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It’s been busy at work, so I haven’t been posting much lately. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching.

Today, we begin with a military metaphor, as can be discerned from the title…

The reason for the title and subject matter is that your humble blogger has been noticing a rather peculiar PHENOMENON taking place in the wider Restoration movement.

And a movement it is.

The observation is that just like in any movement that becomes big, personalities and personal opinions tend to get in the way of progress. And here I mean the good kind of progress. And this is what has been happening lately in the wider Restoration movement. So the humble advice from this most humble blogger is to fix our firing lines onto the real enemy, and allow that which is happening in our rear, behind our battle-lines, to play itself out. It will play itself out in a positive manner since it is REALITY BASED and eventually will have to conform to the Lex Armaticus.

So let’s get down to business…

First for some positive news.

What strikes me about the last week or so days, is how BIG of a SCANDAL the killing of little Alfie and the manner in which it was executed (no pun intended) turned out to be. It became global thanks to social media, and in spite of the complete absence of coverage by the global legacy #fakenews media.

Furthermore, it was the CATHOLICS who took it global!

The Alder Hey Death Camp Hospital’s treatment of little Alfie and his parents was contemptible. And given that it was exclusively the Catholics who initially brought the matter to the attention of the wider global audience, the post-conciliar hierarchy was drawn into the fray. Kicking and screaming, I might add. In fact, the rebellion against this contemptible behavior became so big, that the FrancisVatican and the Bishops of England and Wales were forced to take a position in this matter.

And boy, did they reveal themselves for who they truly are.

The SIGNALLING EFFECT of this “NEW PARADIGM” gang was so strong that the FrancisVatican sycophantic “terror bloggers” had to be engaged. And the Francis
TerrorBloggers” did what the terror bloggers do best, they went after the people who tried to save little Alfie, attacking them mercilessly.

Yet, it has been noticed that it is the “Catholic Church”, i.e. Church Militant, as opposed to the post-conciliar hierarchy along with the rest of the #fakechristian confessions, who is the LAST DEFENDER OF THE SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE standing on this post-Modernist battlefield of the damned.

And this observation was made grudgingly by non other than Glenn Beck, a person who has gotten a reputation as a #fakeconservative of late. Here to a Hilary White post that contains the link to the Beck-Michael Matt interview and the part mentioned above comes at the end of the interview.

Very eye opening indeed, for no less of a reason then Beck has quite a big audience within the protestant and fallen away Catholic demographic.

Next up, and the much bigger EVENT in the wider Restoration movement that has been transpiring over the last week or so has been the escape of the musician Kanye West from what could be called the Democratic Party Negro Plantation.

And he isn’t letting up either…

This EVENT has been gaining a large and larger SIGNIFICANCE since the cultural sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium appears have become the TRANSITION MECHANISM across which the radical left is passing on the post-Modernist destructive habits and proclivities through the generations.

Without going into too much detail here, it would appear that as first classical philosophy and later its refinement by the Scholastics, i.e. Thomism provided the Catholic Church with a REALITY BASED SUBSTRUCTURE through which the Faith was passes on through the generations from the time of the Apostles, culture, or rather pop culture is being used in the same manner by the post-Modernists.

What the post-Modernists have in fact done is create a string of “cultural icons” since the hippie days of the 1960s, which serve as “role models” for the wider Western populations. These “cultural icons” appear to perform the same function as that of the Catholic Communion of Saints, individuals whose actions are to be admired and imitated.

The problem is that this VIRTUAL REALITY that has been created on the SUBSTRUCTURE of pop-culture is beginning to break down. Reason being is that it, just like the post-conciliar church and now FrancisChurch, is not sustainable.

The victims of this “pop-culture” mindset and the resulting disastrous approach to life, can be seen filling up the venues for the Jordan Peterson Biblical Lecture series and now the book tour. These are also the people who have abandoned the #fakenews media and communications operations and are looking for REAL SOLUTIONS to REAL PROBLEMS in the alternative media. This is making people like Jordan Peterson, Stefan Molyneux, Dr. Duke Pesta, Mike Cernovich, Scott Adams and others as the primary source of information and formation education to this generation of Western Man.

Yet, the establishment is not taking this situation lying down. It is fighting back with the only weapons at their disposal, i.e. post-Modernism.

Just to demonstrate the latest dispatch from the MSM/AltMedia War, ESPN has lost 500,000 viewers in just this last month. (see here) And as with the Romans, once the Circuses are over, all that is left is the Panem. Yet with a national debt of $20 Trillion thanks to Obama, the next generation will not be able to borrow itself to prosperity. Any new prosperity will have to result from working “the old fashioned way”. And this is what the younger generation is figuring out now, making those Alt Media personalities, due to their rational messages, into massive cultural icons in their own right.

One specific case in point of that which is written above is the situation with Kanye West and Candace Owens. In the pop-cultural sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium, the post-Modernist establishment is forced to “deal with the fallout”, just as the FrancisVatican and the Bishops of England and Wales are forced to deal with the fallout after the murder of Alfie. And naturally, the manner in which these forces have dealt with Kanye West’s emancipation is through… wait for it… attacking Kanye West, Candace Owens and anybody who supports their positions.

It’s as if they are all using the same playbook. But I digress…

So this ARMY of SECULAR TERROR BLOGGER has been engaged. The viciousness of these post-Modernists is so great that it has taken their animus to such an extreme that they have called for physical harm to be done to Mr. West by one of the well known Los Angeles street gangs.

And just as Dr. Peterson points out, this FALSE IDEOLOGY can only lead to one place, i.e. to the Soviet Gulag.

Concluding, what we are seeing in the Kanye West situation is the first signs of a revolt against the Cultural Marxist status quo by a top tier celebrity.

Cultural Marxism has become so threatened in fact by this defection, that the big post-Modernist TERROR BLOGS, such as the Carlos Slim blog otherwise known as the Failing New York Times, are leading the charge suppress this revolt.

Yet they have adapted a rather bizarre strategy from where this humble blogger sits. Given that most of the players in this game have a good idea that what is behind this ESTABLISHED MATRIX (VIRTUAL REALITY) is driven by Cultural Marxism, these post-Modernist TERROR BLOGS have taken to NORMALIZE and PLATFORM Marxism in all its forms. (see here)

And the Cultural Marxist over in the ECCLESIASTICAL sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium are also trying to NORMALIZE and PLATFORM Marxism in the #fakenews “c”atholic media which is under their control. (see here)

So at the end of the day, what we are witnessing is the post-Modernist Cultural Marxists dropping their masks and promising the new generations of the “proletariat” a new and improved UTOPIA if they will just return back to the Plantation.

Yet that same “proletariat” has not only not returned, but are leaving in droves. They realize that the “goods sold them” by the Cultural Marxists has destroyed their lives and their future prospects. So they are turning to individuals in New Media who provide them a message grounded in OBJECTIVE REALITY.

Moreover, those who accept this message and comply with it, are turning their lives around for the better. And this message is spreading and creating a demand for not only OBJECTIVE REALITY based solutions, but for an understanding of their condition in terms of the wider ONTOLOGICAL REALITY, i.e. the Supernatural aspects to their existence.

And this in a nutshell is the explanation for the Dr. Jordan Peterson PHENOMENON.

Above is a great video by Dr. Peterson. In this video, one can see the explanation for how politics, philosophy and theology come together when one decides to accept OBJECTIVE REALITY and function according to its LAWS.

Have a nice weekend!