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Today this humble bloggers ventures closer to home.

Below is a republication of a post that appeared at the Rorate Caeli website. The subject matter of the said post deals with the application of technology to the crisis brought about by the “spirit of the new springtime of Vatican II”.

Specifically, the LifeSiteNews organization has just launched a portal that will track the “activities” of the clerical and episcopal class with respect to their utterances and their wider theological style. Please read for more information.

The wider significance of this initiative is that it is just another example of how technology is allowing the general population, i.e. “consumers” to track specific areas that are of interest to them, investigate the material and/or personalities that populate this area and make a better informed decision as to whether to participate in this activity.

One other example of the use of the new possibilities that technology is bringing to the general population is in the area of school selection. It would appear that online data bases are popping up that track individual schools, especially institutions of higher learning and allow parents who will be ultimately paying for the education of their children to make an informed decision about whether to send their child to that school or not.

Further, databases of college professors are coming online that will allow students to review the content and teaching “philosophies” of these individual professors and see if the course is something that these students want to pay for.

And the critics (Masons/Modernists/neo-Modernists/post-Modernists/Fabians/Marxists/Collectivists/et al) don’t like it one bit!

Taking this process one step forward, Dr. Peterson is in the process of creating an online university. Here is that clip:

Nota bene: Notice the power that this new technology will provide for the Faithful who have issues with degenerate, heretical clergy?

And just to continue to be constructive, this humble blogger has a suggestion for general topics that should appear on the new LifeSiteNews Portal:

Notice the universal characteristics of the above list?

Without drawing out this post, below is the republication of the Rorate Caeli post.

One parting thought before this humble blogger signs off for today and it is this:

when will the historicity of the destruction of the Sacred Liturgy be platformed on this new portal? 

Because once that Pandora’s Box is opened up, it will definitively bring on the death knell for the “spirit of the new springtime of Vatican II” sect.


So folks, if the Poles don’t save us, technology surely will!


New Online Database Tracks Episcopal Fidelity, Including in Liturgy

LifeSiteNews, for which I am a daily columnist, has just launched an excellent initiative called Faithful Shepherds. It is an idea that I have heard people speculate about for years and wish would come true, without necessarily having the organizational resources to make it happen. Needless to say, it is extremely welcome at this critical moment in the life of the Church. From the official announcement:

Faithful Shepherds helps hold American bishops accountable by providing years, sometimes decades, of past tweets, public speeches, sermons, actions, pastoral letters, and diocesan guidelines. Faithful Shepherds currently gives evidence of where U.S. bishops stand on ten issues: Archbishop Vigano’s testimony, Amoris Laetitia, pro-life leadership, homosexuality, abortion politics, contraception, “LGBT” ideology, liturgy, marriage and family life, and education. More will be added as new evidence is gathered.

Like many other fine initiatives in our days, this one depends on user-submitted documentation, as there would be no other way for a small organization like LifeSite to collect the data necessary to make this database really useful and comprehensive.

Readers of Rorate will be interested in particular in the category of Liturgy, which bears the following summary text:

A return to reverence in the liturgy has been called for by Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. The harm of liturgical abuse has destroyed much of the Church. Since liturgy is the primary means of prayer it of primary importance to get it right. A return to Gregorian chant, communion on the tongue while kneeling, and ad orientem Masses are needed. In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI issued a document titled Summorum Pontificum, which allowed for a much wider use of the Traditional Latin Liturgy.

In these brief sentences, we see already some of the most important issues on the basis of which any Catholic bishop’s fidelity and reverence for the Real Presence of Our Lord must be assessed: true sacred music, proper reception of holy communion, eastward orientation, and provision of the traditional Latin liturgy.

I would strongly urge Rorate readers to submit evidence, particularly in the area of Liturgy [1], to help categorize all the American bishops, as there are still very many who, in this new database, are marked “unknown,” yet are very well known, for good or for ill, by their flocks. If there is one lesson we are learning, it is this: when the lay faithful do not take matters into their own hands and push very very hard for reform, it will never happen from above. Even if the Lord relents and gives us a good pope someday, the active, continual, relentless contribution of the lay faithful will still be necessary for decades to come, due to the deep institutional corruption we are facing.

So, please, check out this website and submit such evidence as you can, in the form of tweets, speeches, sermons, actions, pastoral letters, or diocesan guidelines.


[1] To give an example: Blaise Cupich, when bishop in Rapid City, locked traditional Catholics out of their church so that they would be unable to celebrate Triduum services, which they ended up celebrating outdoors.