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So today we skip back to the ECCLESIASTICAL sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium due to the OCCURRENCE of a SIGNIFICANT EVENT.

The SIGNIFICANT EVENT has to do with VOCATIONS, or the lack there of…

The reason that this humble blogger monitors any news about VOCATIONS is that this will most likely be the KEY ISSUE that will decide who will become the next Roman Pontiff.

For the back story, I reference you dear reader to the post titled Revenge Of The Saturno: Death Of The “spirit of VII” Is At Hand. In that post, we made the following observation in our analysis of the information put out into the public domain by the Vaticanista Andrea Gagliarducci:

After reading his quite long post, what is important to understand is that the upper management of the Holy See is beginning to understand that FrancisEPICFAILURE is no longer an option.

So assuming that the above is a TRUE PREMISE, the following information should be treated with a heightened level of SIGNIFICANCE.

First we begin with the above screen grab and the dearth of VOCATIONS in Rhode Island. DC Latin Mass makes a great… and OBJECTIVELY CORRECT riposte to the good Bishop.

Yet the VOCATIONS crisis in the FrancisChurch and by extension in the post-concliliar church is not only OBSERVABLE, but becoming a REAL “internal issue” behind the Sacred Vatican Walls and also in the wider Italian national church.

It must be becoming such a SIGNIFICANT issue since Francis had to address it at his last meeting with the Italian Bishop’s Conference. Here is a post from Fr. Z. (see here) that lays out the background for these FrancisMusings:

At Vatican Insider I spotted something interesting.  Each Spring the Italian bishops have a plenary meeting at the Vatican’s Paul VI hall, in the smaller hall where the Synod usually meets.  The Pope attends at least part of the meeting.  This year was no exception.

And from the reports, there were TWO main topics for discussion:

  1. Dearth of Vocations
  2. Intrinsically Disordered Seminarians.

Starting with the latter, Francis had this to say:

Francis, speaking about the downturn in vocations, one of his “three worries” for the Italian church, he was, instead, more straightforward and, inviting the bishops to oversee more the quality of future priests, then the quantity, explicitly mentioned cases of homosexual persons who desire, for various motives, to enter into the seminary. Then he invited the bishops to a “careful discernment”, adding: “if you have also the slightest doubt it’s better not to let them enter”.

Ockham’s razor would view this “objectively disordered” persons ban as Francis paying his customary lip service to this issue. He most likely sees it in “his” interest for these types of people to enter the seminaries (since apparently no other types want to) but is hedging himself (and his “legacy”) in case there are problems downstream when the local ordinaries don’t take his “advice”.

But the SIGNIFICANCE of addressing this issue is that it is the Italian Bishops who have a VESTED INTEREST in having this issue addressed, which is no doubt why Francis raised it (or more likely, was asked to raise it) in the first place.

The more important issue is about the DEARTH OF VOCATIONS. It cannot be stressed enough that it is the ITALIAN BISHOPS who have a VESTED INTEREST in having this issue addressed. So Francis is just addressing something that is of primary importance to the Italian Bishops’ Conference.

And here is what Francis said: (see here)

In a speech to an annual assembly of the Italian bishops conference Monday, Francis blamed the priest shortage on such factors as demographic changes, scandals in the church and cultural trends that dissuade young people from making lifelong commitments and make them value instead the “dictatorship of money.”

“How many seminaries, churches, monasteries and convents will be closed in the next few years?” he asked. “God only knows.”

What we see is Francis’ non-nonchalance with respect to this issue. He doesn’t give a rat’s rear end about vocations in general. What he cares about is… as he says “not to create any new little monsters”.

Here is how the author of  the above post commented:

I am just a lay person, and not in Europe. I can’t help but notice, though, that Pope Francis and his allies have actively suppressed two flourishing orders in Europe: the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate and the Fraternity of the Holy Apostles of Brussels.

Exactly right.

Doesn’t appear to be any URGENCY in Francis’ tone in attempting to do anything about this issue, does there?

Actually, to understand Francis’ position on VOCATIONS, we can revert to the meeting Francis had with his fellow Jesuits on his last trip to Chile, which we laid out in the post titled: Francis Admits In Chile “Dialogue” with Jesuits that FrancisChurch Is A Suicide Cult…

Here is how Francis sees Vocations and the Sacred Priesthood going forward:

A better way to restate this question as follows:

How do you see the situation of the Society of Jesus (the Company) going forward, given that the average age of its members is rather advanced and there are very few younger members (vocations) coming into the Order to take their place?

To which, Francis answers… again paraphrasing:

The situation is dire, but I’m in charge and I’m doing it my way. So trust me. If doing it my way is an abject disaster, so be it. The Society of Jesus will die. And I’m ok with that because the “god of surprises” (a.k.a. Bergoglio’s alter ego) wants it that way. So what this means for you and “the Company, just like Xavier, you will chose the path of death.

But not to leave you dear brothers with a sour taste in your mouth, since suicide might not sit well with you, please re-frame your thinking along the lines of the Japanese on Saipan at the end of World War II jumping off the cliffs to their deaths rather than being captured by the Americans “Saverio”, who “chose to follow the path proposed to him, and in that case it was death!”

Yet, the “Remnants of Catholicism” within the post-conciliar church (in which the INDEFECTIBLE CHURCH subsits) are not complying with the instructions given by the FrancisSuicideCult. Here is a screen grab from the latest graduation class at one major US seminary: (see here)

For those who are not on Twitter, hint: All are wearing cassocks!

And it would also appear that there is a SEMINARIAN REVOLT taking place in France. Here is the back-story from the Eponymous Flower blog: (see here)

(Paris) 80 seminarians of the Archdiocese of Paris have recently attended Holy Mass in the traditional form of the Roman Rite on February 2nd, at the Feast of Candlemass.

And why did this happen:

After decades of harsh rejection and exclusion of the traditional rite, especially in France, where the intra-Church conflict was particularly marked by a strong traditionalist movement, there are signs of rapprochement. This is also evident from the fact that it was the seminarians who, in their absolute majority in the academic year 2017/2018, wanted to study the traditional form of the Roman Rite and the Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, although, according to Corrispondenza Romana, it was not due to attempts by the diocesan authorities who had failed in the formation of priests to dissuade them.

“The reality is different, and tells of a renewal of the Church, in France and elsewhere, thanks to the traditional orders and communities that attract vocations and now also attract the attention of the future diocesan clergy.”

In other words, what we are a witness to is a revolt by the diocesan seminarians who understand that since they will be dedicating their lives to Christ, they would like the INSTITUTION that He founded to be around for a while longer.

So what has in fact happened, regardless of how the Corrispondenza Romana spins it, is that they have revolted!

And like they say, there is strength in numbers…

And by taking matters into their own hands, these future Priests most effectively answered Francis’ claim that only “God knows” how many seminaries will be closed in the next few years…

God helps those who help themselves!