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I hope all my dear and loyal readers are enjoying the summer season. It is simply spectacular here where this humble blogger produces this humble effort aimed at chronicling the “Restoration of all things in Christ”.

When this humble effort was launched, on that fateful day in November of 2014, the motivation behind the Deus ex Machina blog was a series of observations that were transpiring at the time, observations that supported a RECOGNIZABLE  PHENOMENON that the Catholic Church was moving in the direction of a full RESTORATION of all things in Christ.

At that time, this RESTORATION PHENOMENON was not visible to the untrained eye, yet your humble blogger not only noticed it, he identified it and put this information out into the public domain.

For these initial efforts, scorn can your humble blogger’s way, yet the persistence paid off. If one is to go back to those early posts and compare them to the current state of the knowledge that the mainstream Catholic blogging holds, the difference is quite large.

And if the distance traveled by the Catholic bloggers is large, the parallel distance traveled by the mainstream Catholic press is astronomical. Think Phil Lawler, Ed Pentin, Ed Peters, not to mention the guests and host appearing on the entire EWTN television network.

And naturally, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, the prelates such as Cards. Burke, Sarah, Muller and Brandmuller, bishops such as Schneider, Fellay and the entire Polish and Kazakhstan Episcopates, and numerous clergy such as Frs. Z and Blake, need a shout out here as well.

Regardless of one’s subjective and at time OBJECTIVE “point of view” about what these religious and laymen “should be doing”, it can be said that they are trying to navigate the perilous seas of the Francis bishopric of Rome, defending the Barque from crashing onto the rocks of apostasy and even material and formal heresy, while not allowing it to disintegrate into a collection of shipwrecked driftwood.

So given that which is written above, your humble blogger, after much reflection and meditation has decided to leave the day to day chronicling the RESTORATION to the current group of bloggers and writers and will “leap forward” to begin the task of chronicling the potential road forward, that lays ahead for the post-Francis post-conciliar church, which subsists in and on the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

As this humble blogger sees it, a return to the Traditional Catholic Faith presently lies through that part of our Faith that is known through “natural light of human reason from the things that are made”. 

The EVIDENCE for this assertion is overwhelming and has been touched upon in our post titled The Power Of ONE WORD!The offending piece of EVIDENCE is here:

Since the above blog post was published in October of 2017, a couple of new PHENOMENA have arisen. One is what is now being called the PHENOMENON OF THE CHRISTIAN ATHEIST and the other is being termed as the INTELLECTUAL DARK WEB.

For those readers who have been following this humble effort for a while now, you will recall that this humble blogger identified the INTRINSIC CATHOLICISM of Dr. Jordan Peterson about 18 months ago and began referencing his work in my posts quite regularly.

Nota bene: I have embedded a quite long video to bring my readers up to date about the latest developments from within the Peterson PHENOMENON. The first 10 to 15 minutes are a must, if you dear reader are time constrained. But I digress…

In a post titled To “Magic Think”, Or Not To “Magic Think” – Cardinal Burke Finally Identifies The PROBLEM!, a video was presented where the both Dr. Peterson and his guest claim that a sizable group of former atheists are listening to there broadcast is because these former atheists, while not sure about Christianity, realize that without Christianity, all that is left is NIHILISM. So these new crypto-Christians are tuning in, turning on dropping back into the churches and other places of worship.

This above mentioned PHENOMENON is also spreading, and it is spreading quite rapidly. From what appears to be the case, the modern age Tele-Atheists, individuals which I will not name, are feeling the pressure on there listener-ship and viewership (decreasing), so they are engaging the Christian side of what has become known as the INTELLECTUAL DARK WEB. A few weeks ago, one of these debates, was held in Vancouver Canada and drew a sold out auditorium of 2500 people on two consecutive nights. This and every other sold out venue in which Dr. Peterson has lectured over these past 6 months, is a testament for the hunger for not only MEANING on the part of vast swaths of Western society, but also for the extension to the TRANSCENDENTAL.

Folks, this is YUGE!

So back to this humble blogger…

What this blogger has decided to do is to focus on that part of the these discussion that are taking place in the secular… bah, NATURAL realm and tie it back to the SUPERNATURAL. 

A good indication of the Deus ex Machina blog going forward will look much like the last two post, namely:

There’s The Poor, And Then There’s The FrancisPoor…


Francis, The Depopulation Huckster Of Rome Whiffs Again…

If there is one major thread that ties these two posts together, it is that the advancement of science and the scientific method (Thomistic -by lineage) in particular, has debunked the long-held Marxist notions of the post-Modernist JUNK SCIENCE and the underlying tenets for what is know as the Francis “magisterium”.

So going forward, the effect that is hoped for, is that the Faithful clerics and laymen will catch on to what is happening in the secular sub-sets of the Visibilium Omnium of the LEX ARMATICUS, and begin the long march to reorienting the post-conciliar church’s “theology” back to being based on a solid philosophy, a philosophy in which that which is REAL is defined as: what is, that it is.