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Today a republication of a Zero Hedge post, (see here) but dovetailing into yesterday’s post. As from the linked to post, we can see the cultural war in full swing.

What is important to understand is that Cultural Marxism, which has the US and Western European population in it’s grip, is beginning to lose that grip. As best as this humble blogger can tell, the phase that we have entered into in this cycle of Marxist domination, is analogous to the phase the Soviet Union entered into after the death of Stalin.

As my dear and loyal readers know, Khrushchev who succeeded Stalin, began to admit the horrors that took place under Stalin and began to loosen the Soviet propaganda’s Communist hard line #fakenarratives.

As with any analogy, even the good ones tend to break down at a certain point. Given this fact, today’s “propaganda ministry” is controlled by a group of “high tech oligarchs” who own the social media platforms. These oligarchs are trying to ban conservative speech from from these purportedly “public” platforms.

Yet, these platforms relay on the “sex appeal” that is generated by the celebrities, which is one of the Achilles heels of this media sector. These celebrities every now and then tend to go off the rails, much like the Russian writers did under Stalin and Khrushchev. Think Boris Pasternak – 1958 Nobel Prize in Literature for Dr. Zhivago. These celebrities, who need to have a wider appeal (to generate more income) will see their celebrity friends, such as Kanye West doing quite well and follow the trend.

This trend will simmer and expand until it breaks out in what can be called an Alexander Solzhenitsyn moment. As you will recall, when Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago appeared in the West, the Soviet Union’s dark past was relieved for all to see. The biggest impact of this “great awakening”, or what we today call becoming “WOKE”, caused the Marxist “academics” to transform themselves from “economic Marxists” and hardliner Stalinists into the post-Modernists. Please see the video above.

Concluding, as best as I can tell, we are passing the Boris Pasternak moment. The AWOKE movement has germinated and is growing, yet it is being blocked from going  “prime time”.

The reason being, the #fakenews media is still too strong for the OBJECTIVE REALITY to break through. They will not “PLATFORM” it. This situation can be easily seen in the parallel universe that is the “muh Russia” investigations. (see latest here)

On the side of BIG MEDIA, the social media companies are trying to “DE-PLATFORM” OBJECTIVE REALITY. However, since their income is derived from this economic model, and they have lost governmental control (monopoly) due to the election of the Very Stable Genius President Donald Trump, they will need… bah they will be forced to relent eventually. That is if they don’t want competition to arise. So it’s a race against time for these oligarchs.

Therefore, what this humble blogger is waiting for, is the Solzhenitsyn Moment. This moment will come when we begin seeing the major University Campuses casting off their post-Modernist radicalism (stop their war on COMPETENCE, as per Chomsky video) and returning to a classical liberal educational model. Some signs of this has been observed already, as we have chronicled on this blog, in posts that this blog has  linked to HERE and HERE.

So all in all, progress is being made, but we still have a long way to go.

Yet it’s better today than it was yesterday, and it will be better tomorrow than it is today.

And we will be watching…


 Kanye West On Red-Pill Rampage, Now Tweeting Scott Adams As Left Flips Out

Less than a week after Kanye West’s nearly year-long break from Twitter, the controversial hip-hop star who endorsed Donald Trump in the 2016 election tweeted his support on Saturday for black pro-Trump conservative, Candice Owens. 

Followed by “only free thinkers”

Owens, a conservative activist and communications director for right-leaning nonprofit Turning Point USA, has accused Black Lives Matter of embracing victimhood – telling a group of BLM protesters at a Friday UCLA speech she gave: “It’s embarrassing. You’re not living through anything right now. You’re overly privileged Americans.

24 hours later, Kanye tweeted his support of Owens – after which the left immediately moved to smear both of them.

Twitter, for example, immediately branded Owens a “far-right media personality” – to which she replied “Far right? Allow me to clarify: I believe the black community can do it without hand-outs. I believe the Democrats have strapped us to our past to prevent us from our futures. And I won’t stop fighting until all black Americans see that.” 

Adding: “I’m not far right—I’m free.”

In response, the left roasted West and Owens – and outlets like the Washington Post were right there to make sure everyone knows who we’re shunning this week. 

West’s politics have become increasingly right-leaning, attracting criticism from the left. And his embrace of Owens, who has aligned herself with Alex Jones and conservatism’s other fringe thinkers, does not appear to have been well received by politically engaged blacks –WaPo

So with Kanye’s base in revolt, what does he do? The madman starts tweeting out clips of conservative pundit and Dilbert creator Scott Adams, who broke down West’s recent endorsement of Owens

The story is that these two people that shouldn’t be in the same conversation – in seven words, Kanye just changed that. And he just freed a lot of people from a mental prison. Kanye, in seven words, unlocked a mental prison – and is bringing you to… the golden age. –Scott Adams

And it wasn’t just one Scott Adams clip – Kanye tweeted nine of them – which followed a steady drip of Kanye quotables over the weekend:

Speaking with Fox & Friends on Sunday, Owens responded to Kanye’s endorsement, saying “Kanye West does not really want to fold to controversy. If you look at things historically, Kanye West has really represented the battering ram against political correctness.”

“Long before Donald Trump came down the escalator, Kanye West was public enemy No. 1 for simply trying to tell the truth to people about things that were going on so I’m unsurprised that he supports me and my ideas and me just thinking freely,” Owens told the panel. 

Trump’s supporters are welcoming Kanye’s comments with open arms: