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Today we return to a “high level” theme since information is appearing about what can be described as the “instability” of governance in certain countries that used to be known as stable “pillars” of Western Civilization.

As my dear and loyal readers already know, we are following the situation of the “silent” coup d’etat that is taking place in Washington D.C. Just as a friendly reminder, the “soft putsch” was brought about by an “unfortunate” situation whereby the wrong person won the 2016 US Presidential election. The source of our information flow is The Conservative Treehouse and its proprietor, one Sundance. (see here)

Over on the other side of the pond, we see a situation on the Old Continent where another “pillar” of post-WWII stability, the Federal “Republic” of Germany is becoming ungovernable also. Germany presently is ruled by what is called a “grand coalition” made of of the legacy “conservative” and legacy “socialist” parties that have ruled this country since the end of the last War. It’s as if political “differences, policies, values, etc.” in Germany don’t matter? Hmmm….. But I digress…

Now the situation in Germany is diametrically opposite to that in the US.

Whereas in the US, an “informal” Deep State, made up of rogue criminal elements embedded in the US government and administration by the Obama “administration” is trying to bring down the current government, over in Germany the Uni-Party government and administration is trying to keep to prop -up Chancellor Merkel in orde to keep her in power for as long as possible. Here is the European side of the story.

So why is the above important to where we Faithful Catholics sit?


What we are seeing presently is the disintegration of a “formal” yet not entirely invisible “world order”. A WORLD ORDER whose existence until recently was attributed to “conspiracy theories” and “tin-foil hat” types!

What appears to be the case is that the same “rogue” elements within the US Department of Justice and FBI appear to have formal support from the formal intelligence assets of foreign governments.

Furthermore, it would appear as if these foreign governments assisted the “rogue” elements in the US Obama administration to overthrow a duly and legally elected US President.

So what is the evidence for the above assertion?

Well, it appears that after President Donald Trump ordered the declassification of the Intelligence Communities material used to obtain the FISA Court warrants was met with urgent phone calls from TWO Heads of Governments of counties closely allied with the US. (see more here)

Can’t make the stuff up, folks…

And FrancisChurch and other #FakeReligion sects are playing a leading role in these undertakings:

PS “St. Stephens” is an Episcopal Church that does not appear to formally belong to the Jesuits. Just thought I would mention that. Excuse the digression…

So what does all this mean?

Well, simple.

What we are observing is the disintegration of an “informal” system that is trying to hold its grip on GLOBAL POWER through holding onto the POWER in individual countries.

It would appear as if whether it’s in the US, Germany, the UK, Australia, or for that matter in the Vatican City State, there is an transnational POWER STRUCTURE that is trying to keep itself in… well… POWER.

We will leave off here for today.

Below a post that appeared at The Hill, (via Zero Hedge) written by Mark Penn of all people. The reason why this is significant is that Mr. Penn was Bill Clinton’s pollster from 1995 to 2000.

The reason I am bringing this particular post to your attention is that it gives us all a good idea of how the game is being played.

And we are being played folks, or at least they’re trying…


Donald Trump’s Rosenstein Dilemma

Authored by Mark Penn, op-ed via The Hill,

Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

That is the dilemma President Donald Trump faces as he decides whether to fire Rod Rosenstein following revelations that the deputy attorney general allegedly talked about taping the president and rounding up Cabinet officials to invoke the 25th Amendment. 

There were several people present at this meeting in the aftermath of the firing of former FBI Director James Comey. Despite the fact that Rosenstein wrote the key memo trashing Comey for his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, he reportedly was angry and uncertain after the president actually did it, using his memo as a justification. 

The prime source for this information appears to be none other than fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who faces investigation by a grand jury and whose memos are being declassified. McCabe appears to be even angrier at the Department of Justice (DOJ) brass who fired and humiliated him just for leaking and lying when he may have far worse on his comrades.

This is the deep state unraveling.

People bristle when I sometimes adopt and use that term: “deep state.” But as an outside observer, watching the unmasking of the actions of one official after another at the FBI, CIA and DOJ, I have come to accept that an unelected group of well-educated, experienced individuals running these departments became inebriated with their own power during the last election campaign and apparently came to believe they were on a mission to stop, defeat or remove President Trump and his associates for crimes they would find or, if necessary, manufacture.

Perhaps Rosenstein was joking when he referenced the 25th Amendment, as another meeting participant reports. But Rosenstein’s statement in response to the news accounts carefully avoids denying having discussed wiring himself or others in some effort to entrap Trump. This cabal is meeting and planning, post-Comey’s firing, despite the fact that Rosenstein himself in his memo to President Trump said Comey was “wrong” and the FBI could not regain lost public trust without a new director who understood his errors. 

It seems Rosenstein also may have believed we needed a new president. Just days into his expanded role and after these conversations, he appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel with a still-secret charter to investigate the Trump campaign and administration; the precipitating act was the very firing he recommended. 

Whether it involved sending missiles to Syria after chemical attacks on civilians, moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, or firing Comey, Trump actually has moved ahead and done some of the things that Washington elites complain about but go along with out of some extreme sense of caution and timidness. And those acts are then branded as some kind of lunacy.

Perhaps the true headline item in Bob Woodward’s book, “Fear,” is that Trump was so incensed at the murdering of women and children by Syria’s Bashar Assad that he actually raised the idea of taking out the dictator responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of his own people. Sheer madness? Hardly. President Obama stood idly by as mass murder happened in Syria, and President Clinton’s biggest regret is that he did too little to stop the massacres in Rwanda; he believes 300,000 lives could have been saved had he sent in troops earlier. It’s presidential inaction in the face of madness that has proven most dangerous to the world. Ask the Crimeans. 

I say this not to defend all of the actions of President Trump,  many of which I might disagree with, but to condemn the arrogance of those in the deep state who convinced themselves that they would rescue our country from ourselves. They were on a mission, it turns out, not to save our country but to undo our democracy, and Rosenstein finally has been unmasked as having the attitudes and conflicts we all suspected.

There has been an eerie pattern of events involving Rosenstein. Remember how he became downright testy in front of Congress when asked why he signed the fourth surveillance warrant against Carter Page and whether he even read it. In response to lawful demands for documents as to the origins of the investigation, he responded that he wouldn’t be “extorted” by Congress. And, in another one of his jokes (he appears to have quite a wry sense of humor), he raised turning the tables on Congress by reviewing the emails of members and staff who were there to gather information from the FBI. Just kidding. 

Until now, Rosenstein has escaped real scrutiny despite this series of defiant statements and actions. He managed to make it impossible for the president to step in and remove him, or for Congress to supervise him, claiming he reports to some higher authority that he defines as his commitment to the rule of law. 

And, yet, our laws and our Constitution set up no politically unaccountable officials in the executive or legislative branches of government. It is disappointing to see leaders like Sen. Charles Schumer(D-N.Y.) ignore the actions uncovered here in favor of anything that damages Trump, no matter how egregious the activities of these government officials.

Of course, the president is stuck here. Firing Rosenstein, even if deserved, would be spun like an act of impetuous madness just before the midterms. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who would have the acceptable power to do so, appears unable or unwilling to act in any bold manner. All Trump can do is get out all the documents and call upon the inspector general to fully investigate these reports.

After the midterms, though, he could instruct the attorney general to appoint — or, perhaps, do so directly himself — a second special prosecutor to investigate the actions of the FBI, CIA and DOJ in the Clinton and Trump investigations. Over 70 percent of Americans in the Harvard/CAPS poll believe such a counsel should be appointed now. If Democrats take over Congress, there will be no way without that appointment to continue investigations that have turned up real malfeasance of the sort by these officials. Democrats have other plans for their investigative powers, if they get them.

Whatever you want to call these well-heeled members of the intelligence community and Justice Department, many of whom now have book and speaking contracts, it is clear they all engaged in a conspiracy to bring down this administration on the basis of unverified information, and to turn the most basic acts of presidential power, like the firing of Comey, into obstruction of justice.

The more information that comes out here, the ever more egregious the actions of all of these officials appear in the light of day.