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The Fraudster FrancisCommunications Chief +Vigano with Francis’ “life’s work”, a.k.a. the Theology of Death™, consisting of those “eleven small books” in hand…

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my, my loyal and beloved readers are a tough crowd!

So in yesterday’s post, your humble blogger tried to provide some CONTEXT to understanding Josef Ratzinger, the man, the priest, the bishop, the cardinal, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and finally, the Roman Pontiff His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

And as it just so happens, Christopher Ferrara jumped in and wrote a post under the title: LETTERGATE UPDATE: Vatican’s Fraudulent Doctoring of Letter from Benedict to Vigano Now Fully Exposed which appeared on the website of The Remnant. This post was also written in the same “spirit”, and was concluded as follows:

A word to the wise: It is a risky business indeed to make definitive declarations about the mind or motives of Benedict, the reasons for his abdication, the situation in which he now finds himself, or the intention behind letters and other statements attributed to him by assorted Bergoglian mafiosi.

Your humble blogger wholeheartedly agrees with these words to the wise.

Furthermore, the intentions behind yesterday’s post titled On The Nature Of The Fabric Of Reality And The Greatest Sentence Written By Human Hands…was not to change anyone’s mind about Josef Ratzinger the man and his history, but rather to explain how his actions were of a profound benefit to, and cannot be understated in our understanding of the PROCESS whose chronicling is the mission, bah…the raison d’etat of this humble blog, i.e. the restoration of all things in Christ.

And a PROCESS it is…

So your humble blogger was getting ready to do a follow-up post about the SIGNIFICANCE of a complete The Letter™, but because of the comments both in the comment box and on Twitter, has had to retrench.

So today, more on the PROCESS.

Let’s begin with the following text written in yesterday’s post:

Well, your humble blogger doesn’t accept the conventional wisdom that there is this “wide variance” in Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict “system of belief”. On the other hand, your humble blogger also doesn’t accept the self-refuting notion that Ratzinger’s “system of belief” was static (fixed) over the 50+ years of his writing, teaching and thinking. The true “Ratzingerian system of belief” has been dynamic and “subsists” somewhere in the middle of these two extreme views moving from left to right.

The reason why His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI is hated by the post-Modernists is contained in the last line, which I have emphasized. The reason why he is hated, regardless of all the neo-Modernistic stuff that he has produced over his 50+years as the foremost neo-Modernist Catholic intellectual is that he stopped the advance of “progress” as a leftist post-Modernist IDEOLOGUE would define it.

More than that, Pope Benedict XVI has turned the Barque of St. Peter around to sail in the opposite direction.

And for this, he cannot and will not be forgiven by the post-Modernists.

To provide supporting evidence for this position, and to help clarify the SIGNIFICANCE of that which Pope Benedict in fact did, we revert back to Dr. Jordan Peterson and a video that I have embedded in yesterday’s post.

Carrying on with a sociological analysis, in yesterday’s post is provided a video from Dr. Jordan Peterson in which he explains a certain aspect of the NATURE of REALITY.  Here is the video titled The Fear of God is the Beginning of Wisdom and a transcript with my comments below:

Ok, so here we go:

Jordan Peterson: You know, all those people, they’re prostrate at the revelation of the law. So it’s like, no wonder! It’s like break the law and see what happens. Break the Universal Moral Law and see what happens. 

The HYPOTHESIS is that the post-conciliar church BROKE THE UNIVERSAL MORAL LAW at the Second Vatican Council and that this is the ROOT CAUSE of its subsequent disintegration.

You know, I see people in that situation… as you all do… all the time. Perhaps me more than you because I’m a clinical psychologist. You know. If the people I’m seeing haven’t broken the Universal (Moral) Law, then you can bloody well be sure that people around them have. It’s no joke. You make a mistake, and things will go seriously wrong for you. And so, it’s no wonder you’d be terrified at the revelation of the structure that governs our being. 

One of the things that’s so remarkable about the Old Testament, and this is another thing Nietzsche commented on… He was a real admirer of the Old Testament. Not so much of the New Testament. He thought it was a sin for Europe to have glued the New Testament onto the Old Testament. Because he thought the Old Testament was a really accurate representation of the phenomenology of being. It’s like: stay awake, speak properly, be honest or watch the hell out, because things will come your way that you just do not want to see at all. And it might not just be you, it might be everyone you know and everything about your culture that is demolished for generation after generation. It’s like stay awake and be careful.

So what we can observe in the post-conciliar church is a church hierarchy that has stopped: staying awake (new springtime no matter how bad the real situation gets), speaking properly (homoerotic pseudo-sacral musings instead of preaching solid Catholic doctrine), being honest (+Vigano is just the latest example) and have stopped watching out as to what is happening around them!

And I think that people only don’t believe that when they are being hubristic.  And I think that most people know that deep in their hearts. You know, when you get high on your horse, and that happens fairly often, if you have any sense, you think ‘geez I’d better be careful’. Tap myself down a fair bit, because if I get too puffed up, man, something’s going to come along and take me out at the knees. And everyone knows that. Pride comes before a fall. That’s why it says in the Old Testament that the ‘fear of God is the beginning of wisdom’.

It is quite evident that over the last 50 years, the men who run the Institutional Church are those who have lost their fear of God.

It’s like, I’ve never in all my years as a clinical psychologist, and this is something that really terrifies me, I have never seen anyone ever get anything at all, even once. You know, there’s that old idea that God has a book and keeps track of everything in heaven, it’s like, ok, ok, you know, maybe it’s not a book. Fine, but that is a really useful thing to think about… maybe you disagree. Maybe you think people get away with things all the time. I’ll tell you. I’ve never seen it.

And the post-conciliar church is the prime example of not getting away with anything…

What I see instead is: things happen. Someone twists the FABRIC OF REALITY. And they do it successfully, because it doesn’t snap back at them that moment. And then, two years later, something unravels. And they get walloped. And they say “Oh my God, that’s so unfair!’. And then we track it. It’s like: ‘what happened before that – this. And then what – this. And then what – this. And then what – Ohhhh… THIS. Well, that’s were it went wrong. It’s yea… Because you can’t twist the FABRIC OF REALITY, without having it snap back. It doesnt’ work that way. And why would it. Because what are you going to do? Twist the FABRIC OF REALITY? I don’t think so. I think it’s bigger than you.

What your humble blogger suspects happened is that Pope Benedict realized sometime during the 1980’s that the post-conciliar experiment went wrong. It was at this time that maybe not his writings, but his actions started to indicate that he had a change of heart. The post-conciliar IDEOLOGUES sensed this, and started to turn against him. Hence Josef Ratzinger went from being the darling of the Rahnerist crowd to a figure of their hatred.

You know, and I think that one of the things that tempts people is the idea that I can get away with it. It’s like, yea, ‘you try it’. You see how well that works. It’s like, you get away with nothing. And that is the beginning of wisdom. And it’s something that deeply terrifies me. 

And finally, one major distinction between the neo-Modernists and the post-Modernists is how they react to the PHENOMENON which Dr. Peterson described as the FABRIC OF REALITY starting to snap back. The neo-Modernists will pull back and allow it to snap back, while the post-Modernists will want to completely tear the FABRIC OF REALITY apart.

And it is this SOURCE of the tension that we are seeing playing out between the FrancisChurch (Francis) and the JPII Church (Pope Benedict), right before our very eyes.

Concluding, what we see quite clearly from Dr. Peterson’s video is the metaphysical, dare I say supernatural explanation for the destruction of the post-conciliar church.

Next order of business…

Given that we are speaking about a PROCESS, and  given that your humble blogger has been using analytical tools squarely nestled in the NATURAL part of the Visibislium Omnium, those being the physical and social sciences, today will make an exception. Today we will draw on Catholic Church history to see what lessons can be learned.

Over on the Gloria.tv website, a post appeared in which the anonymous Catholic author who wrote under the nom de plume of Marcantonio Colonna, was identified. Along with his identification and picture, a short 20 minute video appeared, and was provided by our friend Dr. Joseph Shaw. (see here)


In this video we can see the author of the Dictator Pope explaining how he sees the Restoration PROCESS going forward. The skinny cold be summed up as follows:

Tradition as the future!

In terms of the Peterson observations, one can say that it is the Traditionalists who live in harmony with the FABRIC OF REALITY.

So for our purposes, aside from the confirmation that this humble blogger is on the right track and reading the PROCESS correctly, this information presented by Mr Sire should give us all a needed shot of serotonin to our prefrontal cortex, i.e. should make us feel a bit better, during these dark days of open HERESY being promoted by people inside the Sacred Vatican Walls and Francis, the bishop of Rome.

Aside from the feel good factor, this information provided by Mr. Sire also provides us with some information about PROCESS itself. What this information clearly demonstrates is that no matter how bad it gets, the PROCESS will eventually turn itself around, and it could do so rapidly.

Here is what Mr. Sire had to say:

I describe the Traditionalist movement. And here I have in mind what Fr. Whitters (?) was saying about the Traditinalists forming a firing squad by forming a circle. I believe that all Traditionalists ought to be working together. So it’s not the matter of just the ones that are currently recognized by the Church but also the SSPX which has not yet won full recognition.

And I say that this represents the future of the Church. Just as in previous cases where movements … at moments of corruption have brought the Church low, they have been overcome by a return to Tradition, so it will be now.

I point out a parallel.

Imagine that in the year 1800, one had been speaking to a widely idealist Catholic and he said… that this is at a time when religion had been driven almost underground by the revolution in France, when there were anticlerical  dynasties in the rest of Europe bent upon turning their churches into departments of states, when for 6 months, the Holy See was vacant after Pius VI had died in exile when it seam as if the program of the philisophe to do away with religion, and almost succeeded, this idealist Catholic might have said “my program is for a full revival of Catholicism, a great revival to a devotion to Our Lady, and the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception will be defined as a dogma of Faith, a great resurgence in the monastic life and the Society of Jesus, which is suppressed 30 years ago, will be restored and will become again the strongest order in the Church, and a great restoration of the strength of the Papacy, the Papal Office and the doctrine of the infallibility of the Church, of the Pope will be defined a Council’. Well, anyone who considered the worldly probabilities of the time would say that his man was absolutely mad and yet, within 70 years each one of his predictions was fulfilled.

And I say in the coming period, we are going to witness something of the same sort. The recovery of Tradition to heal a sickness that has been cause by one… one of several periods of corruption in the Church.

Concluding, what the above describes, if it was to be summed up using Dr. Petersons diagnosis, would be to say that it took 70 years for Catholicism, using truthful language, to extract order out of chaos.

I will end here since I have run long already…

Mea culpa…