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… and so is FrancisChurch along with the entire post-conciliar NUChurch in which FrancisChurch subsists.

Special Saturday edition.

It would appear that Western Civilization is on the cusp of a massive Catholic revival. This revival is being brought about by social media and the ready access to information that appears on the various platforms. This information in turn, has initiated a “discernment” PROCESS which is attracting non-Catholics and fallen away Catholics back to the ONE TRUE FAITH.

The signs are everywhere…

Reading the Catholic Herald yesterday, I ran across their post about Lizzie Reezay. (see here) Now Lizzie was the young lady that converted to Catholicism from the Church of Christ protestant sect, and the one that your humble blogger featured in the post titled New Convert Lizzie Answers Why FrancisChurch Is A Dying Sect…

In that Catholic Herald post, there was another conversion case presented, this one of Elena Attfield. Here is how she was presented:

Elena Attfield, a postgraduate student at LSE (London School of Economics). As an Evangelical, Attfield used Facebook and Instagram to share the Gospel, “and Catholics were a prime target”. But when some Catholics reached out to her, her perspective began to change.

But the best part of her story was her OBSERVATION that I have used in the screen grab of the Tweet that I have placed at the top of this post.

So hold that thought…

A few positions higher, we can see another Catholic Herald post, but this one a rather disappointing post, about Dr. Jordan Peterson. Unfortunately, the typical calumny is spread about Dr. Peterson’s work by the author. However, it is still worth reading since it demonstrates an interesting fallacious argument used against Dr. Peterson.

Specifically, while recognizing that the end goal of Dr. Peterson is to discern what is objectively TRUE, the author then goes on to criticize Dr. Peterson’s criticism of political correctness, which is by it’s very definition NOT TRUE.

Or as Mrs. Attfield would say: ERRONIOUS.

In other words, the ideology of political correctness was invented because it’s adherant can’t handle that which is OBJECTIVELY TRUE.

The term “political correctness” is just the contemporary form of what is known as SOLIPSICM (a theory holding that the self can know nothing but its own modifications and that the self is the only existent thing; also : extreme egocentrism). The downstream effect of a solipsistic mindset, when encountering external REALITY is that it leads to what is know as “magical thinking, which denotes the fallacious attribution of causal relationships between actions and events.

In a nutshell, magical thinking is:

… the belief that one’s thoughts by themselves can bring about effects in the world or that thinking something corresponds with doing it. (…), the belief can cause a person to experience fear, seemingly not rationally justifiable to an observer outside the belief system, of performing certain acts or having certain thoughts because of an assumed correlation between doing so and threatening calamities.

If we were to provide examples of this “solipsistic magic thinking” known as “political correctness”  that can be OBSERVED in day to day life, one great example would be the disconnect between that which is written by Mrs Attfield above, i.e. that it was the “non-ecumenism” of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus that attracted her to the Catholic Faith, and that which appears below: (see here)

4) What did the Pope say about converting people?

Early in the interview, the following exchange occurs:

The Pope smiles and says: “Some of my colleagues who know you [Scalfari] told me that you will try to convert me [to atheism].”

It’s a joke I tell him. My friends think it is you [the Pope] want to convert me [to Christianity].

He smiles again and replies: “Proselytism is solemn nonsense, it makes no sense. We need to get to know each other, listen to each other and improve our knowledge of the world around us.”

Can’t make this stuff up folks.

But there is a deeper problem that people from the Novus Ordo sect have with objective Truth. The problem that they have with objective Truth is that it demolishes their entire post-conciliar “new springtime of the spirit of VII” PARADIGM”

If we start from the premise that the entire Second Vatican Council was called to introduce a false ecumenism into the Bride of Christ, (which it was) then we see why the Novus Ordo sectarians have a problem with capital “T” Truth.

Case in point, how can one claim that NUChurch has attractivistic capabilities when Elena Attfield’s conversion happened on the premise that the “spirit of VII” ecumenism is solemn nonsense?

Here is the proof, as seen by a heretic: (see here)

One of the most controversial texts in all of the documents of Vatican II is that of article 8 of the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church (Lumen gentium). The church “subsists in” the Catholic church, rather than “is” the Catholic church, as the earlier text had it.

It is this logical fallacy that opened the door for universalism, or the doctrine held especially by some Christian groups that all people will eventually be saved. I.e. the Bishop Barron position.

Yet as we know ontologically, and what Mrs. Attfield confirmed: “pro multi”, not “pro omnes”.

So what we see here is a logical contradiction. This ERROR introduced by the “pastoral council” breaks with the Laws of Thought, which are defined here:

The laws of thought are fundamental axiomatic rules upon which rational discourse itself is often considered to be based. The formulation and clarification of such rules have a long tradition in the history of philosophy and logic. Generally they are taken as laws that guide and underlie everyone’s thinking, thoughts, expressions, discussions, etc. However such classical ideas are often questioned or rejected in more recent developments, such as intuitionistic logic, dialetheism and fuzzy logic.

And even if these classical ideas are “questioned” in specific technical fields, they appear to hold as universal principles that have an attractivistic capacity.

And since we are on the subject of “attractivistic capacity”, no better support for this presupposition can be had than this lede passage from the Dr. Peterson post of the Catholic Herald:

Jordan Peterson’s two-and-a-half hour lecture entitled “Introduction to the Idea of God” has been viewed nearly 1.6 million times in the nine months it has been online. That’s more than three times as many views as the most popular video by the Church’s biggest Anglophone social media star, Bishop Robert Barronand that clip is a bite-sized nine minutes and was published six years ago. How is a devotee of anti-Christian thinkers like Friedrich Nietzsche and Carl Jung outdrawing Catholic prelates in the media marketplace for Christian theology?

The answer to that question is easy: Dr. Jordan’s Christian quality content of his videos is by far superior to that of the NUChurch’s Fr. Barron.

Another way to restate the above is as follows: the quality content is higher because Dr. Peterson’s material has a greater positive correlation to that which is objectively true then that which is produced by Fr. Barron.

And it would appear that the higher the Objective Truth content of any material, the better that content can provide MEANING for the content recipient.

There’ s that word again…

Nota bene: That word even made a cameo appearance in the recent Placuit Deo Letter of the CDF.

Anyone catch it?

And just to support the above observation, I have produced three other videos below that I have picked randomly off of the YouTube Channel when I entered the term “Catholic Conversion”.

This was the first time I have watched any of these individuals, and to be perfectly honest, I am blown away. It would appear that there are basic universal themes which were responsible for these people to convert to Catholicism. One is the Real Presence (so much for the protestantized mass of Paul VI), while another is the systematic rationality and logical structure of the Catholic Faith itself. Not to mention the Traditional Latin Mass. It would appear that the Catholic Faith can attract different people on different levels all depending on their own personal God given abilities, attributes and interests.

Here are the three videos: one from a former Mormon, one from Reformed Protestantism and one from an Atheist. Please watch an compare to the material presented in Lizzie’s Reezay’s video and see for yourselves the common features between these four conversion stories.

And one final thought. The next Roman Pontiff should create a dicastry to examine this conversion PHENOMENON and promote it actively. This course of action would be much more beneficial for the Church then promoting deviant sexual behaviour and political extremism among the young and vulnerable.

It would also appear that there is a great hunger for Catholicism which can not only help many people establish MEANING in their personal lives, but can by default fill up the Churches and Seminaries very fast!

But in order for this to happen, the “new springtime of the spirit of VII” and the homo-heresy PARADIGM must be overcome.


The Atheist – This is my favorite video. Leah used her mathematical background to discern that Catholicism is the ONE TRUE FAITH.

Reformed Protestant – The power of the Real Presence!

Morman – More Real Presence and Catholic Priesthood!