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So today, your humble blogger will tie together the previous two posts, namely Inspector General’s Report – The Rule Of Law Has Broken Down! and Two-Tiered Justice System Exposed For All To See… and look at the reasons (causal relationships) behind the breakdown.

We begin with one key feature that lies behind the “development” of a “two-tiered justice system” which led to a complete breakdown of the Rule of Law. This key feature can be viewed in the below tweet:

Now for those who have not gotten into the long grass of the various FBI investigation and resulting Congressional investigations, the term FD-302 will not ring a bell. Here is a short explanation: (see here)

“FBI form FD-302 has space to list the name of the agents, the date of the interview, the name of the interviewee, the place of the interview and so forth. Then it allows the agent to draft a memo—in paragraph form—of what the witness said.” 

So what we have is a situation where in this day and age, with voice recording devices and body cameras everywhere, especially in use by police departments who “interact” with the general population, the FBI still uses a PROCESS based on the old fashioned “honor system”.

Honor system!

In other words, a system where those FBI officials who write up these post-interrogation FBI forms are assumed to be free of individual bias and in control of their subjective emotional prejudices. They swear to uphold these precepts when taking their Oath of Office.

In other words, this PROCEDURE (PROCESS) is dependent on a PRESUPPOSITION that those doing the interrogation and subsequently writing up the FD-302 forms, ACT OUT as if they FUNCTION under the understanding of the nature of TRUTH as being an OBJECTIVE, STAND ALONE PHENOMENON existent in NATURE.

Or what we call on this blog: OBJECTIVE TRUTH.

Yet we know from the above Twitter screen grab that:

(FBI agents) “make composite 302s and then delete all of the originals”.

What’s worse:

“Judges let this happen.”

So what we have here is the classical example of a “post-Modernist mindset” where the “truth” is that which any given “actor” who has POWER over defining what is “true”, can define it to be that which he or she claims it to be.

Or as we say here on this blog, Truth is not defined as: bringing the mind into conformity with reality (‘adaequatio rei et intellectus’) but an account of truth as bringing thought into line with life (‘adaequatio realis mentis et vitae’).

And what is the official rationale for using these types of FB-302’s:

In other words, no checks!

So what we see is post-Modernist gobbledygook introduced into a NATURAL LAW based legal system. “Truth” now is bringing thought into line with life (‘adaequatio realis mentis et vitae’).

In this case, the subjective feelings of the FBI officer writing the FB-302.

And LIFE is defined by those who have the most POWER. (See here)

As an example of  the fruits of this new post-Modernist “reality”, we can see an example here:


To paraphrase another early post-Modernists: “What is bias?”

Actually, one can extend the above to ask: “What is TRUTH?”

Here is an example of just this:

So the situation is as follows: we have known for “months and months” that FB-302’s might not conform to TRUTH, i.e. bringing the mind into conformity with reality (‘adaequatio rei et intellectus’). 

And what is worse, it would also appear that there is an individual, namely General Michael Flynn who has pled guilty to “lying to the FBI”, wherein said FBI agents were using EVIDENCE, submitted to a court that was “created” on the basis of FAKE (in an objective, ‘adaequatio rei et intellectus’  sense that is) FB-302’s. (see here)

Yet the prosecutor of General Flynn, one Special Council Robert Mueller, no doubt having access to these FAKE FB-302’s and being cognizant that they are FAKE ((in an objective, ‘adaequatio rei et intellectus’  sense that is) is proceeding with the sentencing.

In days gone by, this would be called: a MISCARRIAGE of JUSTICE.

Today, nobody is quite sure what to call it…

So the standards appear to have changed.

To be more precise, there is a concerted effort underway to eradicate TRUTH as bringing the mind into conformity with reality (‘adaequatio rei et intellectus’). Here is that screen grab:

What we see from the above is a causal relationship between Christianity and Western Civilization. What acts as the common denominator of both these societal structures is the firm understanding of what constitutes TRUTH, namely  bringing the mind into conformity with reality (‘adaequatio rei et intellectus’).

Actually, the above understanding of the nature (and definition) of TRUTH can be traced back to Aristotle who observed something to be TRUE as: what is, that it is. And it is this definition of the nature of TRUTH, or its absence, that is the most striking in the above series of screen grabs.

Concluding, what we are witnessing in Washington D.C. presently, on the philosophical level could be defined as the final battle in the US legal system, as to what will be recognized as TRUTH.

We see this same dynamic playing itself out behind the Sacred Vatican Walls and in the wider Universal Church. We know, as from the observation of Thomas E. Woods that: (see here)

“Western civilization standpoints in debt to the Church for the university system, charitable work, international law, the sciences, and, important legal principles. Western civilization owes far more to the Catholic Church than most societies, Catholic incorporated often realizes. The Church, in fact, constructed Western civilization.” 

We also know that Western Civilization has been founded and maintained on the infrastructure produced by the Catholic Church. Western Civilization has existed for two millennia, which means that there is a transmission mechanism that is responsible for its sustainable nature.

And this “transmission” mechanism that has allowed the Catholic Church and Western Civilization to be transmitted across the generations is its grounded in its definition of what constitutes TRUTH.

The US government was also founded on Western principles, in adherence to Natural Law and OBJECTIVE REALITY. The Rule of Law is one such resulting universal concept and is likewise founded on the Aristotelian definition of TRUTH.

Unfortunately, what we are seeing in the above information is EVIDENCE of the complete breakdown of the Rule of Law, through the suppression of the Aristotelian definition of TRUTH.

In fact, we are seeing legal steps being taken in Canada to suppress the last great defender of Natural Law and its embedded tenet of OBJECTIVE TRUTH in Western Civilization, i.e. the Catholic Church.

This suppression is necessitated in order to break the underpinnings of Western Civilization’s adherence to the Rule of Law.

It isn’t the first time, and will not be the last. Yet what we do know is how this experiment ended the last time…

… think Soviet Union.