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Today we take a break from our current thread dealing with The Church of Francis WEAPONIZING DESPONDENCY in their psychological war operations against Faithful Catholics.

Before we begin, one word about the term “Church of Francis”. A SIGNIFICANT EVENT occurred that past week with the purging by FrancisChurch of university professors who signed the Filial Correction. In a new FrancisDocument, something called the “Veritatis Gaudium”, we can read the following:

This move by FrancisChurch is exactly analogous to the change that Adolf Hitler introduced in 1934. This EVENT is known as the Hitler Oath and here is the Wikipedia entry: (see here)

The term Hitler oath (German: Führereid or Eid auf den Führer, “Oath on the Leader”) refers to the oaths of allegiance, sworn by the officers and soldiers of the German Armed Forces and civil servants of Nazi Germany between the years 1934 and 1945. The oath pledged personal loyalty to Adolf Hitler in place of loyalty to the constitution of the country.

This theme your humble blogger will leave for a different day.

The reason that I am bringing this to your attention is to identify the end goal for why Francis and TeamFrancis felt they needed to introduce this FrancisHitlerOath.

The HYPOTHESIS that is the most likely, and supported by the Deus ex Machina Peirce/Ockham’s model, is that Francis and the Church of Francis is trying to consolidate power. The reason it is trying to consolidate power is that it has reached a critical phase with respect to its existence. But more importantly, the situation has become a major issue with respect to its viability going forward.

In other words, FrancisChurch has a “sustainability” problem.

So the FrancisHitlerOath contained in “Veritatis Gaudeum” serves at its base a SIGNALING EFFECT to first, demoralize the Catholic Faithful (see here), next to shut them up, while incentivizing those wavering “to hop on board the FrancisChurch train” for the big win. (see here)

Evidence for our HYPOTHESIS comes from various sources. One source is the EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE that we have been presenting over the past year or so. The analysis can be found here. Other evidence is anecdotal, such as the German Bishops’ Conference pressing Francis to hurry up with the consolidation “changes”. And as our multiple analyses point out, the reason for the consolidation is to get as much control over the Church’s patrimony into the hands of the FrancisChurch, made up of tangible assets and cash in bank, as possible.

Nota bene: Dioceses in the hands of Faithful ordinaries are in a position to fund the Faithful opposition to Francis. (again, see here)

Since the German Church is the primary source of funding for the FrancisChurch through the KIRCHENSTEUER, it has a lot of “skin in the game” with respect to the other sources of funding that FrancisChurch, through the wider Institutional Church has access to.

Another aside, it would not surprise me in the least if the reason behind the treachery of FrancisChurch’s move on the Catholic Church in China is on account of financial considerations that the FrancisChurch anticipates it will receive once it “hands” the Faithful Catholics over to their Communist (in reality Confusion Nationalists) tormentors. No doubt that one side benefit is that now those contributions made pursuant to Canon 1271 of the Code of Canon Law can flow into the Vatican accounts.

That aside, the German Bishops’ Conference in turn has a serious problem with its main source of funding, i.e. the KIRCHENSTEUER as well. The problem can be summarized as follows: the KIRCHENSTEUER raked in $7.1 billion last year from taxpayers, a record amount, while its payer base shrunk to post WWII lows. We don’t know the figures of renunciations for 2017 yet, but it was large.

What’s worse, the popularity of the German Church is also taking a beating in the polls. As Eponymous Flower notes: (see here)

You would think that Marx’s big push to legitimize mortal sin would make him and his confreres MORE, not less popular.

 And why is this critical you ask, dear reader?

To answer this question, we need to revisit the interview that Bishop “Tucho” Fernandez gave to the Corriere della Sera on the 10th of May 2015. Here is how Francis justifies his record of incompetence and failure:

Some say Francis is isolated. Do you think that’s true?

“Not at all. The people are with him and not with his few adversaries. This pope first filled St. Peter’s Square with crowds and then began changing the Church. Above all, for this reason he is not isolated. The people sense in him the fragrance of the Gospel, the joy of the Spirit, the closeness of Christ and thus they feel the Church is like their home.

So what we see is a line of defense that say: yes, Francis might be incompetent and an abysmal failure, but the people love him, and the implicit future expectation that… eventually he will turn things around.

And then there was this:

Nota bene: In May of 2015, “Tucho” would still not have seen the 2015 figures.

And in Chile just a few weeks ago, this:

As to the Fernandez’s implicit future expectation that… eventually he will turn things around hypothesis, it ain’t gonna happen either. According to the 2018 Eponymous Flower post, this:

Germans consider television more trustworthy than the Catholic Church. In a survey, it is only in the rear midfield among 26 institutions. Trust in the pope also decreases.

Which brings me back to the funding issues. The German Bishops have a problem in that their payer base is shrinking, and even though they are having record years of inflows, this trend is not sustainable. The reason for the record takes is that the German economy is booming. The reason why the German economy is booming is due to it using the Euro currency. The reason why German economy is expanding inside the Euro (zone) is that the Euro in Germany is a weak currency relative to that same Euro in Italy. In other words, the German goods produced are relatively cheaper than those produced in Italy, and when looking at it on a Continental scale, it allows the Germans to have massive trade surpluses, i.e. additional funds that Germany and government sponsored enterprises, such as the German Catholic Church provide for their soft power initiatives.

As for Italy, the use of that same Euro currency is actually creating problems for their economy. The situation has become so dire, that the international financial community does not want to purchase their government debt. Here is a graph of this situation:

As one can see by looking at the above graph, since the beginning of 2016, the only purchaser of Italian government debt has been the European Central Bank. In other words, all debt sold by Italy has been purchased by the taxpayers of Germany and the other EU countries.

Here is how this is presented by the Zero Hedge web site: (see here)

Salvini is out there stumping that the euro is a ‘crime against mankind.’

Mr Salvini said: “I believe that one single currency for 18 economies, each different in its own way, just won’t work in the long term.” But statistics here is more important than anything else.

“Since the introduction of the current currency, Italy’s debt has risen by €900bn. This experiment has failed and we should not go any further down this road.

And he’s right.  But, the reality is that, as of right now, exiting the euro is not a winning political talking point.  Everyone is backing away from it while at the same time, everyone knows it’s in Italy’s best interest.

Including Germany.

Update: A much more detailed treatment can be found here.

Now, the only way that Italy can get out of this mess is to leave the Euro currency and return to the Italian Lira. This will come with a huge devaluation of the currency, and simultaneously reduce the relative value of Italian debt.

The manner in which this devaluation of Italian debt will need to be treated (MUST) on the balance sheets of the European Central Bank and any other entities that hold it, is that those entities will need to realize losses from this devaluation. Therefore, what will result is that the German economy and its banking system (cough cough, Deutsche Bank) will be put into a state of shock. The German government will not only incur a major recession, will have to recapitalize the German banking sector, will need to provide capital to the other EU national banking sectors, starting with France and ending with Greece. Going forward, the expansion of the German economy will be limited since the Euro will revalue due to Italy dropping out. This will translate into worse economic performance and lower trade surpluses, which then mean funding cuts to those same government sponsored enterprises since tax collections will be much, much lower.

And this is the crux of the FrancisChurch funding problems. So capturing the dioceses in Western Europe and the US, dioceses who have tangible assets that they can monetize in order to prop up FrancisChurch, will be of the utmost importance.

And what better way to separate the FrancisOrdinaries from the Faithful ordinaries than through a FrancisHitlerOath?