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God, where do I begin?

As most of my dear and loyal readers know, a letter appeared that was “written” (it was typed in fact, as opposed to the usual handwritten notes in distinctive diminutive form) by Pope Benedict XVI.

This letter was recognized by ALL to be completely NOT of the style NOR the form of His Holiness Benedict XVI. What’s worse, it was misrepresented by the FrancisChurch minions in such a way that it initially appeared to “endorse” the notion (#fakenews) that Francis, the bishop of Rome is “theologically profound” and that that which he “teaches” is in “internal continuity” with that of the post-conciliar church, as taught by JPII “the great” and His Holiness himself.

And as you dear readers also know, a HUMONGOUS SHIT STORM has ensued.

So today, your humble blogger takes a look at the bigger WHY.

What’s interesting to note, is that this OCCURRENCE has, on a very profound psychological level, allowed those frustrated by the current state of the post-conciliar church, to lash out at His Holiness. Yet by this emotional “lashing out” they are missing the bigger point, i.e. looking at the shiny object.

This hyper-emotionalist lashing out at His Holiness, is due to his allowing the Institutional Church on which the post-conciliar church subsists (as in: Jane subsists on welfare and casual labor), to reach this calamitous state.

Specifically, for allowing the Francis bishopric of Rome to come into existence.

Nota bene: Notice how DEFINITIONS are of the utmost  importance, and how the referencing to the proper sub-definition can allow one to properly identify the problem and then to frame the proper argument? So yes Virginia, one needs to distinguish between the neo-Modernists like His Holiness and the post-Modernists like Francis. Otherwise, you get something like this emotional mish-mash here. And I don’t mean to pick on anyone here in particular.

Back to the subject at hand…

So given that this LETTER has created the above mentioned SHIT STORM, lets critically examine this LETTER and try to place it into its proper CONTEXT. Here is the translation and my comments: (see here)

I thank you for your courteous letter of January 12 and for the attached gift of the eleven small volumes edited by Roberto Repole.

This opening sentence has to do with a “theological work”, which was produced to provide “external credibility” (propositional fallacy: profound theologians and philosophers write multi-volume works, Francis “writes” multi-volume work, therefore Francis is a profound theologian and philosopher) in order to justify that all the homilies, speeches and musings coming out of the Domus Sanctae Martae daily (i.e. Francis “magisterium”), are just the next step in the logical “progression” between the theology of His Holiness and Francis, this ‘theological work” is described by His Holiness as… wait for it… “eleven small volumes”.

And then he goes on to explicitly mention that the “eleven small volumes” he received were “edited”, i.e. prepared (written material) for publication by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it. In other words, a compilation is not even an  “original work” produced by the hand of Francis.

The irony is obvious, especially coming from an authentic and widely recognized theological and intellectual GIANT. Further, the implicit contempt lodged in those three short words used to describe that which is being billed as Francis’ life’s “theological and philosophical” work, just oozes out!

All in all, this first sentence is downright Nietzschean.

I applaud this initiative which is intended to oppose and react to the foolish prejudice according to which Pope Francis would be only a practical man devoid of particular theological or philosophical formation, while I would be solely a theoretician of theology who could understand little of the concrete life of a Christian today.

What’s important in this paragraph is that the “letter” to which His Holiness is responding writing his LETTER, was not written by Francis, but by an intermediary. As was the “initiative”.

Next, it would appear that there were some negotiations involved, since His Holiness uses a quite harsh description of Francis’ theological and philosophical formation, while implying it be non-existent (Francis is ‘a practical man devoid of particular…’). Yes, read in this proper CONTEXT, the denial is an affirmation.

And as to the purported views of Francis and himself, as per this paragraph, His Holiness describes these (2 views) as based on “foolish prejudice”. In other words, His Holiness is assigning a subjective source of “intent” to those who make not only the claim against Francis, but also against him, since he can’t objectify it. Hmmm….

Who is the owner of the intellectual property of the “initiative intended to react to the foolish prejudice…“? It’s definitely not His Holiness.

Hold that thought…

The next problem is that nobody, outside of Francis’ small circle of psychopaths and courtiers make this claim about Pope Benedict. This “claim about Pope Benedict” is not only a caricaturesque depiction of him, but also a logical straw-man. And this straw-man His Holiness turns around and lodges inside the paragraph with full premeditation, as if to undermine its worth. Talk about sticking a dead rat under Francis’ floorboards?

The little volumes demonstrate, rightly so, that Pope Francis is a man of profound philosophical and theological formation, and they therefore help in seeing the interior continuity between the two pontificates, albeit with all the differences of style and temperament.

And again, the “little volumes”, for emphasis…

Using this “little volumes” descriptor for Francis’ life’s work, makes the first sentence a non-sequitur. “Little volumes” don’t lead to a claim of “profoundness”, if for no other reason than syntax. As to what in the wild, wild world of Benedictine put-downs “internal continuity” means, I refer you to the Non Veni Pace blog for the most excellent deconstruction of the essence of this phraseology.

Also notice that the “internal continuity” refers to the “two pontificates”, not to the “philosophical and theological” “little volumes” of Francis works themselves.

Nonetheless, I do not feel that I can write a brief and dense theological page about them because for my whole life it has always been clear that I would write and express myself only on books that I had also truly read. Unfortunately, even if only for physical reasons, I am not able to read the eleven little volumes in the near future, all the more so in that I am under other obligations to which I have already agreed.

And after insulting Francis, in a not-so-cryptic, yet sublime manner, His Holiness drops the hand-grenade into the shitter. He has been asked through the initial letter to “write a brief and dense theological page” which clearly means a “theological endorsement”, i.e. the “external credibility” or in logical fallacy terms, the appeal to authority.

This His Holiness say he cannot do.

And the reasoning?

He then goes on to ridicule Francis’ edited “life’s work” by saying that he hasn’t even read them, and according to the chronology of the two letters, he’s had a month to read “eleven little volumes”.

He also takes another swipe at Francis by stating that “(I) express myself only on books that I had also truly read”. The key word here is “truly”. One way to understand this is that His Holiness is taking a back handed swipe at Francis for his in-coherency and confusion. This passage implies that that which Francis produces cannot be understood in a simple reading of the text. A mean person could make the claim that it is gobbledygook. Further, the implication is that he would need to take a red pen to these “eleven small volumes” if he was to “truly read” them.

But he can’t because:if only for physical reasons”. But that’s not to say that this rejection is due to incapacity. This is clear in the last part of the sentence where he writes: “all the more so in that I am under other obligations.” What His Holiness is saying is that he will not rearrange his earlier obligations, even at the direct request of the… wait for it… the nominal “Roman Pontiff”.

In other words, go away, you bother me.

And His Holiness doesn’t even give Francis the courtesy of a personally written note, in his distinctive diminutive handwriting.

I am sure that you will understand, and I extend to you my cordial greeting.


Benedict XVI

Concluding, and what does this all mean?

What it means is that Francis has a credibility problem. This credibility problem has been caused in large part, if not in the largest part by his “Joy of Adultery” FrancisDocument. 

The “Joy of Adultery” has created a crisis within the top leadership of the Vatican and it is an issue that just won’t go away. Francis has Faithful Catholics writing petitions, filial corrections and request for him to resign. He has his Cardinals writing Dubias.

The basis for all these documents is the claim that Francis is promulgating FORMAL HERESY.

So the clever FrancisTeam members thought that if they could get His Holiness, who is a respected and universally acclaimed authority to give the FrancisMagisterium, as represented by the proxy that are the “eleven little volumes”, his official seal of approval, this could be then spun as a counter argument against all the petitions, filial corrections, requests for him to resign and dubias.

Further, it wold appear that it was explicitly requested of His Holiness to mention “continuity”, which His Holiness consigned into the proverbial “long grass”. It also confirms the above assertion.

So His Holiness recognized the trap that he was being lured into. He didn’t read the “eleven little volumes” for the simple reason that he had been there, done that and had gotten that t-shirt. This “t-shirt” he had gotten was from the German Group compromise that he engineered between the homosexualist Card. Schönborn and the then Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. (see here)

Nota bene: Post-Modernists don’t play by the rules because to a post-Modernist, there are no rules.

Now all of the above is fine and dandy, but one element still needs to be addressed. That element is the FRAUD that TeamFrancis allowed itself to perpetrate by providing a “doctored” photo of Pope Benedict’s letter into the public domain. This patent FRAUD, picked up and reported by the mainstream #fakenews media and real media is what gave this, what appeared at first to be just another example in a long line of FrancisVatican FRAUD, it’s critical mass to become the international SHITSTORM that it has become.

And the most likely explanation for why TeamFrancis engaged in this FRAUD and tried to promote it through the friendly #fakenews media was that they have a BIG problem.

If you dear readers recall, Francis has called a synod this year. That synod has an explicit agenda and a HIDDEN AGENDA.

The HIDDEN AGENDA is that same HIDDEN AGENDA that was present at the bi-Sexual Secret Synods on the “Family” in 2014 and 2015. The same individuals are running it and the script is likewise that same. The HIDDEN AGENDA was then, and will be now to remove the term “intrinsically disordered” from the Code of Canon Law and from the Catholic Catechism.

The strategy was first to undermine the MORAL THEOLOGY by drilling into the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. But they found very strong opposition to get the HIDDEN AGENDA through, so they settled for a half measure. The half measure was to allow for the admittance of serial adulterers to Holy Communion.

This loophole was nominally specific – serial adulterers, yet the ambiguity of the text (footnote) was such that is opened a BIG GAPING HOLE in Catholic Moral Teaching. Here is how Archbishop Fernandez explains this: (see here)

Amoris laetitia implies a paradigmatic shift in the way complex situations are treated, even if this does not involve the opening of all doors. It certainly goes beyond the possibility for some remarried divorcees to receive communion.

Now this BIG GAPING HOLE in Catholic Moral Teaching is to be used at this next Synod, the one where the promulgation of “identity group politics” will be used to expunge the “rigid” definition of “INTRINSICALLY DISORDERED” from Catholic Moral Teaching. The extras from central casting NUChurch peripheries, in the form of young people with sexual disorders, will be paraded as next in line victims of the neo-Palagians in order to receive FrancisMercy.

But this still isn’t the REAL AGENDA altogether. The REAL AGENDA is to make sexual disorder acceptable in Catholic Moral Teaching. The reason being that most of the people promoting the FrancisTheology and FrancisChurch suffer from this disorder themselves.

They lived in fear of Pope Benedict and his reforms that were designed to get rid of the “filth”. (see here) They got a reprieve under Francis, who needs them to manage the day to day operations of the Vatican. And after all, personnel is policy! Yet the FrancisChurch is disintegrating beneath their feet, and they are worried that the next Roman Pontiff will find himself in a situation where he will really need to clean house.

And it will be the end for them.

So they will do everything to secure their position. This includes working for a physical schism, but one in where they will be left with the tangible assets and bank accounts. 

And to their good fortune, Francis’ Communist IDEOLOGY aligns quite nicely with theirs.

And just as a reminder, here is how the good Archbishop of Tibernia explains it:

These reforms are very important, but they are also the most “reversible”. Another Pope can come and create a huge Curia. In addition, the people who will be in these bodies will be decisive. But I believe that Francis was able to “de-idealize” the Vatican Curia – as well and forever, which should be seen only as an organization at service of the Pope, that does not replace the Pope or the bishops.

So what we see is the INTRINSICALLY DISORDERED within the post-conciliar church, have been hitched by fate to the FrancisHorse and are doing everything in their power to help the brother out. Simultaneously they are helping themselves out.

Their station in life depends on it!

Yet in the mean time, we Faithful Catholics are … hate to say it…

…following the shiny object.