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So today we continue with our UNCONTROLLED MIGRATION theme. Over the last couple of days, a bizarre situation is playing itself out in the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The reason we will drill down to examine this situation is that is serves as a good example of a HIDDEN AGENDA at work.

The background of the below Zero Hedge story is that the new Italian government, trying to keep the promises made during their campaign, promises that served as the primary reason for why they received the majority of the votes, turned away a HUMAN TRAFFICKING ship that was heading with its HUMAN CARGO toward an Italian port.

As the HUMAN TRAFFICKERS were on their way, the Italian Interior Minister asked the country of Malta to accept this ship since it was the nearest port (outside of Tunisia) at which this ship should have docked, according to preexisting international treaties that is.

The Maltese government refused, but the new radical leftist minority Spanish government, wanting to VIRTUE SIGNAL to the International Leftist GLOBALISTS, agreed to accept the HUMAN TRAFFIC at Valencia.

So case closed and a happy ending.

Or so one would think…

Yet, as this “situation” was coming to a successful conclusion, the new Jupiter-esque President of the “sovereign” Republic of France, one Emmanuel Macron jumped into the mix.  And if I understand his position, he wanted to FORCE the “sovereign” Republic of Italy to accept this HUMAN CARGO against their will.

And not only did France INFUSE itself into the affairs of the “sovereign” Republic of Italy, another European City-State is also INFUSING itself into the affairs of Italy. And that other European SOVEREIGN is the Vatican.

Over at a website that I don’t usually link to (Crux), we get this headline: Italian Church and new government finally face off over Aquarius. In the article, we find this passage: (see here)

Finally, this impasse in the Mediterranean Sea pushed the Italian Church to finally show its daggers, proving that when it comes to immigration they won’t back down. Already during the election season, Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, President of the Italian bishops’ conference, CEI, only barely hid his opposition to the Northern League and its leader, calling its representatives “not to blow on the fire of frustration and social rage.”

Don’t be fooled by the “finally” modifier (contradicted in the next sentence), Francis, the VIRTUAL SIGNALER of Rome has been itching to start this fight for some time now. Here is the next paragraph that gives the game away:

Not even a week ago, Bassetti led the prayer for Italy organized in Rome by the Community of St. Egidio, dubbed “Pope Francis’s favorite new movement” in light of their work and commitment to immigrants and safe pathways for refugees.

So let’s connect the dots.

Francis is agitating for the Soros POPULATION REPLACEMENT plan, using the German (KIRCHENSTEUER) funded St. Egidio SECT as the operational arm for moving massive numbers of “immigrants” onto the European Continent.

And just a reminder from the past, i.e. 2015, we have this passage: (see here)

When Sant’Egidio upstages the secretariat of state

On Saturday, February 21 (2015), German chancellor Angela Merkel spent 40 minutes with Pope Francis and a full hour with cardinal secretary of state Pietro Parolin, accompanied by the Vatican foreign minister, Archbishop Paul R. Gallagher. She talked with them about the next G7, Ukraine, and more.

Afterward Angela Merkel went to the headquarters of Sant’Egidio, and in this case as well the visit lasted a little more than an hour. But thanks to the effective management of communications for the event, the meeting with the organization founded by Andrea Riccardi trounced the one with the heads of Vatican diplomacy, media-wise. Suffice it to say that “Corriere della Sera,” the major Italian newspaper read in all the corridors of power, gave much more space to Merkel’s visit with Sant’Egidio than to the one at the Vatican, not even making reference to the meeting with Parolin and Gallagher. No small letdown for the heads of Vatican diplomacy, who traditionally see as a smokescreen the encroachments of the lauded “parallel diplomacy” of Sant’Egidio.

So what we see in the above, other than the proper CONTEXT of what is playing itself out in the media and on the high seas, is that NOW: the FrancisVatican diplomacy and the Sant’Egdidio diplomacy are one and the same.

Regardless of what the DavosPope in waiting thinks…

But the sides in this latest Siege of Europe are clear for all to see.

And one thing is for certain: Francis ain’t no Marcantonio Colonna!

And now, onto the Zero Hedge situational “war dispatch” from the Mediterranean front. (see here)


Diplomatic Meltdown: Italy-France Relations Collapse Amid North-African Migrant Spat

Italy has postponed high-level discussions with France on Wednesday after French President Emmanuel Macron criticized Rome for refusing to take in a migrant rescue ship full of 629 shipwrecked North Africans – forcing it to divert to Valencia, Spain. After the ship ran out of supplies, the Italian Navy agreed to escort them across the Mediterranean.

Italy’s new Economy Minister Giovanni Tria said he was cancelling a meeting with his French counterpart Bruno le Maire in Paris. The French economy ministry later said the ministers had “agreed that Mr Tria will come to Paris in the coming days”. –AFP

Italy’s decision to refuse the migrants came after their new Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, said in early June that “the good times for illegals are over” – writing an urgent letter ordering Malta to accept the 629 migrants picked up by the non-governmental organization (NGO) ship MV Aquarius, run by the group SOS Mediterranee. Salvini called Malta the “safest port” for the passengers, advising that Rome would not offer refuge. After Malta refused leading to several days in limbo, Spain agreed to take the passengers. 

In response to the ordeal, French President Emmanuel Macron accused Italy of “cynicism and irresponsibility,” adding that their EU neighbor is “playing politics” with the refugees. Meanwhile Gabriel Attal, the spokesman for Macron’s party, called Italy’s actions “nauseating”.

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini responded – saying on Tuesday that he would not “accept hypocritical lessons from countries that have preferred to look the other way on immigration,” and adding on Wednesay that unless France issues an “official apology” for Macron’s inflammatory comments, a Friday meeting between Italian Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte and Macron should be canceled

If an official apology doesn’t arrive, prime minister Conte would be right not to go to France,” Salvini told reporters after he demanded that France take in more migrants.

The statements around the Aquarius affair that come from France are surprising and show a serious lack of knowledge about what is really happening, said Salvini. 

The Italian government has never abandoned the almost 700 people aboard the Aquarius,” it said in a statement on Tuesday. “After the refusal of Malta to allow the people aboard the Aquarius to disembark there, we received an unprecedented gesture of solidarity from Spain. The same cannot be said of France, which has often adopted much more rigid and cynical immigration policies.” –Thelocal.fr

France snarked back, with a French presidental source telling AFP that they hadn’t received a “formal demand from Italy for an apology.” 

According to the Asylum Information Databse, France had a total of 100,412 applications for asylum in 2017 and had a rejection rate of 73.2%, while Italy had 130,119 applications in 2017 and a much lower rejection rate of 58.2%. Italy has accepted over 700,000 migrants since 2013. 

Speaking to the Senate Wednesday, Salvini accused France of only receiving 640 of the 9,816 migrants it had promised to take from Italy.

He said that between January and May, France had sent 10,249 migrants back to Italy.

He demanded that France move from “words to action and offer a sign of generosity” by taking more in.

Salvini has accused charities that rescue migrants of working with human traffickers but said Italy would not stop rescuing migrant boats itself. –AFP

In December, EU leaders set an end-of-June deadline for an overhaul to rules governing Europe’s acceptance of migrants – most of whom arrive from North Africa. The International Organization for Migration warned on Tuesday against the closing of EU borders. 

“I fear a major tragedy if states start refusing to accept rescued migrants,” its director general William Lacy Swing said.

“Closing ports, whoever does it, threatens rescue at sea, as we have seen in the case of the Aquarius, and therefore is not the right solution,” UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi told reporters in Geneva, however he added that “the reason why Italy said it had closed ports is something we need to listen to”.