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Today’s big news, outside of the disaster in Ireland, precipitated in part by FrancisChurch, (see HERE, HERE and HERE just to name three) has to be its “clandestine” role in the coup d’etat (a sudden and decisive action in politics, especially one resulting in a change of government illegally or by force) that is taking place in Italy at present.

For those who have been following the Italian Odessy to independence on these humble pages (see last post HERE), you will know that the largest number of votes were gotten by two anti-establishment parties, namely the 5 Star Movement and The (formerly Northern) League.

Over the last few weeks, these two parties were trying to form a government and just as they were able to agree on a government program and divine names for the future cabinet (ministers) posts, the Italian version of the Deep State, has poured some sand into the gears.

Due to the Italian President’s subjective views, he has discerned that the duly elected government should not assume office. So he has put in place a “caretaker” government, which will force the Italian populace to vote again.

Nota bene: For those who remember the Irish EU Lisbon Treaty vote, (see HERE) they had to vote twice since they voted the wrong way the first time. Aside: it could happen again with respect to the Eight Amendment if the “goods sold to the Irish populace was not those that were promised. Like for example this HERE.

Nota bene^2: So in the humble opinion of this even more humble blogger, I would suggest that all those who voted NO in order to Save the Eight Amendment, to NOT GIVE UP and in the mean time: start attending the Traditional Latin Mass EXCLUSIVELY. This suggestion is being provided on behalf of Dr. Jordan Peterson. (see HERE)

So back to the Italian affair…

So this morning, we are waking up to this Antonio “2+2=5 Spadaro Tweet:

And below is the back story…(Italian version HERE) (emphasis added)

The good news, is that the new government isn’t taking this lying down… (see HERE)

Have a nice Memorial Day!



Pezzo Grosso – which has important contacts from this and the other side of the Tiber – suggests a disturbing hypothesis, namely that the Holy See has sent to the Quirinale (Palace – President) a message of support for the constitutional “forcing operation” aimed at causing the shutdown of a Lega-M5S government, which had a solid parliamentary majority. Taking into account the declarations of the president of CEI Bassetti, those of the general secretary Galantino and the fund of the director of Avvenire, Tarquinio, which is one of their journalistic and media outlets, and tweets by Antonio Spadaro, director of Civilization Catholic, the voice or assuption, call it what you want, it is absolutely plausible. It is perfectly in line with the policy of contiguity (the state of being contiguous; contact or proximity) adopted by the summit of the bishops towards Renzi, the PD, and the left in general; the new collateralism. But let’s see what Pezzo Grosso writes about it.


“I have to declare that after the so-called President Napolitano’s government in 2011, I understood the message: elections are used exclusively to measure the political maturity of a people. If these people show immaturity, they must be helped to avoid making mistakes. The European Government of the Ventotene Manifesto applied in practice.

But I must also declare that I could never have imagined that even those who currently govern the Holy See would intervene to support this course of action. It is in fact reinforcing the indiscretion that a very highly positioned person who lives in the Vatican has intervened on President Mattarella invition to him to do what he did. Could it be true? I do not know, but I would not be surprised, given the results. We have suspected, or had the idea, if you prefer, that our country has enemies in Europe, but we had not yet reflected on the hypothesis that the worst “enemy” was a state within our country, and partly from this same country funded. Once the Church asked for help from foreign powers for her own good, today she gives help to foreign powers for her evil? Stunning (in my opinion) that the Holy See intervened (if it is true that it happened) to avoid the appointment of Savona as Minister of Economy. My suspicion-half certain has instead intervened (if that has happened), after the Lega declarations on the immigration problem, since it seems clear that immigration aimed at religious syncretism (the attempted reconciliation or union of different or opposing principles, practices, or parties, as in philosophy or religion) is one of the first strategic objectives of this pontificate, and that anyway there are less spiritual but more temporal interests connected to it. What are we doing then? Do we find a Charles V who gave him the famous visit from the lansquenets?

Seriously, what to do then dear Tosatti? Return to the elections (election results that support current European Union “values” and policies) in the current situation in Europe and with this Pontificate? It seems to me difficult to sustain. Mattarella, Renzi and Bergoglio would win. Surrender? to recognize that they won the war and defeated us? Yes, I give up, I feel defeated even if I do not know why. Go and listen to the speech of our President on the explanation of non-formation of the government, aimed – he said – to defend the savings of Italians. It is now impossible to understand if financial speculation or planned rating failures are worse. I swear I do not understand anything anymore, I’m confused, help! If you do not want to surrender, you could imagine proposing a referendum, which could however end the 1946 one on Monarchy or the Republic. All that remains is to ask for help to reformulate a European alternative to the one imposed by Germany-France. There are 28 European states, let’s not forget it (Orban is a good reference and example of the ability to generate ideas). Would this alternative be joined by 20-26 out of 28 states? We could imagine to formulate a manifesto of the Serafini island (on the Po, near Cremona) that redoes a Europe that is no longer centralized, a Europe that no longer despises the identities of the member states and is their subsidiary. And that refuses religious syncretism, proud of its Catholic roots. This done, we could (us) invite France, Germany and the Vatican State to participate. Maybe”. PG