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Folks, the posts are starting to write themselves!

There is something big afoot behind the Sacred Vatican Walls and in the wider Universal Church. From my work station, I am noticing that themes that I identify as significant, are generating posts in the wider Catholic blogo-sphere.

One example. I sensed at the beginning of the year that something was afoot with Pope Benedict. Next thing I know, there is an orchestrated campaign from the heretical dissident camp trying to make the false comparison between Benedict’s personal magisterium and that of the formal heretic Francis. I started writing a post on just this, and… wham… Non Veni Pacem beats your humble blogger to the punch! (see here)

One more example, and it pertains directly to what you dear reader will be reading below.

I started doing a post about the causes that might lay behind the intentional destruction of the Institutional Church by Francis and his FrancisMinions. All of a sudden, I see TWO posts that provide direct EVIDENCE, one anecdotal and one empirical to support my HYPOTHESIS. The result was our last post titled To Be, Or Not To Be. This Is The FrancisQuestion… 

It would appear that the Catholic blogo-sphere has “caught a wave”. In other words, individual bloggers are independently identifying the same critical issues at any certain point in time and massing their collective firepower to expose these particular issues.

And it’s not just the Catholic bloggers that are in sync and on message. It would appear that the secular bloggers and you-tubers are riding the same wave and are in sync with the Catholic blogo-sphere as well. Here (Peterson and Ben Shapiro) is one excellent example which I will use in a future post. Now that’s what I call “catholic” homiletic!

So moving on to today’s subject matter, if you recall, today your humble blogger will answer the question that he posed at the end of the last post. That question went as follows:

Given that Francis knows exactly the scale and breadth of the damage and destruction that has been wrought onto the Institutional Church, especially in Latin America by the Bologna School approach, why has he been forcing them onto the Universal Church for his entire bishopric of Rome?

To answer this question, we turn to… ready for it… Dr. Jordan Peterson. The video titled How to Rise to the Top of the Dominance Hierarchy starts with a short introduction to Jean Piaget, the Swiss psychologist. Dr. Peterson explains that what drove Piaget was the reconciliation of science and religion. For those who have watched the above linked video (Peterson and Ben Shapiro) will notice this same theme arising. It starts at about the 07:30 minute mark. So what we are seeing is a META-NARRATIVE that is developing in NATURE ITSELF.

Moving on to answering our question, we will use the Jordan Peterson framework.

Our starting point will be that the common denominator for human existence is “suffering”. (see here)  The manner in which rational people, especially Catholics deal with the suffering is that they first accept it, and then they try to reduce it.

Now folks, it’s a clinical psychologist that is telling us this.

Next, the manner in which Catholic try to reduce that suffering is to “sort themselves out”. This is done in order to transcend the individual’s suffering.

But what happens if the individual has a serious behavioral disorder, such as alcoholism or one of the sexual intrinsic disorders?

Well, according to Dr. Peterson, the empirical evidence proves that the best treatment for alcoholism, and by extension the other intrinsic disorders is… wait for it… religious conversion.  (see here)

And to support this last claim, I bring you a recent post from Fr. Z.’s blog titled: The “Gay” (I hate that word) Priest Problem. 

These posts are writing themselves, I tell you…

So if the “by far most effective” treatment for alcoholism is “religious conversion”, then this must be the case for all the other intrinsic disorders.

If this is the case, and the empirical evidence strongly supports it, then for the Catholic Faithful, and especially the clergy who possess supernatural Faith, have the PERFECT solution at hand.

And that solution is ACTUAL GRACE.

Here is a good definition that works for our purposes from Catholic Answers: (see hereemphasis added)

Actual grace, by contrast, is a supernatural push or encouragement. It’s transient. It doesn’t live in the soul, but acts on the soul from the outside, so to speak. It’s a supernatural kick in the pants. It gets the will and intellect moving so we can seek out and keep sanctifying grace.

Nota bene: Notice how Faith (actual grace) and science (religious conversion most effective treatment for alcoholism) are reconciling?

So that’s the back-story, as they say.

Well, if the above is true, and it appears to be both from a dogmatic position as well as from a scientifically empirical position, how does one explain the below? (see here)

How could this be?

One explanation is that “Fr.” Martin does not ascribe to what is currently known as “biological determinism”. Or to you and me folks, OBJECTIVE REALITY.

And just to provide the scientific evidence that the intrinsic disorder known as ‘LGBTQUEER’ is in fact disordered, please go over to our post about Randy Engel and the letter she wrote to Francis, the bishop of Rome. (see HERE).

What the above also tells us is that “Fr.” Martin doesn’t ascribe to the scientifically supported position that the “most effective by far” treatment for ANY intrinsic disorder is ACTUAL GRACE.

And herein lies the answer to the question posed at the end of the last post.

Just as with the back-story, Dr. Jordan Peterson provides us with the insight as to what is in fact playing itself out in the FrancisChurch, and specifically with their “coming out” against “biological determinism”, i.e. OBJECTIVE REALITY.

In the video above titled How to Rise to the Top of the Dominance Hierarchy, starting at the 09:00 minute mark, we get the following explanation: (emphasis added)

That’s the ultimate question of nihilism. Right? Why bother solving the problem if all that’s going to happen is 20 more problems are going to come your way. Why not just give up and die?

Well, right. It’s a good question. It’s a good question, right? Is the suffering so intense that the whole game should just be brought to an end. That’s another fundamental question of existence. And people who have become truly malevolent, answer that question in the affirmative.

 They say, it is too much. We should destroy it.

Now I wouldn’t say that they are precisely doing it for humanitarian reasons but you have to understand and appreciate the logic. It’s not irrational. That’s the other thing. It’s not irrational to work for the destruction of being. IT’s not irrational. In fact, it could be the most rational thing you can come up with. It depends on your initial set of presuppositions.

So from the above, what we are seeing is that “Fr.” Martin and by extension his promoter, Francis and what is known as the Bologna School are working towards the “destruction of being”. This “being” is the Catholic Church as Our Lord founded it.

The reason why they are working for the destruction of the Catholic Church is that they are starting from false presuppositions. The reason they adopted these false presuppositions is that these folks are most likely suffering from serious intrinsic disorders, which have made them into nihilists.

The suffering must be so intense in fact, that these people have become truly malevolent. (see here)

This malevolence is driving them to also make a second false presupposition, and that presupposition is that “it’s too much” suffering. The reason why they have become malevolent in the first place is because they do not posses supernatural Faith. If they did, they would have a mechanism to “sort themselves out” and “reduce” the suffering. As per Fr. Z. post.

But since they have no supernatural Faith, they cannot access the actual grace that they desperately need, if they are to sort themselves out.

So they “give up” and “die”. First supernaturally, and then physically.

But if it was only them, the story would not be so bad.

Remember, “multi”, not “omnes”!

Because their malevolence is combined with an abnormally high degree of narcissism,  they have decided that their intrinsic disorders are not only too much for them to deal with, but for the entire Universal Church as a whole.

So what they are doing is that they are trying to “destroy ” their perceived source of suffering.

And finally, what also needs to be understood is that this “malevolence induced intent on destruction of the Universal Church as Our Lord founded it” is not irrational.

It might be the most ration thing… that these two can come up with. In their present state, that is.

And it is this aspect of FrancisChurch that the Bishops and especially the Cardinals need to understand!

Taking this diagnosis to the macro level, what we see in FrancisChurch is that Francis, in order to climb the career ladder to the Throne of St. Peter, (instead of climbing a mountain) has relied on a network of intrinsically disordered clerics, aham… Msgr. Ricca and Card. Danneels to name just two, to not only put him in power, but to maintain his grip on the Vatican apparatus.

This is the reason that we are witnessing reports of gay orgies in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith buildings, Cardinal Maradiaga keeping high maintenance rent-boys at his service, paid for by church funds and murals of gay orgies appearing in Sacred places of worship, just to name three.

What these people all have in common is that they are all nihilists. Their condition has degenerated to the point where these people have given in to their fallen human nature and have individually decided that “sorting themselves out“, for them, is just too much.

What makes their “suffering” even more toxic and extreme is that it is proximal, in that they are bound by the Catholic Catechism and the Code of Canon Law. This proximity is morphing into the aggressive defense mechanism on their part, signs of which are the brutal and vicious striking out at their enemies, whether real or imagined. 

And finally, this collective toxic and extreme individual “suffering” under the Francis bishopric of Rome’s patronage has taken a more sinister turn. This pathology, for that is what it is, is manifesting itself now in a collective effort to bring down the Universal Church, hence the brutal attacks on the Catholic Catechism, which is in fact an attack on the Universal Magisterium and ultimately on Nature and its Creator.

And it is this mechanism that we will be a witness to at the upcoming SodomSynod™ that these pathological heretics are preparing to put the Universal Church through in 2018.