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Oh my!

Oh my!

Oh my!

Things are happening fast.

Today your humble blogger transitions to the POLITICAL sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium.

But with a linguistic twist…

For my long term and loyal readers, you will recall that this humble blogger has been railing against the post-Modernist’s tactic of changing the meaning of “WORDS” themselves. And if they can’t change the meaning of the WORDS, they resort to using euphemisms. Here is a good case in point…

Yet, over the last 24 hours, the WORD POLICE has been out and about. It must have been since major global players are beginning to use WORDS in the CONTEXT of their OBJECTIVE MEANING AND COMMON USAGE.

First example comes by way of the above embedded video. In this video, one can hear the VERY STABLE GENIUS using the term “UNCONTROLLED MIGRATION”. Now President Trump used the term “uncontrolled migration” in terms of a national security issue.

Your humble blogger on the other hand, used this term in the series of post pertaining to the financial problems that the FrancisChurch USA is having, and have turned to HUMAN TRAFFICKING to help out their balance sheet. In January of 2017 we published this post here: Schema For The Upcoming FrancisChurch USA Liquidation. (Updated)

So if using “uncontrolled migration” in “respectable circles” can be considered as a “faux pas”, using the term HUMAN TRAFFICKING to describe what is happening in the Mediterranean at present, is the leftist equivalent of mortal sin.  And yet, this:

And finally this:

Told you things are moving fast…

Concluding, below is a post from another Deus ex Machina favorite, Curt Doolittle. On his blog (see here), you will find this very precise and orderly explanation of what is behind the Trump Doctrine. It provides CONTEXT to the video of the post-G7 press conference presented in the video above.

As to the coverage of the Trump G7 and now the North Korea disarmament negotiations, I suggest you dear reader keep up on the PROCESS over at the Conservative Treehouse blog. They are literally the best…

Please read and pass along to any individuals who happen to still not get it!


Trump’s Grand Strategy – For Ordinary People

”Is there a strategic reason Trump has alienated our traditional trading partners (Europe, Canada, Mexico) while simultaneously saying Russia should be allowed back into the G7 making it the G8?”—-


In Trump’s Own Words:

“We’re like the piggy bank that everybody is robbing,” Trump said. “And that ends.”

“The European Union is brutal to the United States and they know it,” Trump said, adding that other leaders acknowledge as much in private.

“It’s like the gig is up,” he said. “They can’t believe they got away with it.”

He said the size of the U.S. economy means other nations can’t win a trade war. “We win that war a thousand times out of a thousand.”


Keep in mind that all democratic countries have voters to appeal to so they must at least make a visible attempt at resisting changes that would eliminate trade, economic, and military privileges. So these public disputes are necessary for the service of voters even if european politicians understand that ‘the gig is up’.

1) We spent decades and vast amounts of money helping Europe recover from their civil war. But they kept on parasitically extracting from us. We have absurd trade deficits while American workers suffer from it. But when we started this battle we had a much greater share of the world income and its economy.

2) We spent a long time and vast amounts of money preventing the suicidal ideology that was communism, then socialism, and currently postmodernism, and now, in addition, Islamism. And slowly the world learned. And those that didn’t still suffer (Venezuela), and those that changed prosper (china). But when we started this battle we had a much greater share of the world income and its economy.

3) Europe virtue signals against us all the time, but when there are problems no one but Italy can supply even two planes, and when there is military action only the UK can contribute whatsoever. So we spend 4% of our (massive) GDP and they spend 1% (the same as Switzerland), and play games with us (especially France – who has always been our enemy ). Russia is a paper tiger on all but narrow paths into Moscow, and her declining nuclear inventory is all that makes her other than a third world country – she has the same sized economy as Texas and Italy.

4) Americans are sold virtue signals while the middle class has been hollowed out and the manufacturing has been hollowed out. Originally we hollowed out manufacturing in order to prevent the democratic party and unions working together to implement socialism here in the states and drag us down the same path as other socialist countries. Now we are struggling to return the money, workload, technology, and capital investment to the country.

6) Trump’s tax reform was the most important first step. His trade policy the second, And the forcible redistribution of world military costs to europeans the third. And as a consequence, the end of european virtue signaling that encourages Americas, the American academy, and the American bureaucracy, to follow the suicidal route that european countries have, but which now must abandon their postwar experiments and pay their own way independent of American subsidies.

7) The reason this is important is that we are very shortly going to go through a catastrophic demographic and economic shock that will mean the only competitive advantage between nations is the demographic distribution of the people. In other words, *every point of IQ* is the only difference in competitive ability. And this is the current threat to America, because we have already lost one point in the past twenty years, and almost the second. When five points makes the difference between wealth and relative stagnation, we cannot afford to lose demographically (immigration) or in overpopulation, or in export of wage-level jobs.


8) By including Russia he adds the only country with any military capacity to the discourse, and adds an other voice against one-world-government. Putin, The Slavic Countries, Italy, and now Russia, are trying to contain the french-german social democratic suicide of Europe so that it does not spread.

9) By weakening, conspiring against the people of, and invading Ukraine, Russia threw away her potential to restore the economic and population structure of the soviet union, which was necessary for Russia to remain a world power. The clock ticks. And it takes 350M to 500M people in a block to finance a world power status.

10) The sanctions do their work, and as of this year Putin has redirected expenditures from the military to the economy – which is what is necessary for Russia to unite with german against the anglos, and allow the Intermarium (West Slavics: Poland, Ukraine, Slovikia, Romania…) to evolve into a balance of powers between anglo, latin, germanic, west slavic, and east slavic (Russian ) lands – restoring ‘the States of Europe’ again. And thereby Restoring Western Civilization.

11) By forcing Europe to rearm, and eliminating ‘parasitism’ upon the United States, Trump is ending the redistribution of American wealth to post-war European states necessary for their restoration, and ending subsidy to developing nations that were a risk of ‘going communist’.

Trump is ending the Marxist, Bolshevik, Trotskyist, Democratic Socialist Globalist program, which sought to create a single world government (and a communist one) out of the united nations, and instead is restoring Europe, and the international balance of powers that has been successful throughout modern history.

12) As any strategist will tell you, you never state your strategy. You merely pursue all options by which to bring it about. Simple people plan. Sophisticated people negotiate and seize every available opportunity.

Trump knows exactly what he is doing.

And all he has to do to achieve it is *demand fair deals*.

That alone will restore the balance of powers.  And end the conflict of civilizations.