinary Form” in England and Wales. The Tablet not happy. (see here)
  16. First sighting of N.O. monastery converting to Catholicism. Philadelphia’s Carmelite Monastery of St. Joseph and St. Anne, celebrated the 115th anniversary of its foundation with a Solemn High Mass offered on Wednesday, July 26 2017. Further, “The Philadelphia Carmel, which was down to three active members, marked the arrival on July 25 of 10 new members drawn from thriving Carmels in Valparaiso, Nebraska in the Lincoln Diocese, and Elysburg, Pa. in the Diocese of Harrisburg, which was itself established by nuns from Valparaiso.” FSSP takes over chaplaincy (see here)
  17. New Traditional Women’s Religious Order :Filiae Laboris Mariae officially establishment on June 9th with a Solemn High Mass in Independence, Missouri. (see here) 
  18. Singapore: “The Archdiocesan Liturgical Music Commission put out a call for men who could chant the Mass Ordinary and Propers. Once the word was out, hundreds of Catholics flocked to the church each night – young and old, lay and religious.” (see here)
  19. Hungary: The “Community of St Philip Neri” (http://www.szentfulop.hu/) celebrated the first Rogation Day with a traditional procession and solemn Mass at Balatonederics, a small village located on the north shore of Lake Balaton in Hungary. The community was founded in 2016 by priests and faithful of the diocese of Veszprém to organize and promote celebrations of the traditional rite.” (see here)
  20. Institute of Christ the King welcomed Bishop Athanasius Schneider for the celebration of a baptism in the traditional Pontifical Rite. First not only for the church, but also for His Excellency and the ICK clerics at this church. (see here)
  21. The Visitation Monastery in Brooklyn will have its first traditional Latin Mass since the post-Conciliar liturgical reform on Monday, August 21, 2017. (see here)
  22. A real FIRST. An ‘immaculate’ new internet radio station broadcast pre-1955 Easter Triduum. “This new internet radio station of the Franciscan Friars at Gosport, England, hope to be instruments in the hands of the Immaculate with the slogan: “Bringing Forth Christ Through Mary”. (see here) and here)
  23. EWTN journalist Edward Pentin makes appearance at The Roman Forum (see here) and Catholic Identity Conference (see here).
  24. St. Alphonsus Liguori in Baltimore, Maryland given over to the FSSP. This is the first national shrine to be entrusted to the care of the FSSP. (see here)
  25. Poland: The son of the Polish Prime-Minister, Mrs. Beata Szydło, was ordained to the Holy Priesthood of the Catholic Church, a FIRST no doubt in over 50+ years. Fr. Tymoteusz Szydło is a diocesan priest that offered his first Traditional Latin Mass in the Church of the Holy Cross in Krakow, served by the Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) in Poland, on the Feast of Pentecost. (see here)
  26. UK: Sister Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus, establish a community alongside the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest apostolate in Lancaster Diocese. (see here)
  27. Belgium: Not just in front of abortuaries! Young Faithful Catholics protest blasphemous “celebration of Luther” by dying NO sect at Brussels Cathedral. Pray Hail Mary during “service” in Catholic Church. Get removed by police. (see here)
  28. Italy: Proper Catholic Mass returns to church consecrated in Anno Domini 549. After many decades, this historic building once again witnessed the liturgy of the West which was its own for centuries. Celebrated by Cardinal Burke, a Pontifical Mass was held in the nearly 1500-year-old building. Time is indeed greater than space! (see here)
  29. Another personal parish (ICK) in New England. Institute of Christ the King announced it has been invited into the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut, to start an oratory at Saints Cyril and Methodius parish. Those oratories! (see here)
  30. UK:Institute of Christ the King given another church in Preston, England. In July, Bishop Campbell gave them another historic church, close to St Walburge’s: the Church of St Thomas of Canterbury and the English Martyrs. And much, much more. (see here)
  31. Riding to the sounds of the guns! Veritas Bonitas Pulchritas Chicago is a young, enthusiastic group committed to Tradition not based at any parish and that organizes traditional Latin Masses at various parishes, chapels and shrines. They have their own chaplain, acolytes and professional singers.
  32. Five of their eight monthly Masses thus far have been at locations where the traditional Mass has not been publicly offered since 1969 — and each Mass has averaged 100 people. (see here)
  33. EWTN More evidence of mainstream media turning: EWTN will broadcast live the Pontifical Latin Mass which His Excellency Bishop Joseph Perry will celebrate at the Cathedral Basilica of Ss Peter and Paul in Philadelphia, for the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and the 10th Anniversary of Summorum Pontificum. Who would have thunk only a few short years ago? (see here)
  34. FSSP sets own record for most ordinations in a year. The growth of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) has been well known. This year, however, was a record-setter for the Fraternity as it ordained 19 young men into the priesthood — it’s most ever in a single year. (see here)
  35. Rome has given SSPX right to ordain priests without permission of local ordinary. It started with absolution and moved recently to marriage. Now Pope Francis has given the three bishops of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) the right to ordain priests without the permission of the local ordinary. (see here)
  36. The un-demonization of the SSPX spreads in France. Last week we reported on the decision of Bishop Alain Planet of the French diocese of Carcassonne to give full privileges to priests of the SSPX to celebrate marriages within that diocese. This week we received similar news from the diocese of Fréjus-Toulon. There is nothing surprising about this as the diocese is shepherded by Bishop Dominique Rey who has shown himself to be a strong supporter of tradition. His Excellency welcomes men into his seminary who prefer to offer the traditional rite of Mass and he regularly ordains those men according to that rite. (see here)
  37. Traditional Carmelites need to building a new monastery. There is a Carmelite community in Elysburg, PA, that uses the Tridentine Mass and Breviary exclusively and who need help building a new monastery. Because they are true blue cloistered nuns (no internet use, no videos, no CDs – just joyfully hidden away in their monastery), I wondered if you might be able to alert your readers to their need. (see here)
  38. Denmark: Holy Week using Traditional Liturgy returns. For the first time since 2005, the Sacred Triduum was offered in the traditional rite of Mass in the diocese of Copenhagen along with other significant Masses of the Lenten and Easter seasons. These Masses were organized by the St.Charles Borromeo Group, a lay association which promotes the use of the traditional liturgy throughout the diocese. (see here)
  39. Traditional Latin Mass for Annunciation in Florence, Mass, the first diocesan Latin Mass known of in the area in years. (see here) 
  40. The monks of the traditionalist Benedictine abbey of Clear Creek complete construction of the chevet of their Abbey church. Thank everyone for prayers. (see here)
  41. Unheard-of since the Papal States fell: Rome covered in posters critical of the Pope. Rome wakes up with something quite new, and very old, in its streets: posters throughout the City (in the style of the old “pasquinate“) critical of the Pope. (see here)
  42. Never seen before: Arabs come to Francis’ rescue. Pope Francis is the poster boy for Muslim-backed group. Hundreds of posters praising the Pope have been put up around Rome, sponsored by an organisation funded by Sheik Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai, where sharia prevails. (see here)
  43. Well, it’s a start: Mexican Archbishop orders Last Gospel read in all Sunday Novus Ordo Masses. So, while the “Reform of the Reform” is dead for the universal Church, some particular churches (and no only parishes) may be moving ahead with bringing some elements of Roman Tradition to the new, and made-up artificial rite of Paul VI.(see here)
  44. Poland: Regular daily Masses offered in Niepokalanów, Poland. Starting from October 29, 2017 (Sunday, Solemnity of Christ the King), Holy Mass will be offered at Niepokalanów in the chapel of St. Maksymilian Maria Kolbe. Niepokalanów monastery is a Roman Catholic religious community in Teresin, Poland founded in 1927 by Franciscan Minor Conventual Friar Maximilian Kolbe. (see here – in Polish)