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So today, after a couple of CONTEXT posts, your humble blogger will take a look at the second half of THE LETTER™. This will be in CONTEXT of the appearance of the entire letter and try to establish it’s proper meaning and significance.

I hope…

Before we begin, it is once again important to stress that what we do on this blog is identify individual and apparently unrelated OCCURRENCES, test whether they fit in a distinguishable PATTERN. Once we have established a PATTERN, we then test to see whether this PATTERN fits into an existing PROCESS. And once we have identified the PROCESS, we try to infer whether a GENERAL RULE can be defined.

One good example of the effectiveness of our methodology can be seen in our posts after the first of the “synods on the family”, where we established early on in the PROCESS that the entire enterprise was designed and executed in order to change Catholic Moral Teaching on the “intrinsically disordered”. To be more specific, it had a HIDDEN AGENDA whose aim was to expunge the terms “intrinsically disordered” from the Catholic Catechism and Code of Canon Law. 

Your humble blogger first laid out the case in a post titled Secret Synod: Synod of the Three Paragraphs, published on the 18th of December 2014. Initial confirmation appeared of our HYPOTHESIS came in a post titled So It Was The Homo Agenda All Along, which appeared in May of 2015, or 141 days before the second of the bi-Synods. Further confirmation came from none other than Ed Pentin himself. In our post from the 7th of September 2015 titled The Trojan Horse, we indicated that Mr. Pentin also alluded to the fact that this HIDDEN AGENDA figured prominently in his book titled The Rigging of a Vatican Synod?

So why is your humble blogger mentioning this here?

First of all, because what we do here is not conspiracy theory…

What we do here is try to draw out a GENERAL RULE, as we did with the bi-Synod experience and then apply it. In that particular case, the HIDDEN AGENDA was not successfully executed, because of an uprising among the bishops and cardinals. Therefore any new synods called, will have this same HIDDEN AGENDA at its core.

The reason being, and to use our Peterson framework, FrancisChurch is desperately trying to TEAR the FABRIC OF REALITY. 

And the OCCURRENCES (DATA POINTS) are already beginning to mount for this new synod for the youth. One example came yesterday:

So now onto The Letter™…

The HIDDEN AGENDA behind The Letter™ can be defined as a desperate attempt to provide some EXTERNAL CREDIBILITY to the various homilies, speeches, daily musings coming out of the Domus Sanctae Martae and now the FrancisDocuments being produced under the guise of Francis, bishop of Rome, and attempting to “covertly slither this gobbledygook” into the Catholic Universal Magisterium.

Now, those who have been following the Francis bishopric of Rome will know that this has been a problem with Francis from the very beginning. In the famous post-Secret Sex Synod of 2014™ interview with the Argentinian La Nacion, Francis became quite upset with a question about just this and made the following statement, which this blogger immortalized in the right hand margin of the Deus ex Machina blog:

“Look, I wrote an encyclical, true enough, it was a big job, and an Apostolic Exhortation, I´m permanently making statements, giving homilies; that´s teaching.”


La Nación
7 December 2014
Via La Nación’s own English translation

So the proper manner in which to understand The Letter™ is that Francis, being too clever by half and never explicitly saying what he means, i.e. Jesuitical, has gotten a reputation that what he says doesn’t really mean anything. So whenever any new FrancisDocument appears, and after an initial flurry of “interpretational musings”, it is automatically assigned to the FrancisBin. The problem here is that once Francis is gone, this FrancisBin will be emptied out, along with the  rest of the works of his schismatics and heretics that figure prominently in his court, and end up quickly on the trash-heap of history.

And naturally this is a problem for Francis since his mission in life, i.e. that part of his life that gives his being MEANING, is that the change he wants to institute needs to be PERMANENT. Once again, here is Victor Fernandez, i.e. the “Francis’ Brain”, telling us exactly this. Here is how Fernandez explains the back-story to Francis war on the Roman Curia:

The various reforms of the Roman Curia bodies are still on their way. How important are structural reforms?   

These reforms are very important, but they are also the most “reversible”. Another Pope can come and create a huge Curia. In addition, the people who will be in these bodies will be decisive. But I believe that Francis was able to “de-idealize” the Vatican Curia – as well and forever, which should be seen only as an organization at service of the Pope, that does not replace the Pope or the bishops.

So it is this PERMANENT FRANCISCHANGE  AGENDA that is playing itself out behind The Letter™. 

This document, as opposed to the other rubbish that Francis produced (Evangelii, Laudato, etc.) has brought about what is in fact a “FrancisChurch existential” dilemma.

This FrancisChurch Existential Dilemma can be described as follows: If Francis gets away with engineering his permanent change, the entity known as the post-conciliar church will cease to exist. If on the other hand the post-conciliar church prevails, FrancisChurch ceases being.

Think about this for a couple of minutes…

Now a good example of just this existential dilemma can be easily recognized in the public letter and surrounding circumstances behind Father Weinandy’s  initiative. In that letter, the good NUChurch priest wrote to The Francis explaining just that. Here is a good example of this Dilemma: (see here)

He stressed the Holy Spirit is given to the Church, and particularly to the Pope, to “dispel error, not to foster it,” and that only the light of truth can free mankind from the blindness of sin.

A visual depiction of this “error” that Fr. Weinandy identified can be seen in this meme:

I will stop here today, and try to make it to The Letter™ the next time.

Concluding, what we see playing itself out in Rome over the last 5 years is nothing short of an EXISTENTIAL CRISIS of the post-conciliar church.

This EXISTENTIAL CRISIS has at its ROOT the suppression by the neo-Modernists of the concept of what constitutes REALITY. The mechanism through which this suppression occurred was through the redefinition of what constitutes TRUTH.

The “re-definition” of what the post-conciliar church sees as being TRUEbringing the mind into conformity with reality (‘adaequatio rei et intellectus’) replaced in favour of an account of truth as bringing thought into line with life (‘adaequatio realis mentis et vitae’), has caused this NUChurch to become un-moored from OBJECTIVE REALITY itself.

Given this un-mooring, radical elements within the post-conciliar church began to twist the FABRIC OF REALITY successively further and further. This twisting of the FABRIC OF REALITY has not worked out well for its practitioners.

Fifty years later, the post-conciliar church is in complete meltdown. It has become a Hobbesean battleground of special interest groups all fighting over what remains of the tangible assets and cash in bank.

Some of the responsible middle and upper management, maybe even with some Catholics among them, have begun to realize that they have brought the FABRIC OF REALITY to the TEARING POINT.

And they’re fresh out of NOVELTIES…

In other words, there is no new novelty that can now be heaped onto the mountain of novelties that have been heaped onto the post-conciliar church, that will not now TEAR the FABRIC of REALITY.

Pope Benedict, being the brightest of this part of the post-conciliar church appears to have figured this out first. This is why he tried to turn the Barque of St. Peter around, as we pointed out in our last post. Now we get stories that the entire Plenaria of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has figured it out. (see here)

On the other side, you have Francis, TeamFrancis and FrancisChurch trying to TEAR the FABRIC OF REALITY to shreds. Their reasoning is that they need to destroy “that which past generations held sacred”, and start from scratch. This utopian vision on the one hand gives them comfort that the grass is greener… ahem…. after “the next execution”, while allowing them to explain away the OBJECTIVE REALITY that they are abject FAILURES.

And this is where The Letter™ fits in. With this Letter™, what FrancisChurch tried to do is create the illusion that there is no difference between Francis and Benedict.

They reeled in a lot of gullible people, but cooler, wiser and saner heads prevailed. They were stopped in their tracks as the story snowballed into a larger and larger scandal. What’s worse for them thought is that it showed to what lengths they will go, to reach their aims.

So now they soldier on without the Pope Benedict “#fake_endorsement”, trying to sell their vision of a utopian “post-Jesus of the Gospel” church to the gullible masses, a church which only exists in the furtive imaginations within their own minds.

And the VIRTUAL REALITY of the #fakemedia.

Cogito ero sum, brov’as…

Yet while this post-Jesus Church is a figment of the collective imagination of FrancisChurch, it has absolutely nothing to do with the transcendental.

It is a humanist IDEOLOGICAL construct. 

To be more precise, it is the same IDEOLOGY that led the Bolsheviks to liquidate the kulaks (small private landholders), only to create mass famine which killed 7 to 10 million people in the Ukraine Holodomar alone.

In the ECCLESIASTICAL sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium, it was this IDEOLOGY that destroyed a part of the Catholic Church in Western Europe in the High Middle Ages, igniting a long series of religious wars and splintered the protestant sects into 35,000 sub-sects at last count.

These sub-sects are dying a slow death, yet FrancisChurch has entered upon a headlong rush to join them.

And where he is joining them appears to be: at A Final Rendezvous With Destiny and With Death.