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Today we go off on a tangent and bring you, dear and loyal reader some very good news. But as the post-Modernist would say, CONTEXT is everything.

So before we get to the great news, some background first.

As my dear readers know, when looking at an issue, any issue, one can look at it on various levels. On this blog, we like to drill down to foundational levels, i.e. the theological level and one level up, the PHILOSOPHICAL level.

In the humble opinion of this even more humble blogger, if we as Faithful Catholics can sort out the PHILOSOPHICAL level, the theological level will sort itself out. The reason for this approach is that the difference between these two levels is that which  the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard termed as the “leap of faith”.

Another reason your humble blogger focuses on the PHILOSOPHICAL level is because that is where the largest group of potential CONVERTS exist. (see HERE) It is also the level which needs to be “sorted out” in order for those fallen away Catholics to return to the ONE TRUE FAITH.

And finally, sorting out the PHILOSOPHICAL level is where the entire population functions! In other words, everybody who has the cognizant ability to think abstractly, functions at this level, whether they are cognizant of it or not. As a simple example, anybody trying to decide on which candidate to vote for, will have to define for themselves a PHILOSOPHICAL CONSTRUCT on which they can then make the POLITICAL decision.

Given the above, what your humble blogger assumes is that everybody can be introduced to a REASON based PHILOSOPHY, can then deduce an INDIVIDUAL PHILOSOPHICAL APPROACH which will mirror something along the lines of a secular form of THOMISM. They then can infer the Supernatural part of the ONTOLOGICAL REALITY.

And voilà, Catholicism!

A good case in point of this above is the discussion between Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson wherein Ben Shapiro lays out the THOMIST argument for the nature of ONTOLOGICAL REALITY HERE.

Remember, PRO MULTI, not PRO OMNES!

So that’s what’s at play…

Moving on from the general to the specific and the THEOLOGICAL sub-set of the human population, i.e. those who have traversed the Kierkegaardian “leap of faith”, this population has undergone what can be called a “fractionalization” of belief. What I mean by this is that these people’s understanding of their FAITH has been CORRUPTED by the introduction of a “cafeteria style” post-conciliar belief system. These FAITHFUL have been allowed to pick and choose which tenets of the Catholic Faith they will ascribe to and which they could reject. This pick and choose process has robbed them of their understanding of the Catholic Faith of its intrinsic MEANING, and has rendered this personalized understanding IRRELEVANT to their day-to-day existence.

This exchange of a fixed, NATURAL LAW and NATURAL MORAL LAW based FAITH, grounded in ONTOLOGICAL REALITY (Thomist), into one of a situational and relativistic BELIEF SYSTEM (Phenomenological) is what is at the root of the disintegration of the post-conciliar church.

So what has been left of the Catholic Church, after the post-conciliar church suppressed a Thomist based FAITH, and introduced a Phenomenological belief system, is a hodge-podge of “identity groups” who are still part of the post-conciliar church in order to satisfying some of their emotion-based psychological needs for the existence of a transcendental being, but nothing more.

Yet within this post-conciliar structure, is the INDEFECTIBLE CHURCH. This Church is the Remnant of the ONE HOLY CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH founded by Our Lord and contains the FAITH given by Him to the Apostles and passed down through the generations.

This INDEFECTIBLE CHURCH has all the MARKS of the Catholic Church as it has existed for 2000 years. Since the CATHOLIC FAITH is the ONE TRUE FAITH, it by definition has to be ONTOLOGICALLY TRUE at ALL levels of it’s doctrine. This gives the FAITH MEANING! And we have proof that this is in fact CORRECT since the Catholic Church is the oldest ongoing (and still viable) concern known to man.

With respect to the members of this INDEFECTIBLE CHURCH, one can identify these organizations quite easily. Among them are the Society of St. Pius X, the organizations within the Ecclesia Dei Commission, the Sedevacantists and some of the independent societies who believe that which Catholics have always believed and have not formally broken with the Roman Church.

Nota bene: Disagreements about whether the post-conciliar popes are valid or not should not concern us here, since the next Roman Pontiff can be Pope Pius XIII and these groups will happily accept him as the Roman Pontiff.

Aside, a result that I think we all are praying for…

So one very important part of this INDEFECTIBLE CHURCH is the work being done on the AKA Catholic blog. In a recent post, the readers were informed as to a new initiative by contributors of this blog.

I have re-posted this information below and highly recommend that all my loyal and dear readers support this effort. (see here)

The reason why this blogger is fully supportive of this initiative is the information that will appear in this new publication, The Catholic Inquisitor will no doubt be grounded in ONTOLOGICAL REALITY.

I see this effort as becoming one of the few, yet rapidly expanding SOLID MOORINGS where Catholics can come and read information based in the TRUE CATHOLIC FAITH.

If this effort succeeds, one of the down stream EFFECTS will be to better allow the FAITHFUL to keep our SALVIFIC FAITH clearly in focus and define what in fact constitutes the Depositum Fidei.

And speaking strictly from a purely ONTOLOGICAL perspective, if The Catholic Inquisitor can prevent further MADNESS like this, it will have been worth the effort.

Miserere nobis!

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: A new day is dawning

As Cornelia Ferreira observed on these pages last July, a synthesis between many prominent traditionalists and conservatives has been taking place right before our very eyes; a phenomenon that she aptly identified as Conservative-Traditionalism.

Readers of this space have also long lamented the fact that the well-established traditional Catholic apostolates and their media outlets have taken on an ecumenical mindset; one that seeks common ground with neo-conservatives by applauding their hero-prelates whenever they happen to utter a truth, while deliberately ignoring the grave errors and offenses against the Faith that they so often dispense in the process.

Having identified the crisis, it’s now time for all of us to do something about it; for the Glory of God and the salvation of souls.

Front Page4Introducing The Catholic Inquisitor – a traditional Catholic newspaper committed to defending Catholic tradition – every issue, every month – without compromise.

With an impressive line-up of contributors, The Catholic Inquisitor pledges to tirelessly seek the truth, to deliver it to our readers faithfully, and to defend it from every attack regardless of cost and no matter the source – even if it comes from a bishop in white.

Visit The Catholic Inquisitor website now to hear from some of our writers and to learn more.

A new day is dawning in traditional Catholic print media. Become a part of it today.