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Quick post today. These next few weeks will be quite intense for this humble blogger, so the posting will not be regular.

So today, we update the material evidence that has been accumulating in the POLITICAL sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium and what can now be called the “SOFT COUP” attempt to overthrow the will of the American voters by the Obama Administration.

In the embedded video above, I bring you a video produced by Stefan Molyneux that explains quite well the material evidence and facts behind the FISA court issues that arose at the FBI and the Department of Justice, and the Congressman Devin Nunes Memo that addresses these issues. This material is critical to the understanding the manner in which the Obama Administration and the Clinton campaign tried to first undermine the campaign of President Trump and after the election, tried to create a PROCESS that would end with his removal from office.

Below, I also present commentary on what the EVIDENCE presented by Stefan Molyneux implies. The reason I am bringing this to your attention is that this is just another example of what happens when a VIRTUAL REALITY, i.e. the one that is being promulgated by the #fakenews  mainstream media, the Democratic Party, large chunks of the Republican Party and what is known presently as Deep State, crashes head on into OBJECTIVE REALITY.

The REALITY in turn is being upheld and defended by a VERY STABLE GENIUS (VSG), President Donald Trump. This VSG is being aided by a few honest politicians and bureaucrats… and a quite a few private individuals who are using their blogs, their YouTube channels and their TWITTER TimeLines to expose the CORRUPT Establishment and are destroying the FAKE VIRTUAL REALITY.

And as can be seen for those who have been tracking this story, especially those tracking it on the Conservative Treehouse website, the forces of TRUTH, even though they are out-manned and out funded, are not only holding their own, but the time of writing, are winning. The reason that the underdogs are winning is that they have TRUTH on their side. And the nature of TRUTH is such that it is much, much easier to defend.

One other ramification of the “TRUTH-FEST” that is playing out in front of our very eyes in real-time is this: the #fakenews mainstream media is showing itself for what it is, i.e. FAKE NEWS.

And finally, this “TRUTH-FEST” is also playing itself out presently in the post-conciliar church. Two issues that have erupted recently, that have raised serious questions about the post-conciliar FrancisChurch and its very own FrancisDeepState. They are the Bishop Barros issue and the China Catholic Church abandonment. These two issues cannot be explained by any of the post-Modernist constructed NARRATIVES, not to mention by facts and logic. These two issues are so problematic in fact, and on so many levels, that they just won’t go away. This has led to the first case in five long years where Francis and his cabal and appear stunned, and the Soap Bubble Francis bishopric of Rome is finally being deflated.

It is only a matter of time that this VIRTUAL REALITY erected by “the spirit of Vatican II” created post-conciliar church and it’s more terminal mutation FrancisChurch will be reconciled with OBJECTIVE REALITY. The signs are everywhere, and it’s just a question of time until the #fakenews mainstream media starts reporting it. And Francis is giving them all the reasons they need to do just that.

And finally, I wonder what it will take for the Cardinals to finally act…

Below a post from Zero Hedge about the “election that almost wasn’t”  which I post for your information.

I would also like to draw your attention to the following Twitter video here. It goes into the details of the difference between a Title I and a Title VII FISC filing. This appears to be the key aspect of the current Nunes Memo disclosure and it goes straight to the heart of the criminal activities perpetrated by the Obama Administration.

And now, the re-publication…


The FISA Memo, Obama, And The Election that Almost Wasn’t (see here)

Authored by Tom Luongo,

“Round up the usual suspects,” will be as far as the Democrats will be willing to go in the wake of the FISA memo’s release. There is nothing in that memo that anyone following the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation doesn’t already know.

All the memo does is corroborate the bread crumbs left behind by a drip feed of leaks, counter-leaks and good ol’ fashioned investigative journalism.  Since the memo is based on actual evidence that the FBI admits is real but will not allow us to see, the memo itself can be taken as fact.

The FBI has the evidence.  They’ve showed it to the House Intelligence Committee.  Both agree on the facts.  So, by extension, the memo is all the evidence we need.

Put that in your DNC-scripted talking point pipe and blow it out your ass.

Conclusions Matter

Now that the timeline and paper trail have been determined the real implications of the memo and its facts can be discussed.  I’m no longer interested in the game of cut and thrust to stop the truth from coming out.

I’m only interested now in the conclusions we can draw from the memo itself.

And those conclusions are chilling.

The out-going Obama administration, at the highest levels in coordination with the media, conspired to create news stories that supported a FISA warrant based on politically-motivated opposition research to undermine the newly-elected President of the United States.

Moreover, it knowingly omitted material facts to the court not once, but four times, to keep that surveillance warrant open in service of this operation.  A warrant the FBI deputy director, Andrew McCabe, testified under oath to Congress that was key to its issuance.

They knew the dossier on Trump, compiled by Michael Steele, was unverifiable. They hid its origin and motivation from the court.  The information from this warrant and the details of the dossier were used to move public opinion and Congress into supporting Robert Mueller’s investigation.

But, to what end?

To disgrace and force from office the President of the United States.  Thus, these people, and the leadership of the Democratic Party, President Obama himself and Hillary Clinton’s staff all conspired to criminally disenfranchise more than 60 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump.

To say that this is bigger than Watergate is like calling World War II a minor kerfuffle.

What About the Voters!?

Think about this for one second and you know what I’m saying.

All of these people are guilty, at a minimum of corruption, conspiracy and fraud.  I’m no legal scholar, so I’m sure the list of offenses is longer than one of Hillary Clinton’s tirades after someone criticized her latest pantsuit atrocity.

This ultimately opens all of these organizations up to the biggest civil rights class action lawsuit in the history of this country.  The Obama administration and the Democratic Party used opposition research to paint a false narrative of corruption in the Oval Office to discredit the election.

How many riots and street demonstrations did we see in 2017 as outraged and triggered liberals ran around smashing in windows and beating people up because of their delusion based on a lie?

How many hours of lost productivity did the country suffer because of FBI complicity in an operation to overturn a legal election?

How many millions in property damage?  Destroyed careers?

What about the direct victims of this disgusting display of government corruption taken to its logical conclusion?

Why is Michael Flynn nearly bankrupt after being hounded by Mueller for months only to get a nothing guilty plea on the thinnest of procedural offenses?

When the corruption is this venal isn’t it our right under the Constitution to petition our government for a redress of grievances?  Who do we sue?

Because there’s material harm here and someone should be held responsible.  This began under Obama’s watch.  He set this whole process in motion.  High ranking members of his cabinet are directly implicated by the facts in the memo.

And the memo is just the beginning of the discovery phase of this very public trial.

Government on Trial

But, I want more than that.  I want it all out in the open. And I want those responsible, those for whom the titles, salaries, benefits and power we bestow on them to do our work, to stand up and be accountable.

And if they are too venal, feckless and narcissistic to admit these things, then we’ll drag them through the most embarrassing of show trials.

And that means stripping them of their wealth, power and privilege.

It means turning off their house organs in the media; outing the enablers, leakers, trolls and spooks.

It means releasing everything, unredacted, in the name of national security.

It means reminding them of just how much all of that depends on our consent, not theirs.

Because if we don’t demand these things, then next time there won’t even be the pretense of an election.