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Something quite UNREAL is playing itself out in Liverpool England. A homosexualist judge has handed down what is in effect a death sentence on a 23 month old boy. This judge has ordered that food and water not be provided to little Alfie, in effect attempting to starve him to death.

At times like this, one has to ask: what kind of sick person would do something like this. And the follow up question is: WHY?

The answer to those two questions can lie in the work of Friedrich Nietzsche and his theory of RESSENTIMENT. This is what happens when society adopts the TRANSRATIONAL IDEOLOGY base on the FALSE PREMISE that God is no longer relevant in our everyday lives.

So the moral of this story is that because of people like Francis and his henchmen like the Sant’Egidio Archbishop Paglia who are actively undermining, dare I say subverting our Civilization’s underpinning in NATURAL LAW and NATURAL MORAL LAW, humanity has no buffer against people like this Judge Anthony Hayden.

The only buffer against people like this “judge”, or the “doctor” in the below Tweet, is what Dr. Jordan Peterson calls the greatest development of Western Civilization: the recognition of the PRINCIPLE of the Sanctity of Human Life. (Also see here and here)

And here is a screen grab that captures this MORAL RELATIVIST position quite accurately:

Here is Professor Stephen Hicks to explain RESSENTIMENT:

Alfie Evans’ Dad in new video: ‘They’re starving him, they wouldn’t do this to an animal’

LIVERPOOL, April 24, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – In a dramatic statement to media outside the Alder Hey hospital minutes ago, Alfie’s father Tom Evans showed resolve amidst grief and righteous anger at the hospital’s decision to refuse to allow the parents to take baby Alfie to Italy where he has been offered hospital care. An emergency appeal of the recent ruling forbidding the couple to take their son to Italy has been granted.

Exhausted and haggard, Evans said that Alfie’s 22 hours of breathing on his own after the ventilator was removed has surprised but also frustrated doctors who he says want the child dead. Evans reveals that he had to fight for six hours to get the hospital to allow Alfie hydration but they have refused to allow the child nutrition.

“They don’t want to see him come out of it, they want him to die, they want him to deteriorate in the next couple of hours so then they can say ‘oh look we told you’, but in fact in reality I stood in the court case and they told me he wouldn’t last longer than five minutes, he’s lasted 22 hours,” Evans said.

Describing his disgust with the attempt to starve his son he said: “It’s disgusting how they treating us, they’re starving him, they wouldn’t do this to an animal.”

Nevertheless, Evans said he would fight with the child’s mother for their son’s life despite feeling like he is in a “jail”. “It’s disgusting but Alfie’s fighting so I’m going to remain at his bedside with his Mum all night and I’m going to fight,” Evans said.

To all those who have sent negative comments to the young parents Tom Evans says, “You haven’t knocked me down, I’m going to keep climbing the mountain.”

Evans said the claim of the hospital that it would take days to move Alfie is totally false noting that both a German and an Italian medical evacuation team were ready to transfer the child to the Bambino Gesu hospital in Rome.