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The Uncle Ted issue is not going away!

So just today, Rod Dreher has another great post on the LAVENDER MAFIA, i.e. that  “aberro-sexual construct” that subsists within the post-conciliar church. (see here)

Actually, it would appear more accurate to say that this post-conciliar HOMO-LOBBY has captured the reins of POWER of the US Catholic Conference of Bishops. In fact, it has captured the reins of POWER to the point where no other bishops want to comment on this OBJECTIVE REALITY.

So today, your humble blogger will make some observations about the STATE OF PLAY of where we are at in this infancy state of the next in line CLERICAL CHILD ABUSE SCANDAL. 

We begin with the Elizabeth Yore post on The Remnant website. According to Mrs. Yore, the news of Uncle Ted was strategically leaked after an internal USCCB strategy session, with lawyers. In the below post, which I republish FOR THE RECORD, she lays out her case.

As to the veracity of her supposition (HYPOTHESIS), the Deus ex Machina Peirce/Ockham Proprietry Model supports Mrs. Yores assertions.

At this time, your humble blogger would like to add another piece of circumstantial and apparently unrelated EVIDENCE to support Mrs. Yore’s HYPOTHESIS. The EVIDENCE has to do with the USCCB’s delegation that will be traveling to the Youth Sex Synod of 2018™ that has been called for in Rome later this year. Here is the line-up: (see here)

Now what’s wrong with the above picture?

If you look carefully, what you will observe is that the USCCB appointed and Francis ratified delegation is comprised of… wait for it… CONSERVATIVES. Yes sirree, no Bishop McElroy, or Cards. Cupich or Tobin anywhere to be found.

What makes this line-up all the more interesting is that the unspecified purpose (HIDDEN AGENDA) of the Youth Sex Synod of 2018™ can be assumed to be the same one that was the HIDDEN AGENDA behind the bi-Sex Synod of 2014-2015™ (see here), namely: changing post-conciliar church teaching on the intrinsically disordered. 

Anecdotal EVIDENCE for the above comes via multiple sources, one of which is a post that appeared on the Catholic Herald website. (see here) In this post, the following passage appeared: (emphasis added)

Regarding Church doctrine, the vast majority of the youth expressed the importance of right belief, sound moral teaching, and not shying away from some of the hard truths of the Catholic faith. As the period for commenting came to a close, I and several others were confident that the final document would reflect our concerns.

However, when the final document was released and made public, it seemed as if an entire group of the youth was simply ignored. For example, in regard to the Sacred Liturgy, there was no explicit reference to the Extraordinary Form; rather, the text used the term “reverential traditional liturgies”, and only as part of a long list. This may have been partly a translation issue, but it still felt unrepresentative of the conversation.

So what was the “not ignored” part that got into the final document you might ask dear and loyal reader?

Why it was about… wait for it… the use of the novel intrinsically disordered designation of “LGBT”. Here is a post from the Life Site News to explain: (see here)

For the first time in history, Vatican officials have seemingly embraced the notion that some people are born gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender via the inclusion of the term “LGBT” in the preparatory document for the Holy See’s upcoming Youth Synod.

Pro-LGBT Catholic organizations have cheered this as an important milestone. Fr. James Martin, SJ, the priest who stands at the forefront of promoting the normalization of homosexuality and transgenderism within the Church, accurately observed that for orthodox Catholics “It will be harder to object now,” to the infiltration of gay ideology.

Rome’s inclusion of the term was met with immediate, forceful pushback.

So why am I bringing this to your attention dear reader?

Because if the USCCB, with Francis’ “blessing” designates 5 CONSERVATIVE prelates as the US delegation to the Youth Sex Synod of 2018, it will be trouble for TeamFrancis.

To be more precise, it will be trouble for the likes of Card. Baldiserri and Bruno “slippery as an eel” Forte to rig this synod like they did the last one. (see here)

So then the question becomes, why is Francis making life difficult for them?

Especially since he made life very easy for the Irish prelates with his upcoming FrancisComingOutParty in Ireland 2018™ that he is having in a few day’s time?

Well, the Deus ex Machina Model suggests that Francis and the entire Francis PROPOGANDA MACHINE behind the Sacred Vatican Walls, are in a PANIC MODE.

They have been completely caught off guard, in reality “off message”, by the developments in the CLERICAL SEX ABUSE sub-set of the post-conciliar church.

They thought that they could “self-detonate” this latest CRISIS in mid-summer, probably hoping that it would go away in the hot summer vacation months. Instead, the reaction is now having a SNOW BALL effect and the USCCB brain trust doesn’t know how to react to it.

The Catholic blogo-sphere is not letting up while new reinforcements appear to be joining the battle daily. (see here and here)

In the mean time, TeamFrancis’s efforts are centered around trying to gain control over the “post-conciliar church wide” MESSAGING, and are currently the subject of intense ridicule. Here is a taste of this unseemly spectacle:

So summa summarum, it doesn’t look like the Uncle Ted scandal is going away anytime soon…

More on this in the next post…


Cardinal McCarrick and the Phony Shock Troops

Written by 

The Deep State Church mastered the art of crisis management talking points. Make no mistake that the diocese media consultants carefully synchronized their statements about the Cardinal Theodore McCarrick sex abuse debacle. The purpose of crisis management is to contain the scandal and thwart any further disclosures of wrongdoing.

They carefully coordinated and perfectly timed the press statements of the four targeted dioceses which were all released to the press on June 20, 2018. Sprinkled throughout the diocesan statements and the subsequent talking heads, was the recurring theme and operative word: Shocked. Yes, they were all shocked that Cardinal Ted McCarrick was accused of sexual misconduct. The more operative interpretation of the use of the word “shocked” is that they were all “shocked” that the all powerful, and uber connected Teflon Ted was finally outed after a clerical lifetime of sexual abuse.

Here is a list of the McCarrick Shock Troops lining up in the McCarrick firing line:

*New York Cardinal Dolan Statement

*D.C. Cardinal Donald Wuerl Statement

*Cardinal Theodore McCarrick Statement

*Cardinal Kevin Farrell video-“Shocked and overwhelmed”

*Fr. James Martin, S.J. video-“Shocking to me

Despite their hyperbolic protestations, no one is buying the “shocked” line.

The first rule of crisis strategy is to insist that the team all stay on message. The second media principle is to get out in front of the story. The U.S. Catholic Church leaders made a concerted decision to release the N. J. abuse settlements and NY allegations before any rogue attorney or victim disclosed the scandalous information. They got out in front of the McCarrick story employing the coordinated strategy and talking points.

The Church Fathers were hoping for an intense, but short-lived 24 hour news story cycle about the McCarrick abuse allegations. They sorely misjudged the fury of the Catholic laity, many of whom had heard, but could never verify the persistent rumors of the predator McCarrick.

This sordid and outrageous scandal, as they say in the news business, has legs….much stronger than the Church’s shock troops.

This isn’t the first time that the Church scrambled to halt the cascading anger over the clerical sex abuse of children. The Boston sex abuse revelations forced the Bishops to impose new regulations on themselves by imposing a zero tolerance standard for sex abusing priests.

Conveniently, the Dallas Charter remained silent about Bishops who sexually abuse and cover up. And to quote that hypocritical and monstrous spokesman for the USCCB’s Dallas Charter to Protect Children in 2002, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick,

“We must put an end to this. We cannot have a Dallas 2, a Dallas 3, or a Dallas 4.”

Dallas, here we come. Start counting.

Elizabeth Yore is an international child protection and rights attorney who has investigated clergy sex abuse cases and sex trafficking.